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Archival Materials

Archival materials may also be called primary sources. Primary sources are documents created by the witnesses or participants of events at the time period they occurred. Primary sources can cover a wide range of subjects, and can be created by anyone.

Because archival materials are sometimes rare and valuable, they are usually kept in a separate part of the library. In Kent Library, archival materials are kept in Special Collections. In Special Collections, an archivist will help you find the correct documents for your research. Archival materials must be used in the library. Many primary sources are available through digital archives on the web.

Use Archival Materials

  • when doing scholarly research
  • when looking for information on a person, place, or event from the past

Examples of Archival Materials

  • Diaries
  • Photographs
  • Letters
  • Newspapers
Postcard of Academic Hall used with permission of Special Collections & Archives, Kent Library.