Multi Media

Multi media sources include images, sound, or both. Works of art, videos and films, DVDs, video games, and recorded music are all examples of multi media.

Some library subscription databases contain image collections, recorded music, and videos, all with special copyright clearance for educational use. Multi media can also be found on the Web.

The Kent Library Instructional Materials Center (IMC) holds materials such as films, videos, DVDs, and video games - all for check out.

Use Multi Media

  • when looking for art images for a project
  • when you need to listen to a specific version of a recorded musical work
  • when sources, such as a news program, are needed for a paper or project

Examples of Multi Media Sources

  • ARTStor   an image database
  • Naxos Music Library   a database for streaming audio of musical works
  • Instructional Materials Center  
  • YouTube