Kent Library Athenæum Series Presents ‘Two Tongues are Better Than One: The Benefits of Bilingualism’

Kent Library’s spring 2014 Athenaeum Series continues at noon on Wednesday, April 30, in Sadie’s Place with Dr. Fred Poston, Department of Global Cultures & Languages, presenting ” Two Tongues are Better Than One: The Benefits of Bilingualism.” The whole world seems to speak English, so why bother learning a second language? Well, there are several advantages to doing so. We’ll look at financial, cultural and personal reasons which make the effort needed to acquire a second language worthwhile.

Kent Library’s Athenaeum Series, which began in fall 2007, derives its name from Athena, the classical Greek goddess of wisdom. These open forums, public lectures and discussions were originally popular in Greece, but eventually spread to Rome and western Europe. Kent Library’s series showcases the expertise of campus faculty, staff and students. All events are free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Please join in as this an ancient but vibrant tradition is carried forward. For more information on Kent Library’s Athenaeum Series, visit


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