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Ebooks from Safari Tech Books Online now available

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Ebooks on tech related subjects are now available through Kent Library. Safari tech books provides titles from prominent technology related publishers such as O’Reilly, Sams, Wiley and others. Subjects and applications covered include graphics & image processing (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchup), multimedia/video production (Flash, Adobe Premier, Camtasia), audio/music (Audacity, ProTools, Finale) computer programming (C, Python), cybersecurity, web design (Dreamweaver, Drupal), teaching online (Moodle), productivity (Microsoft Office) and more.

Available from the Kent Library web page at:


Films on demand – over 12,000 streaming educational/academic videos available

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Kent Library is pleased to announce the availability of Films on Demand. This streaming video service offers over 12,000 titles covering a wide range of academic subjects from freshman to graduate level. Content includes documentaries, lectures, instructional/curricular videos, and historical primary source videos. Example content includes Ken Burns’ ‘Civil War’ documentary, Universal Newspapers Newsreels, and ‘10 essential interviewing skills’. Videos may be browsed by subject, by special collections such as PBS’ NOVA, or searched by keyword, and can be linked from or embedded in Moodle course pages. You can link to/embed entire videos or specific segments, and many videos have closed captioning available. Videos may be viewed from anywhere in the world that has high speed internet access (DSL or higher recommended), including phones and other mobile devices.

There will be training opportunities available early in the Spring semester.

On the Library’s web page:

Direct link:

Help pages: at the above link, click on ‘help’ near the top right to access various guides and tutorials. For example, type ‘moodle’ in the search box on the help screen to find information about using videos with our online learning system.


Check out our projectors!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Pocket sized digital projectors are available for checkout from the IM Center in Kent Library. The projector is ideal for small group projects and has a 7 day checkout period. Ask in the IMC for more details or visit


Secure charging stations

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Leave your laptop, camera, or phone and charge it using the new secure charging stations in the IM Center at Kent Library. Keys can be checked out at the IMC Service Desk for 3 hours and the service is free. For more information, visit


Oxford Reference Online launches new interface

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Oxford University Press has launched a new design for Oxford Reference Collection. From the Oxford Reference ‘what’s new’ page at

Oxford Reference has relaunched

September 19, 2012

OUP is pleased to announce the launch of Oxford Reference

Today OUP launches Oxford Reference, the new home of Oxford’s quality general reference publishing. Bringing together 2 million entries, we have integrated the superb reference content from Oxford Reference Online and the Oxford Digital Reference Shelf onto the new Oxford Reference platform. The new service enables users to access and cross-search Oxford’s prestigious reference works at the click of a button, and hugely extends its usefulness by opening up free material for general web searching and linking.

The new Oxford Reference platform is made up of two collections:

Oxford Quick Reference provides concise entries for readers wanting to quickly check a fact or find key information on a concept, person, or term from 125 core subject, quotation, and language dictionaries. Oxford is committed to ensuring that Oxford Quick Reference content continues to provide answers you can trust, with the quality and authority readers have come to expect. Our active editorial program now provides monthly updates to this dynamic current collection, and adds entire new titles and major revisions three times a year.

The Oxford Reference Library is made up of over 180 more specialized works including award-winning Oxford Companions and multi-volume Oxford Encyclopedias. These titles are fully cross-searchable with those in the Oxford Quick Reference collection, and provide longer, in-depth, academic content as well as essays and specialist definitions. Oxford Reference Library also brings a selection of scholarly titles from other prestigious publishers, such as Brewers and Continuum.

A major aim of the new service is to widen use and open up new paths to further reading. Oxford Reference now offers a wealth of easily discoverable, freely available content including over 300,000 new free Overview pages, providing a quick definition for every unique topic plus onward links to deeper content and related topics;  270 free Timelines containing links to over 9,000 free reference entries; a new, free, online-only Quotations title; and regularly published topical theme articles.

Oxford Reference is the perfect reference point for research at any level, and is designed to help readers save time, whatever they’re looking for -  from concise definitions of a term through to in-depth articles, on topics from Art to Zoology or Aristotle to Zeus.  The quick search and advanced search functionality of the site enables results to be easily sorted by relevance, title, author name, current online version date, or length, while also enabling you to filter by reference type, subject, content set or illustrations. Many new links to related content lead on to further research. Each user can also personalise Oxford Reference by saving their favourite books, entries, and searches, so they can easily retrace their steps to learn more.

Discoverability to help people find and use the content:

  • Over 300,000 new Overview pages offer free definitions of topics and networks of links to related material
  • 270 new Timelines containing links to 9,000 free reference entries
  • A new online-only Quotations title, Oxford Essential Quotations
  • Featured topical articles
  • All findable from general web search
  • Over 16,000 illustrations, including colour photographs, line diagrams, maps, and tables
  • Oxford Quick Reference contains 125 core subject and language dictionaries
  • Oxford Reference Library offers 180+ in-depth, specialist, long entry titles
  • Quick search and advanced search with easy sort and filter options
  • Subject pages with featured content: Search or browse titles in the same subject area, plus featured content carousel that highlights new or topical books and entries
  • Personalisation features: Save searches, favourite books, and entries saving valuable research time
  • Social Media links and bookmarking: Share content with friends and colleagues with integrated tools including social bookmarking, email, and citation export
  • Oxford Index: Fully linked to the OI via an Oxford Index bar that allows users to explore other Oxford content related to their search

Trial access to Ebrary – a collection of over 70,000 e-books

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Kent Library is featuring trial access to Ebrary, a digital library of over 70,000 e-books covering a wide variety of academic topics, intended for college level study and research. Books may be read online in a web browser, or chapters and/or sections of up to 60 pages may be downloaded as PDF files. Entire books may also be ‘checked out’ for a 2 week period. Downloads require creating a free personal account with Ebrary, which also enables note-taking and other features. E-book content can be directly downloaded to iPhones/iPads via a dedicated app.  For other devices, e-books can be downloaded to a computer, then transferred/sideloaded using the free Adobe Digital Editions software.  The trial runs through the end of the Spring semester.


Nintendo Wii available in Sadie’s place

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

As a pilot project on Friday afternoons, 1-5pm, a Nintendo Wii will be available for use at the TV behind the coffee bar in Sadie’s Place. Wii sports will be available initially, controllers can be checked out at the circulation desk on a first come – first served basis.  Please keep play related  woo-hoos, opponent taunting, and general noise at courteous levels, otherwise, enjoy!