Kent Library’s Spring 2012 Athenæum Series: Educational Transfer in British West Africa: The Case of Ghana

February 29, 2012

This event will be presented by Dr. Seidu Sofo of the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation at noon in Sadie’s Place in Kent Library.

Ghana, like other formerly colonized sub-Sahara African countries, is still struggling with the legacies of colonialism. The imposed colonial system of education in that country, unarguably, is the most contested legacy. This presentation will provide an overview of African indigenous education that existed before the arrival of the Europeans. Dr. Sofo will examine the rationale for the transfer of the Hampton-Tuskegee model of industrial education in Southern United States to Ghana (then Gold Coast) by the British. The lecture will also critique the postcolonial educational reform efforts in Ghana. Implications for national development efforts of that country will be discussed.

This event is open to all and refreshments will be served. For more information visit


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