Nick Fury, Agent of S. H. I. E. L. D.

Author: Steranko, Jim


The Tale of One Bad Rat

Author: Talbot, Bryan



A Tale of the Twentieth Century

Author: Tezuka, Osamu


Good-Bye, Chunky Rice

Author: Thompson, Craig


32 Stories:

The Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics

Author: Tomine, Adrian

Justice League:

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Author: Waid, Mark


Kingdom Come

Author: Waid, Mark, Author; Ross, Alex; Kahan


Jimmy Corrigan:

The Smartest Kid on Earth

Author: Ware, Chris


Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde:

Vol. 3: The Birthday of the Infanta

Author: Russell, P. Craig


Crisis on Infinite Earths

Author: Wolfman, Marv



Vol. 2

Author: Woodring, Jim



Vol. 1

Author: Woodring, Jim


The Winged Tiger's World Peace Party Puzzle Book

Vol. 1

Author: Yeh, Phil, Author; Sullivan,



Graphic Storytelling

Author: Eisner, Will


Comics and Sequential Art

Author: Eisner, Will



A Novel in Pictures

Author: Drooker, Eric


Understanding Comics

Author: McCloud, Scott


Reinventing Comics:

How Imagination and Technology Are Revolutionizing an Art


Author: McCloud, Scott



Bk. 2

Author: McCloud, Scott



Bk. 1

Author: McCloud, Scott


Vietnam Journal:

Delta to Dak To

Author: Lomax, Don



Author: Jones, Steven P., Illustrator; Ulm, Chris;



The Cartoon Guide to (Non) Communication:

The Use and Misuse of Information in the Modern World

Author: Gonick, Larry


Safe Area Gorazde:

The War in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995

Author: Sacco, Joe, Author; Hitchens,



Author: Sacco, Joe, Author; Said, Edward



Bk. 2

Author: Sacco, Joe


Brought to Light:

Thirty Years of Drug Smuggling, Arms Deals, and Covert


Author: Moore, Alan, Author; Brabner, Joyce;

Sienkiewicz, Bill, and others


The Cartoon Guide to Computers

Author: Gonnick, Larry, Author; Wheelis,



Cartoon Guide to Genetics

Author: Gonick, Larry, Author; Wheelis,



The Cartoon Guide to Physics

Author: Gonick, Larry, Author; Huffman,




Vol. 3

Author: Otomo, Katsuhiro



Vol. 2

Author: Otomo, Katsuhiro



Vol. 4

Author: Otomo, Katsuhiro



Author: Otomo, Katsuhiro


The Tick:

The Naked City

Author: Edlund, Ben


Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels:

A History of Comic Art

Author: Sabin, Roger


Graphic Novels:

A Bibliographic Guide to Book-Length Comics

Author: Rothschild, D. Aviva


Groo and Rufferto:

Sergio Aragones' Groo

Author: Aragones, Sergio, Author; Evanier,


Hey, Buddy!

Author: Bagge, Peter


Why I Hate Saturn

Author: Baker, Kyle


Dykes to Watch Out For

Author: Bechdel, Alison


Fortune & Glory:

A True Hollywood Comic Book Story

Author: Bendis, Brian Michael, Author; McCrory, K.

C.; Rich, Jamie S


Our Cancer Year

Author: Pekar, Harvey, Author; Brabner, Joyce;

Stack, Frank


A Comic Book

Author: Brown, Chester


Big Baby

Vol. 2

Author: Burns, Charles


Life in Big City

Author: Busiek, Kurt



Author: Busiek, Kurt, Author; Ross, Alex


Superman the Man of Steel

Author: Byrne, John, Author; Giordano, Dick;

Bradbury, Ray


Graphic Comic Book:

Raymond Chandler's 'The Little Sister'

Author: Lark, Michael


Ghost World

Author: Clowes, Daniel


The Complete Crumb Comics:

Vol. 8: The Death of Fritz the Cat

Author: Crumb, Robert


Stuck Rubber Baby

Author: Cruse, Howard


A Contract with God:

And Other Tenement Stories

Author: Eisner, Will


To the Heart of the Storm

Author: Eisner, Will


Will Eisner's Minor Miracles

Author: Eisner, Will


The Spirit Archives

Vol. 1

Author: Eisner, Will


Author: Feiffer, Jules, 1929


Star Trek:

Modala Imperative

Author: Friedman, Michael Jan, Author; Kahan, Bob;

Koenig, Walter, and others


The Books of Magic

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Kahan, Bob;

Bolton, John, and others


The Sandman:

The Doll's House

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Carlson, K.



Books of Magic:

No. 3

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960


Books of Magic:

No. 2

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960



The Dream Hunters

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Berger, Karen;

Amano, Yoshitaka



Preludes and Nocturnes

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960



Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960



The Time of Your Life

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Bachalo, Chris;

McKean, Dave, and others


The Sandman:

The Wake

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Kahan, Bob;

Zulli, Michael, and others


Mr. Punch

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; Berger, Karen;

McKean, Dave


Violent Cases -- 10th Anniversary Edition:

10th Anniversary Edition

Author: Gaiman, Neil, 1960-, Author; McKean,



A Treasury of Victorian Murder:

The Borden Tragedy

Author: Geary, Rick


A Treasury of Victorian Murder:

Vol. 2: Jack the Ripper

Author: Geary, Rick


A Jew in Communist Prague:

Loss of Innocence

Author: Giardino, Vittorio


A Jew in Communist Prague:


Author: Giardino, Vittorio, Author; Johnson,



A Jew in Communist Prague:

Vol. 2: Adolescence

Author: Giardino, Vittorio, Author; Johnson,


The Cartoon History of the Universe III:

From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance

Author: Gonick, Larry, Author,

Cartoon History of the Universe:

From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great

Author: Gonick, Larry


Cartoon History of the Universe II:

Vols. 8-13: From the Springtime of China to the Fall of

Rome Vol. 8 - 13

Author: Gonick, Larry


In Deadly Pursuit

Author: Goodwin, Archie, Author; Williamson,



The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told

Author: Gold, Mike, Editor; Kahan,


The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told

Author: Gold, M., Editor; Kahan,


The Greatest Team-up Stories Ever Told

Author: Gold, Mike, Editor; Kahan,


Zippy Annual

Vol. 1

Author: Griffith, Bill


Simpsons Comics A-Go-Go

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954

Active Record (BooksInPrint)

The Big Book of Hell

Bk. 2

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954-


Work Is Hell:

A Cartoon Book

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954-


School Is Hell

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954-


Matt Groening's Big Book of Hell

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954


Love Is Hell:

Tenth Anniversary Edition

Author: Groening, Matt, 1954


Tintin in Tibet

Author: Herge, 1907


Lost Cause:

John Wesley Hardin, the Taylor-Sutton Feud, and

Reconstruction Texas

Author: Jackson, Jack


Give It Up! And Other Short Stories by Franz Kafka

Author: Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924, Author; Kuper,

Peter; Feiffer


Lost Girl

Author: Kanan, Nabiel


Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer:


Author: Katchor, Ben


The Aviation Art of Russell Keaton

Author: Gragg, Loretta, Foreword by; Brunt,


Vol. 11

Author: Kelly, Walt


Queen of the Black Black

Author: Kelso, Megan


The Jungle Book

Author: Russell, P. Craig


Jack Kirby's New Gods

Author: Kirby, Jack, Author; Colletta, Vince; Kahan,



The Four Immigrants Manga:

A Japanese Experience in San Francisco, 1904-1924

Author: Kiyama, Henry, Author; Schodt, Frederick



Fax from Sarajevo:

A Story of Survival

Author: Kubert, Joe


Mai the Psychic Girl Perfect Collection

Vol. 1

Author: Kudo, Kazuya


The System

Author: Kuper, Peter, Author; Kahan, Bob


Still I Rise:

A Cartoon History of African Americans

Author: Laird, Roland O., Author; Laird, Taneshia

N.; Bey, Elihu, and


The Collected Stray Bullets

Vol. 1

Author: Lapham, David



The Dark Phoenix Saga

Author: Claremont, Chris, Author; Byrne, John;



The Essential Spider-Man

Vol. I

Author: Lee, Stan, 1925



Jar of Fools

Author: Lutes, Jason


Kafka for Beginners

Author: Mairowitz, David Z., Author; Crumb,



Cages Collection

Author: McKean, Dave


Author: Miller, Frank, Author; Varley,


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Author: Miller, Frank, Author; Janson, Klaus;

Varley, Lynn


Batman Year One

Author: Miller, Frank, Author; Bruning,

The Saga of Swamp Thing

Author: Moore, Alan


Swamp Thing:

Dark Genesis

Author: Wein, Len, Author; Hill, Michael C.;

Wrightson, Bern



The Killing Joke

Author: Moore, Alan, Author; O'Neil,



From Hell

Author: Moore, Alan, Author; Campbell,


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Vol. 1

Author: Moore, Alan, Author; O'Neill,




Author: Moore, Alan, Author; Gibbons,



Strangers in Paradise:

Vol. 2: I Dream of You

Author: Moore, Terry


The Yellow Kid:

A Centennial Celebration of the Kid Who Started the Comics

Author: Outcault, Richard F., Author, Illustrator;

Blackbeard, Bill; Hearst, William R.



The Hidden Years

Author: Pini, Wendy, Author; Pini,



The Ballad of Dr. Richardson

Author: Pope, Paul, Author; Snyder,



Perfect Example

Author: Porcellino, John


It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken

Author: Seth



Vol. 1: Out from Boneville

Author: Smith, Jeff


Folklore and Fairy Tale Funnies

Author: Spiegelman, Art, 1948-, Editor; Mouly,


A Survivor's Tale

Author: Spiegelman, Art, 1948


Madman Adventures Collection

Author: Allred, Michael D., Author, Illustrator;