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Series I Correspondence  
Box 1036
Folder 1 Holograph letter from Stacy to Peg Meyer. Stacy refers to the Esquire a June, 1968 article. The letter is undated. Also includes a small holograph note regarding the Esquire article, author and date unknown. circa 1968
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Series II Photographs
Box 1036  
Folder 2
Item A Jess Stacy and Muggsy Spanier, b/w, 3" x 5", circa 1928
Item B Stacy with George Whettling and Frank Teschemacher—Chicago, b/w, 3" x 5" circa 1927
Item C Stacy’s Big Band, b/w, 3" x 5" 1945
Item Dv Jess Stacy, b/w, 8" x 10" (Autographed Publicity Photo) undated
Item E Jess Stacy, b/w, 8" x 10", with negative. By the Jack Hampton Agency. (Publicity Photo) undated
Item F Jess Stacy in an orchestra, b/w, 8" x 10", with negative. "GK" possibly Gene Krupa. undated
Item G Jess Stacy, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Crosby, presenting Stacy with "Best Pianist of the Year" award, b/w, 8" x 10", Published in Downbeat. undated
Item H Bob Crosby Orchestra, b/w, 8" x 10",. undated
Item I Jess Stacy, b/w, 8" x 10",  (Autographed Promotional Photograph) undated
Item J Jess Stacy, b/w, 8" x 10", (Autographed Promotional Photograph) undated
Item K Jess Stacy, b/w, 8" x 10", (Autographed Promotional Photograph) undated
Folder 3 Stacy’s hands by David Kovar, b/w, 11" x 14", 1967
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Series III Sheet Music
Box 1036    
Folder 4  
Item A "Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere," original composition 1939
Item B "Complainin’," original composition undated
Item C "Ramblin’," original composition 1939
Item D "Ec-Stacy," original composition 1940
Item E "Burnin’ the Candle at Both Ends," original composition, 1944
Item F "Camel Hop," by M.S. William, featuring J. Stacy, 1938
Item G "Lullaby in Rhythm," by B. Goodman, featuring J. Stacy, 1938
Item H "Two O’Clock Jump," by James, Basie, and Goodman, featuring J. Stacy, 1941
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Series IV Ephemera  
Box 1036  
Folder 5  
Item A Jess Stacy promotional postcard 1962
Item B Lobby Card: Jess Stacy at the piano with Judy Garland and Bob Crosby, promoting the MGM movie "Presenting Lily Mars," 1943
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Series V Periodicals  
Box 1036  
Folder 6  
Item A "None Better," Downbeat, Photocopy. undated
Item B Listing of various recordings featuring Stacy. The Redmond Nostalgia Company, Various pages in the catalog. 1979 Summer
Item C "I Play What I Like," Downbeat, , pp. 19. 1957 July
Item D "Piano in the Band," The New Republic, pp. 68-70. 1937 Nov
Item E "Profiles," The New Yorker, pp. 32-37. 1975 Aug
Item F "Take Thirty Flashback: Swinging in King Goodman’s Court," Esquire,  pp. 97-99. 1968 June
Item G "When Jazz Was Young," Life, , pp. 64-73 (partial edition). 1958 Dec
Item H "The Mississippi," Holiday, pp. 34-56 (some photo sections have been removed). 1949 Mar
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Series VI Newspaper Clippings
Box 1036  
Folder 7  
Item A "Swing Era Pianist Stacy Dies," Tulsa World 1995 Jan 4
Item B "The Return of Jess Stacy," unknown newspaper undated
Item C "Jess Stacy—The Memory Lingers On," Los Angeles Times 1962 Feb 25
Item D "When We Got Over the Alto Pass Hill…," Southern Illinoisan 1975 Aug 20
Item E "Foundation Gets Musical Arrangement," unknown newspaper 1970 May 15
Item F "Stacy, Goodman Pianist, Hides Light of Ability Under Band’s Bushel of Swing," The Dartmouth 1937 Apr 27
Item G "He’s Come a Long Way from St. Louis…," The San Francisco Chronicle 1950 Nov 20
Item H Volume I, Jazz Club: Jazz at Pasadena 1969
Item I Volume II, Jazz Club: Jazz at Pasadena 1969
Item J "A Band Pianist Who Came in From the Hot," Los Angeles Times 1975 May 18
Item K "Ec-stacy," The Columbia Daily Tribune 1975 May 30
Item L "Lookout Mt. and All That Jazz…,"Canyon Crier 1975 Jun 2
Item M "Tempo: a Guide to the Art of Living," Los Angeles Herald-Examiner 1975 Oct 5
Item N "English Visitors in Tune with Jazz," The Southeast Missourian 1979 Oct 5
Item O "Author Does Research in Cape," Bulletin Journal 1979 Oct 21
Item P "Cape Musicians Remembered," unknown newspaper Undated
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Series VII Cassette Tape Recordings
Box 1036    
Folder 8    
Item A Jess Stacy Recordings undated
Item B Jess Stacy Recordings undated
Item C Jess Stacy Recordings circa 1940
Item D Jess Stacy Piano Solos 1969
Item E The Commodore Years 1973
Item F Stacy Still Swings 1974
Item G Jess Stacy "On the Air," 1979
Item H Jess Stacy / Lee Wiley 1980
Item I Tribute to Benny Goodman undated
Item J Radio Interview with Stacy, Part 1 [Damaged] undated
Item K Radio Interview with Stacy, Part 2 undated
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Series VIII Grooved Phonographic Recordings  
Box 1490  
Folder 1"Benny Goodman: 1946-1947," vinyl recording with jacket. 1977
Folder 2 “Commodore Classics in Swing” Side 505A: “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland," (Eddie Condon & his Windy City Seven with Jess Stacy on Piano) and Side 505B: “Diane” (Jack Teagarden and His Trombone, with Jess Stacy on Piano). 10" recording. undated
Folder 3 “The Commodore Years: Eddie Condon and Bud Freeman” vinyl recording with autographed jacket. 1973
Folder 4 "Exactly Like You," (Jess Stacy) 10" acetate recording. 1940
Folder 5 “The Jazz Makers: Jess Stacy Piano Solos," vinyl recording with jacket. 1969
Folder 6 "Jess Bix." 10" recording. undated
Folder 7 "Jess Stacy," vinyl recording with jacket. undated
Folder 8 "Jess Stacy / Lee Wiley," vinyl recording with jacket. 1980
Folder 9 "Jess Stacy / Lee Wiley," vinyl recording, no jacket (duplicate) undated
Folder 10 "Jess Stacy ‘On the Air’," vinyl recording with jacket. 1979
Folder 11 "Jess Stacy, ‘On the Air’,” vinyl recording, no jacket (duplicate) undated
Folder 12 "Stacy’s Still Swingin’," vinyl recording with jacket. 1977
Folder 13 "Stacy Still Swings," vinyl recording with autographed jacket 1974
Folder 14 "Tribute to Benny Goodman," vinyl recording with jacket. undated
Folder 15 Varsity Record, Side US1459: “I Walk with Music” (Buddy Clark with Orcestra and Jess Stacy on the piano.) Side US1460: “This is the Beginning of The End” (Buddy Clark with Orcestra and Jess Stacy on the piano.) undated
Folder 16 Victor Orthophonic recording, Side 20-1708-A: “Daybreak Serenade- Fox Trot” (Jess Stacy and His Orchestra.) Side 20-1708-B: “It’s Only a Paper Moon- Fox Trot (Jess Stacy and His Orchestra.) [Damaged] undated
Folder 17 Victor Orthophonic recording, Side 20081-A: "Deep Henderson- Fox Trot," (Fred Rose), Side 20081-B: “Ace in the Hole- Fox Trot” (Al Katz and his Kittens) undated
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