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The Acquisitions Unit is responsible for the development, management, and acquisition of materials for Kent Library’s collection. These efforts include coordination of the Department Liaison program; Carrie Woodburn Johnson Endowment Grant awards to faculty, staff, and student groups; “What would you like to read about?” student selected subject initiative; and Kent Library Collection Development and Management Committee.

Working with both physical and electronic formats, the Acquisitions Unit purchases books, journals, databases, media, and other materials as requested for addition to the collection under the guidance of Kent Library’s Collection Development Policy.


The Department Liaison program allows the Acquisitions Unit to work with faculty designees from each department to develop Kent Library’s collection. The Acquisitions Unit facilitates faculty-driven collection development by allocating Kent Library funds to academic departments annually for purchases in their given discipline.


The Carrie Woodburn Johnson Endowment Grant programs annually awards funds to faculty, staff, and student groups to develop the collection in specific areas. These grants are provided through two separate grant application processes one for student groups in the fall of each academic year and the other for faculty and staff in the spring.


The Acquisitions Unit facilitates student engagement by coordinating the “What would you like to read about?” initiative. This program allows the students at Southeast Missouri State University to participate in Kent Library’s collection development by selecting a subject area they would like to enhance. A Liaison Librarian will select materials to add to the collection from the subject area selected by the student body each fall semester.


The Kent Library Collection Development and Management Committee is comprised of six librarians and the Acquisitions Coordinator (Chair) who review and evaluate subscription renewals, additions, and other items that require a larger consensus for decision making. The advice of this standing committee is implemented by the Acquisitions Unit.

For questions or comments please contact Randyn Heisserer-Miller, Acquisitions Coordinator by email, or phone, 573.651.2073.


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