A. Health & Environment

This page from the government agency Center for Disease Control presents straightforward advice and strategies for minimizing the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning in everyday settings.

A site delineating the hazards and risks of the chemical compound Dihydrogen Monoxide. The information presented is essentially accurate, but actually how hazardous is this substance which has a molecular composition of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom? (hint: write the molecular composition as a standard chemical formula.)

B. Cloning

1. Cloning Fact Sheet


2. Dream Technologies International

Look at the footer to see who sponsors this site. Note that it has a .gov domain name. Is the last update provided? Links to related sites with more information?

Take a minute to explore this site. Although much of it looks in order, you've probably figured out that this a spoof site. Note also that the site is a copy of the original -- not all the links work.

C. The Middle East

1. Middle East Desk


2. Epinions

An excellent site with resources for studying the countries and cultures of the Middle East. Sponsored by the Middle East Research and Information Project and the Kevorkian Center at New York University.

Links to travel advice and tours of the Middle East. Entries are old and information may no longer be valid.