Fall 2011 Athenæum Series: Composing with New Media: Expanding Our Notions of Text

With Dr. Missy Nieveen-Phegley, noon on Wednesday,  November 30 in Sadie’s Place.

Dr. Nieveen-Phegley will help us navigate through our media-rich culture, as we are inundated with new ways of communicating, requiring us to rethink the ways that we define both the act of writing and the texts that we create.While new media does include new forms of digital communication, it is not limited to texts that simply rely on new technologies; rather, “newmedia”   is defined by the rhetorically sound, creative use and repurposing of media. As we begin to understand that any type of text can be used to create rhetorically significant information, we can recognize the power of our texts as they evoke varying responses dependent upon the rhetorical situation in both the creation and consumption of that text.  This event is open to all, and refreshments will be served. For more information, visit http://library.semo.edu/info/AthenaeumPhegley11_30_11.pdf


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