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Documenting the Pandemic: Stories from Southeast

Share your stories, images, and videos with Special Collections & Archives to create a historical record for the future. Documenting the Pandemic: Stories from Southeast is a webpage created to collect the experiences, stories, reflections and thoughts of Southeast Missouri State University’s students, staff, faculty, and local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webpage is a project of Kent Library Special Collections & Archives at Southeast Missouri State University. The role of Special Collections & Archives is to acquire, preserve, and make accessible research materials that document the historical and cultural experience of Southeast Missouri and the history of Southeast Missouri State University.

We are looking to collect your personal stories, images, and video that you are willing to share about how the pandemic has changed your educational and university experience and your daily life. The materials collected from “Documenting the Pandemic: Stories from Southeast” will become publicly available online in Special Collections & Archives Digital Collections in fall 2020.

By depositing your stories, images, and videos with Special Collections & Archives through this webpage, you are helping to create a historical record for the future.

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Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • How are your online classes going? Has anything unexpected happened through the online move? What kinds of messages have you received from your professors and other students?
  • Did you move off campus due to COVID-19? What was that experience like? How did you get your personal belongings off campus?
  • Do/did you have a job on or off campus? What work did/do you do? How has that been affected by the pandemic?
  • Are you or anyone you know sick? What were your symptoms? Did you or anyone you know get tested for COVID-19?
  • What is happening in your daily life at home? How are your parents, friends, partners, and others doing?
  • What do you miss the most, or what has been the most surprising to you, since the pandemic has taken a hold on almost every aspect of our daily lives?
  • What changes have you witnessed around your community? What’s it like to go to the grocery store during a pandemic?

All materials deposited through this site will become part of Special Collections & Archives collections and will be available for people to use in research and scholarship. You are helping to create primary sources that historians in the future will be able to use to study this historic, global health event and its impact on all Southeast’s communities.

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For further information or questions about this project, please contact:

Tyson Koenig
Associate Archivist
Kent Library