The Web

The Web allows you to access information on the Internet through a browser. One of the main features of the Web is the ability to link quickly to other related information.

The Web contains publically accessible resources, such as government information, available to everyone. It also contains private resources like library subscription databases that have restricted access.

Things on the Web

  • images, music, videos
  • blogs
  • social media
  • Web pages
  • Web sites

Use the Web

  • to find current information
  • to link to information provided by the library over the Internet
  • to find information about companies
  • to find information from all levels of government - federal to local
  • to find both expert and popular opinions
  • to check in with friends and family

Examples of Web Addresses

  • (The Library of Congress)
  • (City of Cape Girardeau)
  • (Southeast Missouri State University)