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Renewing Library Materials

To renew books, review these instructions: follow steps 1, 2 & 3 at the link in the blue shaded box below

The book renewal process is part of the 'View Your Record' feature of Kent Library's online catalog. The 'renew' link below is a shortcut to the appropriate page within the online catalog. This feature can also be used to see what you have checked out or check on the status of items on hold or items requested from another MOBIUS library (INNReach).

Step 1: sign in

  • Enter your name in Firstname Lastname order
  • Students: your campus ID is the number & letter sequence as circled in green (see below) + semo
    example: 121334567aSEMO (letters may be upper or lower case)

    Faculty/Staff: your campus ID is similar, but without a letter between the number sequence and SEMO
    example: 121334567SEMO
  • Click on the 'Display record' button to proceed

Step 2: display items checked out

  • Click on 'x items currently checked out' button to review what you currently have out
  • The 'x request (hold) outstanding' button, if it appears, can be clicked on to view the status of items you have placed on hold or have requested from other MOBIUS libraries.

Step 3: renew items

  • Either checkmark individual items and click on 'renew selected items' or click on 'renew all' to renew everything.
  • The status column will update to the new due date(s).


  • Southeast Missouri State University and Galahad renewable items can be renewed once while MOBIUS renewable items can be renewed twice
  • Not all items are renewable (Dependent upon status: student, faculty, staff or local patron, see policies linked below)
  • Items requested through MOBIUS InnReach can be renewed here
    (circulation policies)

Click on the 'renew' link below to proceed


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