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Fall 2011 Athenæum Series Fatal Encounters: Responding to Royal Death and Epidemic Disease in Seventeenth-Century Puebla, Mexico

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 12-1 pm Kent Library, Sadie’s Place

Byy Erika Hosselkus, Department of History, this presentation explores how Spanish, Native American, and mixed-heritage residents of the Puebla region of Mexico responded to death during the seventeenth century. From official obsequies organized on Queen Margaret’s death to religious processions intended to alleviate suffering caused by smallpox and other diseases, fascinating historical documents illuminate beliefs regarding death and dying in Catholic colonial Mexico. In turn, such documents also highlight how corporate groups – the church, city council, and the family, among others – worked to understand, contextualize, and control events that might be called “fatal encounters,” and the experience of death in seventeenth-century Puebla.


The Confederate Temptation: Spain and the American Civil War

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

During the American Civil War, Spain seriously considered entering the conflict on the side of the Confederate States of America, an intervention that could have been decisive. In this presentation, Dr. Wayne Bowen will recount the negotiations between the European powers, Spanish military maneuvers in the Caribbean, and the efforts by the United States to forestall Spanish aid to the Confederacy. It is the first comprehensive look at relations between Spain and the two antagonists of the American Civil War.
The presentation will take place in Kent Library’s Sadie’s Place on October 26, 2011 at noon. Snacks will be provided, and the presentation is open to all.

New EBSCOhost databases available

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

As part of the state funded package of databases provided by MOREnet, Kent Library has added access to 6 subject oriented databases from EBSCO host. They are:

  • Biography Reference Center
  • Child Development & Adolescent Studies
  • Environment Complete
  • Humanities International Complete
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text
  • Public Affairs Index

The databases are available on the Find articles page on the databases A-Z and databases by subject lists


Fall 2011 Athenæum Series- STILL: The Iconography of the Pieta in Contemporary Photography

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Wednesday, Oct 5 12:30p to 1:30p

There is an inherited language in visual culture, beginning with the traditions of sculpture and painting, continued, or adopted and re-contextualized, in photography and film. The contemporary photographers presented in Still have adopted the Pieta figure of the Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance periods to express different themes, some personal, some mythological, some fantasy, but all of which offer a glimpse into their internal worlds.


Kent Library hosts Forum on Immigration

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 12-1 pm
Kent Library, Sadie’s Place
In light of Hispanic Heritage Month, and El día de la raza (Columbus Day), the holiday on which Americans commemorate the day Columbus encountered the Americas, Dr. Debbie Lee-DiStefano and Kent Library will be hosting a forum on immigration issues. Several viewpoints will be presented, and there will be time at the conclusion of the presentation for questions, comments, and debate. Light refreshments will be provided.
Dr. Debbie Lee-DiStefano, Department of Global Cultures and Languages
The Numbers Don’t Lie, a general overview of the census data from 2010 and reasons why the issue of immigration is so polemic
Dr. Joshua Hatton, Department of Global Cultures and Languages
How is the Immigrant Like the Slave?, a comparison of the attitudes of people in the antebellum U.S. towards the Fugitivie Slave Act with those of people in the U.S. today towards legal restrictions on immigration to the U.S.
Dr. William Miller, Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion
And the People Speak: Public Attitudes toward Immigration in America, a presentation of polling data on immigration in America
Dr. Hamner Hill, Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion
Immigration Laws and the Labor Skills of Immigrants, a presentation that explores the issues regarding the legalities and realities of immigrant labor