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About Bibliographic Control

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Cataloging and Processing

Cataloging is responsible for cataloging and classifying all new titles as well as a significant number of add volumes processed and added to the collection each year.  Bibliographic records are either created or edited for materials in all formats.  Authority control and consistent database maintenance are extremely important to insure the integrity of the library catalog. 

Cataloging is also responsible for the physical processing, such as labeling and stamping, of new book and audiovisual materials to make these materials ready for circulation.  Older materials are evaluated to determine whether to mend, rebind, replace, or withdraw.

Location:  Kent Library, Main Floor

Contact:  573-651-2744


Periodicals Acquisition

In Kent Library, the acquisition of periodicals is separate from the acquisition of books and audiovisual materials.  Periodicals Acquisition is responsible for the order, payment, claiming of materials not received, and records maintenance of paper periodical titles and electronic database subscriptions. 

Location:  Kent Library, Main Floor

Contact:  573-651-2231


Government Documents

The Federal Depository Library Program was created by the U.S. Congress in order to promote the public's awareness of the activities of our government.  Depository libraries throughout the country receive federal government publications free of charge, and in exchange, agree to provide free access to all library patrons. 

Kent Library was designated a Federal Depository in 1916, and a Missouri State Documents Depository in 1977.  The collection includes a large number of historically significant materials inherited from St. Vincent's Seminary, which had been the federal depository for this Congressional District prior to 1916.  The Federal Depository serves to provide resources to meet Federal information needs. 

Documents received in Kent Library are made available through the library's online catalog.

Location:  Kent Library,  Fourth Floor

Contact:  573-651-2754



Binding is responsible for all functions relating to commercial periodical binding in the Kent Library collection.  The purpose of binding periodicals is to preserve them for future use as needed.  Binding coordinates the preparation, shipment and return of library materials to and from the commercial binder, including periodicals, paperbacks, and items needing repair.  Binding is also responsible for approving binding invoices and quality control of all bound materials.

Location:  Kent Library, Main Floor

Contact:  573-651-2542



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