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Campbell Papers, Marvin. 1938-1987.  3.5 linear feet.  2009.011.
Materials created by John Marvin Campbell in his career as the Public Health Officer and Sanitarian for the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Department.   Includes inspection forms for eating, drinking and food handling establishments, inspection reports for food service establishments, memorandums, complaints, photos, and newspaper clippings.
Capaha Park Rose Display Garden Blueprint, 1954. 1 item. 2005.068.
Blueprint of the layout for Capaha Park’s Rose Garden dated June 10, 1954. *Oversized.
Cape County Post (Microfilm), 1918-1938. 11 reels. 1997.099
Microfilmed copies of the Cape County Post, a newspaper published in Jackson [Mo].
Cape Girardeau County [Mo] and Perry County [Mo] Survey Maps, 1975 Jun, undated. 3 items. 1999.014.
Three survey maps of Cape Girardeau County and Perry County, Mo. Two of the maps are undated.*Oversized
Cape Girardeau and Mississippi River Flooding Video, circa 1937-1940s. 1 VHS tape, 2 DVD copies. 2008.010.
Film footage of various events of note in the Cape Girardeau, Southeast Missouri, and Mississippi River Valley region, in the late 1930s and 1940s. Includes scenes of Mississippi River flooding (circa 1937) at Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Wyatt and New Madrid, Missouri and Cairo, I[Il]; and a later flood (circa 1940s) in the Cape Girardeau downtown and riverfront area; the burning of the Cape Girardeau Community Club House in February 1937; damage from the November 1936 tornado in Cape Girardeau; a motor boat regatta on the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau in the summer of 1937; winter scenes in Cape Girardeau, 1936-1937; and miscellaneous undated scenes of the Ten-Mile Rose Garden between Cape and Jackson, Murphysboro, [Il], local gardens, homes, and the “Hirsch” grave.
Cape Girardeau Bicentennial Commission Records, 1991 Feb - 1993 Nov.  1.0 linear foot. 2010.032
Meeting minutes, correspondence, and other papers relating to the Cape Girardeau Bicentennial Celebration in 1993. Also contains a few documents regarding the city’s Sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary.
Cape Girardeau Business College News, 1919 Aug. 1 item. 2008.053.
Advertisement for the Cape Girardeau Business College discussing its location, history and curriculum. 
Cape Girardeau Business Directory, 1896.   1 item. 2007.020.
Souvenir pocket directory (16p) containing a subject listing of “reliable” businesses in the city of Cape Girardeau, showing locations, with advertisements for local merchants.   A one-page narrative essay provides an overview of the business life of the city.  
Cape Girardeau Business Inventory, 1956.   1 item. 2001.039.
Photocopied typescript (14p) of alphabetical subject listing of all businesses and industries in Cape Girardeau in 1956.
Cape Girardeau’s Businesses , 1929-1930.   2 items.   1998.065.
Bound volume and one loose issue of magazine published monthly by the Chamber of Commerce, December 1929-December 1930.   December 1929 was charter issue.
Cape Girardeau Community Shelter Pamphlet, 1968. 1 item. 2005.062.  
 Illustrated brochure (9p) on constructing fallout shelters, with maps of Cape Girardeau and Jackson shelters, and list of committee members.
Cape Girardeau Comprehensive Plan, 1967. 1 item. 2005.052.
Bound illustrated report (125p) of study funded by a federal grant from the Urban Renewal Administration of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, intended to serve as a guide for future development of city of Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Council Proceedings, 1845-1875, 3 volumes. 2001.030.
The first volume contains the Cape Girardeau City Council Proceedings from April 13, 1845-May 9, 1849, as well as a financial register dating from 1850-1853.   The second volume is a report of the Cape Girardeau Assessor’s Office from August 1, 1873, and lists real estate values from 1870-1873. The third volume lists the proceedings of the Board of Council for Cape Girardeau from December 21, 1871-June 7, 1875.
Cape Girardeau County Clerk Records (Microfilm), 1817-1910. 92 Reels. 2007.077.
Primarily consists of personal and school tax records from Cape Girardeau County [Mo].   Also includes some county court records.
Cape Girardeau County Fair & Park Association Stock Book, 1900-1914. 1 item. 2006.022.
Contains records of stockholders in the Cape Girardeau County Fair and Park Association from 1900-1914.
Cape Girardeau Democrat , 1887.   2 items. 2000.009.
Issues (2) of the Cape Girardeau newspaper, dated August 13, 1887, and August 20, 1887.
Cape Girardeau Democrat, 1922 Sep 22. 1 item. 2010.016
Issue of the Cape Girardeau newspaper, dated September 22, 1922. *oversized
Cape Girardeau District Territorial Papers, 1797-1821. 1 reel. 2008.017.
Microfilm copy of various Cape Girardeau district territorial court documents.
Cape Girardeau Eagle (Microfilm), 1857-1861.  3 reels + 214 cards. 1998.067.
Microfilm and microfiche copies of the newspaper out of Cape Girardeau [MO].
Cape Girardeau Eagle: Union Series (Microfilm), 1862.  1 reel.
Microfilm and print copies of the newspaper published by the First Wisconsin Cavalry in Cape Girardeau, MO.
Cape Girardeau Electric Light and Water Works Plant Ledgers, 1902-1923. 2 items. 2006.020.
Ledgers of the plant formed in 1894 and reorganized in 1903, showing the accounts of customers, commercial and private.
Cape Girardeau Expositor, 1855.   1 item. 2000.010.
Issue of the Cape Girardeau newspaper dated April 25, 1855.
Cape Girardeau Flood Photographs, 1922.  11 items. 2001.051.
Eleven b/w 3.5” x 5 3/8” photographic postcards of Mississippi River flooding scenes on the Cape Girardeau riverfront, showing the Frisco Passenger Station, the shoe factory, the buildings along Water Street, sandbagging efforts, and a train running on the flooded tracks, 1922.
Cape Girardeau Flood of 1937 Photographs, 1937 Jan. 11 items. 2011.014
Images of the Cape Girardeau Riverfront after the flood of January 1937, as well as some damage to an unidentified structure.
Cape Girardeau Gardens Collections, circa 1955-1974.   6 items. 2002.066.
 Holograph and typed manuscripts, original and photocopied, and Reader’s Digest reprint on the history of gardens in the Cape Girardeau area, including the rose gardens. 
Cape Girardeau Heritage Review, 1969-1985.   3.0 linear feet.   2003.011.
Issues of the newspaper published by the Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau.   Each issue highlights different places and people important to the history of Cape Girardeau.   Series is incomplete. *Oversized
Cape Girardeau Historic Preservation Coloring Book, 2002.   1 item. 2003.042.  
Coloring book published by the Historic Preservation Commission containing 12 images of historic structures in Cape Girardeau, illustrated by N. D.  Wilsen, and providing historical information on the structures.
Cape Girardeau Industrial Surveys, 1941, 1960. 2 items. 2001.041.
Occupational and Industrial survey published by the Missouri State Employment Service, showing comprehensive results of an intensive study of job opportunities open to working youth of the community, 1941; and Industrial Economic survey prepared by the Chamber of Commerce, 1960.
Cape Girardeau-Jackson Interurban Railway Papers, 1913-1951. 0.5 linear foot. 1998.076.
Photocopies of the legal applications made by the Cape Girardeau-Jackson Interurban Railway Company to the Public Service Commission of the State of Missouri.
Cape Girardeau-Jackson Surface Water Quality Investigation, 1975.   1 item. 2006.074.  
Bound report (95p) prepared by the Division of Science and Mathematics at Southeast Missouri State University for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers on the quality of water in the Cape Girardeau-Jackson area.
Cape Girardeau Mississippi River Bridge Stockholders Collection, circa 1948. 38 items. 2011.027.
Photographs and slides of an assemblage of the Stockholders for the Mississippi River Bridge at Cape Girardeau. Also includes a photo of the bridge and of the “Delta Queen” riverboat docked at the Cape Girardeau Riverfront.
Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport Collection, circa 1950s-1963. 4 items.   2005.041.
Bound illustrated report (15p) outlining four options for airport expansion, with general information on area population and industry; two pamphlets (undated) regarding municipal airport bond issue; and 1956 letter from Lt. W. C. Irving, United States Naval Reserve to Felix Snider, regarding training center at Harris Field, Municipal Airport. *Oversized
Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport Stamp, 1949. 2 items.  2005.106.
Commemorative stamp from dedication of airport with letter regarding significance of stamp.
Cape Girardeau Municipal Band Papers, 1964-1969. 1 folder. 2002.015.
Contracts, list of musical selections and documents relating to the city’s financial support of the band.
Cape Girardeau News, 1875, 1881. 2 items. 2000.015.
Issues (2) of the Cape Girardeau newspaper, dated June 16, 1875, and March 9, 1881.
Cape Girardeau Ordinance, City of, 1910.   1 item. 2006.115.  
Ordinance No. 930 (22p) regarding a contract dispute between the city and the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company over maintenance and operation of tracks and depots.
Cape Girardeau Ordinance, City of, 1913.  1 item. 2005.058.  
Ordinance No. 996 and amendments regarding misdemeanors and offenses against the city and penalties for them.  
Cape [Girardeau] Osteopathic Hospital Brochures, circa 1946, 1956. 3 items.   2005.048.
Illustrated brochures developed by the Cape Osteopathic Association for fundraising for the new hospital facilities.   Provide a history of osteopathy, local facilities, and information on hospital trustees, physicians, nurses and employees.
Cape Girardeau Postage Stamps Collection, circa 1940. 11 items. 2009.012.
Eleven adhesive commemorative stamps featuring nine different scenes of buildings in Cape Girardeau, [Mo] and Southeast Missouri State University campus.
Cape Girardeau Public Library Pamphlets, 1931, 1967. 4 items. 2004.050.
Illustrated pamphlets (3) relating the history of public libraries in Cape Girardeau, and focusing on the Carnegie Public Library, which opened in 1922; and pamphlet promoting approval of library tax so the library would remain eligible for state and federal aid.
Cape Girardeau Republican, 1916-1917. 3 items. 2006.053.
Two copies of the Cape Girardeau Republican City Beautiful Supplement dated 1916 March, and one copy of Cape Girardeau Republican Suburban District dated 1917 Dec 31.
Cape Girardeau Riverfront Photographs, circa 1928-1930, undated. 10 items. 2011.013.
Images of the Mississippi Riverfront in Cape Girardeau, Mo., including the Traffic Bridge, steamboats, and dockworkers.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbooks Collection, 1883-1970.   19 items.
Collection of various scrapbooks dealing with the history and events of the city and county of Cape Girardeau.  Subjects include materials on government, politics, historic sites, and events.
Cape Girardeau Semi-Annual Financial Statement, City of, 1915 .   1 item.   2004.065.  
Report (15p) outlining city’s sources of revenue and its expenditures, and letter from Mayor F. A. o council discussing challenges faced by city.
Cape Girardeau Sesquicentennial Collection, 1943-1956.  4 items. 1998.165.
Multi-fold pamphlet commemorating the 150th anniversary of the settlement of Cape Girardeau (1793-1943), minutes (2p) from meeting of the Sesquicentennial Celebration organizational meeting, April 14, 1955; and illustrated program (96p) from Sesquicentennial celebration, 1956.
Cape Girardeau Sesquicentennial Pageant Script, 1956.   1 item. 2002.140.  
Mimeograph typescript (19p) of “Legend of Cape Girardeau” script, performed at the Cape Girardeau Sesquicentennial Pageant, recounting the town’s history.
Cape Girardeau Steamboat Pamphlet, undated. 1 item.   2005.059.
Pamphlet (1p) concerning replica of the steamboat the Cape Girardeau, constructed by John Frenzel, and displayed at Cape Girardeau Centennial celebration in 1906. 
Cape Girardeau Street Maps, 1956, 1961, undated. 8 items. 1999.015
Various street maps of the city of Cape Girardeau [Mo]. *Oversized
Cape Girardeau Surveyor’s Notebook, 1925 .   1 item.2001.060.  
Bound volume (45p) with survey notes and sketches of residential and commercial properties in Cape Girardeau.   Surveyor is not identified.
Cape Girardeau Tax List, 1814, 1984.  2 items. 2004.073.  
Photocopied compilation (3p) of a list of householders listed by township for Cape Girardeau, 1814. Compiled by [Thekla] V. James, November 10, 1984.
Cape Girardeau Telephone Rate Card and Directory, circa 1904, circa 1910.   3 items. 2007.053.
 Laminated copies of a telephone rate card and a Cape Girardeau telephone directory, both in poor condition.    *Oversized
Cape Girardeau Tornado of 1949 Photographs, 1949 May. 14 items. 2011.015.
Images of tornado damage of various homes and businesses around Cape Girardeau Mo.
Cape Girardeau Traffic Bridge Ephemera, 1928.   7 items. 1998.073.   
Invitation to dedication ceremony, dedication program; illustrated program from ceremony (1928) inaugurating the Cape Girardeau Traffic Bridge over the Mississippi River; automobile toll sticker, mimeograph typescript (23p) of pageant script written by Dorothy Quarles and Laura St. Ann Keller for the dedication, September 3, 1928; and map “Motor Routes to Cape Girardeau Bridge,” showing routes to bridge from fourteen states, circa 1928.
Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus , 1863-1871.   4 bound volumes + 2 items. 2008.016.
Original copies of a weekly newspaper published by W. H. Hamilton in Cape Girardeau, [Mo]. For additional information, see catalog record in Galahad (071.7896 C17).
Cape Girardeau Writers Guild Records, 1943-1993.  0.75 linear feet.  2010.033.
Correspondence, meeting minutes, and other records of the Writers Guild, documenting the groups history from the groups founding in 1943. 
Carroll Manuscript, Frank, undated.  1 item. 2002.068.  
 Photocopied typescript (3p) possibly by William [Kaempfer], City Clerk, Cape Girardeau, regarding Frank Carroll, an African-American food vendor in the city.
Cavano Copy Book, John, circa 1809.   1 item.   2008.115.
Nineteenth century copy book belonging John Cavano, which was used by students to copy lessons given to them by teachers.
Cemeteries Vertical File, Southeast Missouri.  1.0 linear foot.  Cemetery indices for Cape Girardeau city and county cemeteries, Jackson cemeteries, and Bollinger County cemeteries, primarily compiled by Alice Proffer Spillman, 1978.
Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, 1840. 1 item. 2008.107.
Publication of the U.S. government in 1841 (after the 1840 census) which lists “pensioners for Revolutionary [War] or military services with their names, ages, and places of residence as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the Act for Taking the Sixth Census.”
Centennial Celebration Pamphlets, Cape Girardeau, 1906. 7 items.   2004.064.
Pamphlets concerning the city’s centennial celebration events and providing some history of the town.
“Cherokee Missions” from the United Church Board for World Ministries: North American Indian Papers (Microfilm), 1817-1883. 1 reel. 2007.091.
Microfilm copy of a series of the United Church Board for World Ministries: North American Indian Papers held at the American Philosophic Society Library, Philadelphia, [Pa].
Churches Vertical File, Southeast Missouri, 1915-1991, undated.    0.75 linear feet.
Typed manuscripts, pamphlets, programs, bulletins, newsletters, minutes and ephemera from churches in the region, including Altenburg, Cape Girardeau, Fredericktown, Fruitland, Gordonville, Jackson, Morehouse, New Madrid, Perryville, Potosi, and Scott City. List is arranged alphabetically by location.
Clippings Collection, 1871-2001. 12.0 linear feet. 2007.204.
Consists of newspaper clippings, from a variety of sources, on topics relating to the history of southeast Missouri and the surrounding region.   Clippings are arranged by subject.
College Hill Homes Photographs, 1993. 14 items. 2011.018.
Photographs of 915 and 921 College Hill Place, Cape Girardeau [Mo.] taken by historic preservation major John Bry.
Collier Collection of Jess Stacy Materials, Derek, circa 1921-1997.  0.5 linear feet. 2010.007.
Materials relating to Jess Stacy, a jazz pianist with roots in Southeast Missouri. Includes correspondence (with Jess Stacy, his band, and others), photographs, news clippings, and publications.
Colonial Tavern Pamphlet, circa 1940. 1 item. 2006.114.  
Illustrated pamphlet advertising the services offered at Simpson’s Colonial Tavern, a service station and restaurant that opened in the 1940s in Cape Girardeau.
Community, The , 1923-1927.   4.0 linear feet.1998.059. 
Issues of the Cape Girardeau newspaper published by the Southeast Missouri Rural Community Association, printed in Cape Girardeau and edited by Allen Hinchey.  The association was devoted to community improvement and the newspaper was the official organ of communication for clubs in the district.   For duplicate copies also see 2008.046,
Company K, Third Missouri State Cavalry Manuscript, 1926.   1 item.2004.047.
Typed manuscript (3p) relating battles and skirmishes of Company K, compiled for The Banner newspaper at Marble Hill, [Mo]. Lists wounded, killed and uninjured.
Confederate Currency, 1861-1865. 1 item. 2007.011.  
Ten dollar note from the Confederate States of America.
Confederate Scrapbooks, 1857-1930 [Early 1900s].  3 items.   2002.183.
Two scrapbooks and one printed address memorializing the Confederate States of America, and containing primarily newspaper clippings, currency, poetry, written tributes and memorials, and photographic images. Address is a tribute to General Robert E. Lee by Honorable Harry B. Hawes of Missouri.
Constitutional Convention Scrapbook, 1875. 1 item. 2007.176
Newspaper articles of transcriptions of speeches delivered at the Constitutional Convention in Jefferson City, [Mo], 1875.
Conway Transcript, General James T., 2012. 1 item. 2012.004.
Transcript of the oral history completed by the history division of the Marine Corps University (Interviewers Dr. Fred H. Allison and Dr. Charles P. Neimeyer) on General James T. Conway of the U.S. Marine Corps. Conway, an Arkansas native, graduated from Southeast Missouri State University before joining the marines in 1970. Before retiring in 2012, Conway served with distinguish.
Cookbook, Holograph, circa late 19th century-early 20th century.   1 item.   2002.065.
Ledger (1889) from the Department of the Interior, stamped “D.L. Hawkins” on the front, in which someone [possibly Margaret Williams] has handwritten recipes and pasted-in clipped recipes from newspapers and magazines.
Cooper Discharge Papers, James, 1862.  1 item. 1998.162.  
Holograph document (1p) discharging Private Cooper from the service of the 7th Arkansas Regiment, Confederate States of America
Cramer Workbook and Letters, Laura A., 1894-1895. 3 items. 2006.017.
Workbook showing study of Laura A. Cramer, a student at the Missouri State Normal School—Third District, preparing to become a kindergarten teacher. Cramer taught at the Old Lorimier School in Cape Girardeau and later in St. Louis. Also includes letter from Cramer to Kent Library recounting her years as a student at Old Normal. *also listed as University Archives Collection
Creative Guild Scrapbook, 1932-1934.   1 item.  2007.108.
Poems and short stories published by the Creative Guild of Cape Girardeau, tryout sign-up sheets, Fall 1933 Creative Guild yearbook, and news articles about the Guild.
Cross Family Genealogy, circa 1993.  1 folder.   1998.155.
Genealogical research of the Cross and Edwards families of Dunklin County, compiled by Wendell Mills.
Crowe Speech, David, 1998. 1 item.2002.278.
Faxed typescript (3p) of speech by Crowe, local orthodontist, presenting the 1998 Regional Chamber Of Commerce and Growth Association (RCGA) John T. Crowe Award to Dr. Dale Nitzchke, October 21, 1998, in which Crowe recounts physical changes in the Southeast Missouri State campus since 1956.  *also listed as University Archives Collection
Cumberland River, Nashville District, Navigation Charts, 1949.1 item. 1998.088.
 Navigation charts for the Cumberland River, Nashville District, from Mouth to Burnside, [Ky], produced by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Contains 74 charts.
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