Types of Library Subscription Databases
Which database to use depends upon your topic.

1. General Databases

  •  Is your topic general or cross-disciplinary?
  •  Currently in the news?

If so, start with one of the general databases. These cover a wide range of subjects and often index a mixture of popular and scholarly sources. Most articles are full text. This is often a good place to begin research. Examples of general databases and the kinds of articles or resources they identify are:

Academic Search Complete
Articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers on a range of topics
Omnifile Full Text
Articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers on many topics
ProQuest Newsstand
Articles from over 1,300 U.S. and International new sources such as the Los Angeles Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Credo Reference
Articles in over 650 e-reference books covering a wide variety of fields including technology, literature, art, and law
Films On Demand
Current educational videos covering many subject areas