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 Welcome to Special Collections and Archives! You may use the research facilities during our regular hours or by appointment under special circumstances. To ensure that we continue to meet patron needs, we have developed these guidelines to make your archives experience a pleasurable one.
Please sign the Guest Register to acknowledge that you have read and understand these policies. Staff members are available to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate your assistance in helping to preserve our collections for use by future patrons.
1. Sign the Special Collections Guest Register. If applicable, list the topic of your research or if enrolled in a class that requires you to use the archives, provide the course number.
2. Free lockers are available to store your personal possessions, including purses, briefcases, and bags. You may not keep these items with you while using the Reading Room. Locker keys must be returned when you leave.
3. You may keep with you only notebooks, pencils and research papers while using archival materials. Pens are prohibited.
4. Tracing or writing on original material is not permitted. Post-it notes also should not be affixed to archival materials.
5. Food and drink are not allowed in the Reading Room.
6. Cell phones should be turned off when using the Reading Room so as not to disturb other patrons.
7. Staff members are available to offer instruction on the use of finding aids and equipment.
8. The archives stacks are closed to researchers; closed-stack material is retrieved only by Special Collections staff. A maximum of two boxes of research material per patron is allowed on tables at any time.
9. Patrons may be required to wear gloves (furnished) when using original materials in the reading room.
10. To protect fragile holdings, Special Collections reserves the right to restrict patron access to, and photocopying of, some material. Only Special Collections staff members are permitted to make photocopies. We accept cash, checks, and interdepartmental transfers.
11. Material located in the reading room (e.g. city directories, Sagamore yearbooks) is self-serve and patrons may retrieve these items for themselves.  Please leave materials on book truck in reading room for reshelving by archives staff.