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Gifts and Donations
Special Collections and Archives welcomes donations of material on the history, culture, and folk life of Southeast Missouri and the surrounding area, as well as materials relating to Southeast Missouri State University.  We will consider offers for donations of literary papers, family papers, business and organizational records, diaries, journals, personal memoirs, photographs, maps, and other materials that support the collection's focus. These records may have been created by individuals,  families, or by organizations including churches, schools, social and civic groups, or political parties. Offers will be evaluated based on the availability of resources to properly care for the materials, as well as on their potential research value.  All gifts are acknowledged unless requested otherwise. Donors will be asked to sign an official deed of gift acknowledging the donation.

For additional information, please contact Roxanne Dunn, Special Collections Librarian and head of Special Collections and Archives at (573) 986-7446 or by e-mail.
Valuation of Gifts
Under federal tax regulations, Special Collections cannot give appraisals or estimates of value for donors. Donors wishing to take deductions on their personal income taxes are encouraged to seek the services of a qualified appraiser.  The American Society of Appraisers publishes a directory of certified appraisers by state and by specialty.
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