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Bagnell Dam Scrapbook: Making a Lake in the Ozarks,  1933-1937. 1 item. 2007.165
Newspaper clippings documenting the construction of the dam, the abandonment of the town of Linn Creek, [Mo], the establishment of Camdenton, [Mo], and the controversy over the alleged damage to nearby Hahatonka Lake.
Bank of Perryville Booklet, 1966. 1 item. 2001.073.
Illustrated booklet (12p) celebrating 75th anniversary of the Bank of Perryville, providing a history of the bank, a list of officers and directors since 1891 and staff in 1966
Barkadaro Rural School Memory Book , 1934; 2005-2012.  4 items.  2010.015.
Materials primarily related to the history and alumni of Barkadaro Rural School in Ripley County, Mo.  Also includes a brief history of the Hufstedler family, a family of rural school educators who grew up in, and later taught for, Ripley County, Mo.
Bartlett's Soldier's Record, Everett M, 1918. 1 item. 2007.048.
An ornate poster stating that Everett M. Bartlett served in the U.S. Army from May 9, 1918–Dec. 6, 1918. The poster features a picture of Bartlett and images of army life colored using the autochrome process. Published by H. H. Stratton of Chattanooga, Tennessee *Oversized
Bates Papers, Jefferson, 1958-1980.   3.5 linear feet. 1999.002.
Primarily speeches (typescripts, carbons, photocopies) by Bates, speechwriter for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from circa 1958 to circa 1980, and graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (1941). Also contains NASA publications and pamphlets, photographs, slides, Congressional reports, plaques and ephemera. Largely relates to the Apollo 8-17, Skylab 1-2, and Viking missions.
Battle of Cape Girardeau, Newspaper Accounts (Microfiche), 1863, 1867. 13 items. 2000.008.
Microfiche copies of correspondents’ accounts of the American Civil War Battle of Cape Girardeau [MO] as printed in the New York Daily Tribune, New York City [NY], May 1, 1863, and the Marble City Weekly, Cape Girardeau [MO], June 26, 1867.
Bedford Retirement Scrapbook, Helen DeWilton, 1970. 1 item. 2002.179.
Scrapbook containing letters (136), typed and handwritten, to Bedford, art instructor at Southeast Missouri State College (1925-1970) upon her retirement. *also listed as a University Archives Collection.
Belmont, Missouri Photographs, circa. 1890s. 3 items. 2008.018.
Three 6” x 8” and one 8” x 10” b/w copy photographs the Belmont Elevator and Granary, built in 1871, showing the railroad tracks, and an unidentified building that appears to be the Belmont Depot
Benton Newsboy (Microfilm), 1894-1897.1.0 linear foot + 2 reels. 1998.024.
Print and microfilmed copies of the local newspaper of Benton, [Mo], the county seat of Scott County.
Bergeron Speech, Dr. Paul, 1969.1 item. 2001.009.
Recording of speech “What’s it All About,” a description of the role of an historian and the process of research, by Bergeron given on behalf of Phi Alpha Theta, Southeast Missouri State University chapter. This was part of an all-day event of the Missouri chapters of Phi Alpha Theta. Dr. Bergeron obtained his Ph.D. in History from Vanderbilt University in 1965. At the time of this lecture, he was a professor at the University of Tennessee, Memphis. Running time: 00:50:43. *Also listed as University Archives Collection
Bethel Baptist Church Records, 1806-1867. 0.5 linear feet. 1998.025.
Transcription and photocopies of the record book of Bethel Baptist Church, the first Protestant church west of the Mississippi River. The book contains the minutes and proceedings of the church.
Bingham Exhibition Papers, George Caleb, 1975-1976. 2.0 linear feet. 1998.027.
Programs, booklets, correspondence, and a scrapbook about the statewide traveling exhibit of George Caleb Bingham’s artwork, especially the exhibit at Southeast Missouri State University’s Kent Library. Bingham (born March 20, 1811 – died July 7, 1879) was a realist artist and Missouri statesmen. Many of Bingham’s works depicts life along the frontier of the Missouri River. *also listed in University Archives Collections
Bird's Landing Warehouse Ledger and Record Book (Microfilm), 1830-1835. 2 Reels. 1998.028.
Microfilm copies of the ledger and record book from Bird’s Landing Warehouse in Cairo [Il].
Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway Pamphlet, 1950. 1 item. 2001.074.
Pamphlet explaining the reasoning behind and the construction of the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway in Missouri. Includes a map, charts, and photographs
Blackwelder Collection, Eva E., circa 1820s-1980s. 36.25 linear feet. 1999.001.
Correspondence, legal papers, travel writings and ephemera, drawings, sheet music, stamps, foreign currency, journals, photographs, glass negatives, and slides from the Blackwelder, Del Mar, and MacCoy families, who were connected by marriage. The families were avid travelers, artists, and writers, and were prominent in Chicago [Il], St. Louis [Mo], and New York [Ny].
Blue Collection, John Lloyd, 1933-1954. 0.5 linear feet. 2002.076.
Materials relating to Blue’s years as a student at Southeast Missouri State Teachers College and as a member of the Navy V-12 program. Includes an athletics scrapbook, programs from athletic, theatrical, social, and university events, photographs, and ephemera. *also listed as University Archives Collection.
Bohnsack Crochet Pattern Book, Augusta Friedrich, circa 1870s. 1 item. 2009.014.
Book of crochet patterns created by Cape Girardeau resident Augusta Friedrich Bohnsack.
Bollinger County Probate Records (Microfilm), 1866-1916. 8 reels 1998.032.
Microfilmed copies of the Bollinger County [Mo] probate court records.
Bollinger Mill Deed, 1880 1 item. 1998.036.
Trustee’s Deed of Sale, dated May 29, 1880, documenting the conveyance of the Bollinger Mill, Burfordville, [Mo], from Solomon Burford and his wife Kate, to Mary Otis Hale.
Boone Shrine Pamphlet, undated. 1 item. 2008.005.
Pamphlet entitled The Saga of a Man and A House by Glen Goellner, issued by the Daniel Boone Shrine Association, inc. Documents the later life of Daniel Boone and the home in which he died, near Defiance [Mo]
Booth Program, General Evangeline, 1940. 1 item. 2001.046.
Program from lecture by Salvation Army founder Booth, at the Community Arena [A. C. Brase Arena Building], Cape Girardeau, May 14, 1940. Provides information on new community building.
Boutin House, C.W. Architectural Plans, undated, 1930, 1935. 18 items. 1999.011.
Architectural drawings of both the exterior and interior of multiple rooms during the original building and 2 subsequent renovations of the C.W. Boutin house in Cape Girardeau [Mo]. *Oversized
Bowden Papers, Charles F., circa 1915-1985. 21 items. 2003.063.
Letters, newspaper clippings, photographs (13) and yearbooks (2) relating to Bowden, a prominent African-American educator in Southeast Missouri and principal of the Lincoln High School, Charleston, [Mo], for 23 years. Yearbooks are from Lincoln High School (1950) and Lincoln University, Jefferson City, [Mo] (1950).
Bradford Papers, Malakiah, 1836-1866.  2 items. 1998.068.
Transcript (41 pages, 2 copies) of legal and personal papers of Bradford, a Southern businessman from Baton Rouge [ La] who owned property in Cape Girardeau, including an interest in the Johnson House.
Brase Collection, A.C., 1883-1985. 1.5 linear feet. 2002.180.
Photographs (58), photo albums (3), postcards (7), and other documents collected by the Brase Family over the years. Also includes the baby book of Richard Brase, son of prominent Cape Girardeau businessman and philanthropist, A.C. Brase, news clippings about A. C. Brase, and a marriage record book.
Bridge Company vs. R. G. Stone, R. M. Finley, and Nannie E. Finley, Appellants’ Abstract of Record, Southern Illinois and Missouri, 1905. 1 item. 2002.033.
Abstract of record (253p) in the Supreme Court of Missouri on appeal from the Circuit Court of Dunklin County, regarding the railway’s lawsuit over use of land for right-of-way for tracks, terminal yards and bridges.
Brodsky Manuscript, L. D., 2001. 1 item. 2002.005.
Typed manuscript, signed (95p) of “Shadow War: A Poetic Chronicle of September 11 and Beyond, Volume 1,” by St. Louis poet and book publisher, Louis Daniel Brodsky.
Brooks Collection, Charles E., 1910-1959. 0.5 linear feet. 1998.004.
Photographs and negatives created by Brooks, documenting small, rural towns in Southeast Missouri, including Advance, Bloomfield, Chaonia, Fulton, Harviell, Patterson, Taft and Williamsville.
Brothers of the Brush Records, 1956. 2 items. 2003.022.
Charter and Proclamation from the Brothers of the Brush, a boosters group for the Cape Girardeau sesquicentennial celebration who promised to grow their facial hair to resemble the hair styles of the early 19th century.  *Oversized
Brown Correspondence, Governor B. Gratz (Microfilm), 1871-1873. 1 reel. 2007.080.
General correspondence of Missouri Governor Benjamin Gratz Brown, during his term as governor.
Brown Poems, Mayme Walker, undated. 1 item. 1999.029.
Bound typescript of nine poems by Brown, some previously published.
Browning Collection, Ella, 1927-1942. 1 folder. 2002.097.
Photocopied typed reminiscences (3p) of Browning, one of the founders of the Clio Society at the Missouri State Normal School at Cape Girardeau; and photocopied correspondence between Browning and former Clio members and the Alumni Association at the college. *also listed as University Archives Collection
Bruckerhoff Papers, Vernon, 1963-1982. 7.5 linear feet. 1998.038.
Bruckerhoff, a graduate of Southeast Missouri State College, served as a representative in the Missouri State Legislature from 1970 to 1983. Collection consists of records concerning his pre-legislative political career as state chairman of the Young Republicans and his teaching career; correspondence; files and records detailing his career and activities in the State Legislature through the year 1976, including materials concerning the building of the Chester Bridge over the Mississippi River.
Burfordville Covered Bridge and Mill Ephemera, circa 1961. 3 items. 2005.082.
Program from the dedication of the bridge and Bollinger Mill, July 23, 1961, by the Cape Girardeau County Historical Society, and two large-format color postcards of the mill and bridge.
Burfordville Mill Records, 1900-1901. 1 item. 2008.085.
Records of the milling orders for the Burfordville Mill in Burfordville, Missouri, for 1900-1901.
Burton, Dennison L. Collection, 1862- 1899. 38 items. 2001.054.
History of the 24th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, a camp report listing daily activities of the regiment from September 16, 1862-June 1, 1863, correspondence between James Reeves (author of the history of the 24th) and several of the regiment’s members, or their widows, telling the story of the regiment: formation, daily life, and the battle of Chancellorsville, and news clippings.
Bush Letter, George, 1984. 2 items. 1998.040.
Typed letter, signed from United States Vice-President George Bush to Sidney Pollack, Cape Girardeau, October 29, 1984, regarding Bush’s visit to Cape Girardeau.
Buxton Interview, Colonel John, 1979. 1 item. 2001.021.
Recording of interview with Buxton, conducted by Dr. Paul Travis, professor of history at Southeast Missouri State University. Buxton describes his life experiences in Cape Girardeau and in Scott County. Topics discussed include medical conditions and contagious disease outbreaks as well as campus life at Southeast at the turn of the 20th century. The interview took place July 11, 1979.

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