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Series I Series II Series III Series IV Series V Series VI Series VII
Correspondence Personal & Financial Ephemera Political and Legal Ephemera Photographs Local History Booklets and Clippings Oversized Materials
    Subseries 1: Political Documents Subseries 1: Political and Public Appearances Thisismything    
    Subseries 2: Foreign Trade Mission Subseries 2: Foreign Trade Mission      
    Subseries 3: Legal Documents Subseries 3: Cityscape      
      Subseries 4: Personal and Miscellaneous      
Series I Correspondence
Box 1939    
Folder 1 Between AMS, Jr. and James A. Finch of First National Bank of Cape Girardeau congratulating AMS, Jr. on his debate teams victory. 1936 Mar 17
Folder 2 Primarily between AMS, Jr. and AMS, Sr. regarding law school and various subjects. Between AMS, Sr. and First National Bank of Cape Girardeau and Boone County National Bank of Columbia, Missouri, regarding AMS, Jr.'s accounts. 1939 Sep-Dec
Folder 3 Primarily between AMS, Jr. and AMS, Sr. regarding law school and various subjects. Between AMS, Sr. and First National Bank of Cape Girardeau concerning AMS, Jr.'s accounts. 1940 Jan-Dec
Folder 4 Primarily between AMS, Jr. and AMS, Sr. regarding law school and various subjects. 1941 Jan-Dec
Folder 5  Primarily between AMS, Jr. and AMS, Sr. regarding law school and various subjects. Also includes the Mar expense account with enclosed bills. 1942 Jan-May
Folder 6 Eight letters including AMS, Jr., S.P. Dalton, and Russell L. Dearmont. 1945 Sep-Oct
Folder 7 Primarily concerning letters of recommendation for AMS, Jr. Also Between AMS, Jr. and S. P. Dalton, Russell L. Dearmont, and various insurance companies concerning legal matters. 1946 Jan-Dec
Folder 8 Primarily concerns AMS, Jr.'s application for the Junior Chamber of Commerce and his nomination form for 1947 distinguished Service Award. 1947 Jan-Sep
Folder 9 Between AMS, Jr. and O.E. Pete Peterson congratulating ASM, Jr. on his election to President of the Kiwanis Club of Cape Girardeau. 1949 Nov 11
Folder 10 Concerns Kiwanis Club of Cape Girardeau program for officers. 1950 Jan 6
Folder 11 Between AMS, Jr. and Anita Barnes of Oran Public Schools and Blodgett Public School Faculty. 1952 Feb
Folder 12 Primarily between Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare and various people regarding the publics disappointment in the Governors appointment of the Director of the Division of Mental Diseases. Also includes Where Do Bills Originate paper. 1954 Apr
Folder 13 Between AMS, Jr. and Harry S. Truman concerning Truman's decline to visit Cape Girardeau. 1956 Jul 13
Folder 14 Between AMS, Jr. and Mrs. Dorothy Calvin regarding the Young Democratic Convention and the abolishment of women's activities in Civil Defense. 1957 Jul 3
Folder 15 Between Richard H. Amberg and AMS, Jr. concerning AMS, Jr.'s nomination for a Globe-Democrat award. Invitation for AMS, Jr. to the opening of the Town-Plaza Shopping Center. 1960 Feb 18, 1960 Aug 11
Folder 16 Between Richard H. [Dick] Amberg and AMS, Jr. regarding his nomination for a Globe-Democrat award. 1962 Feb 23, 1962 Mar 8
Folder 17 Between AMS, Jr. and Harry S. Truman regarding a donation to the Harry S. Truman Library. 1966 Mar 14
Folder 18 Primarily invitations sent by Mary Lou Scott to various people for AMS, Jr.s birthday party. 1976 Jan-Mar
Folder 19 Primarily concerning AMS, Jr. chairing the Democrats for Reagan-Bush campaign. 1984 Sep-Nov
Folder 20 Between AMS, Jr. and Ronald Reagan regarding Reagan's plans to return to California. 1989 Jan 13
Folder 21 Includes a fake affidavit from AMS, Jr.s Legal Secretary for the Boss of the Year. 1991 Apr 8
Folder 22 Primarily between AMS, Jr. and his parents regarding law school and various subjects. undated
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Series II Personal and Financial Ephemera    
Box 1939  
Folder 23 AMS, Jr.'s 1937 Central High School diploma and graduation invitations. Shakespeare 55-Report on various Shakespeare plays, c. 1939. 1937, c. 1939
Folder 24 Rough draft and final copy of the Statement of Facts submitted by AMS, Sr. and McDaniel during the Nov Term of the Supreme Court Case Club, Nov 1940. 1940 Nov
Folder 25 Small 1940s stamp collection and 1940s ration stamp booklet. AMS, Jr. winner of the 1940 Holmes Club certificate and Delta Theta Phi law fraternity membership certificate, 1940. 1942 University of Missouri, Columbia, graduation announcement and commencement program for AMS, Jr. Circa 1940s
Folder 26 St. Louis Globe-Democrat Award program, 1950. 1950
Folder 27 1963 desk calendar. 1964 Gamma Sigma Delta Spring Awards Banquet program. 1967 memorial services booklet, DeMolay Legion of Honor certificate presented to AMS, Jr., 1968. Circa 1960s
Folder28 1937 Central High School class reunion booklet, 1974. St. Francis Medical Center certificate to AMS, Jr., 1976. United States Court of Appeals certificate to AMS, Jr., 1978. Circa 1970s
Folder 29 Eulogy to Charles Andrew Juden, 1987. Ode to AMS, Jr. and Robert M. Buerkle-on forty years of legal practice.   1987
Box 1940   
Folder 1 VIP Industries 30th anniversary booklet dedicated to AMS, Jr. undated
Folder 2 Family tree beginning in 1775 and ending with Albert Spradling, Sr. undated
Folder 3 Financial records & bank/check stubs, 1939. 1939
Folder 4 Checks & bills, 1940. 1940
Folder 5 Personal budget, 1941. 1941
Folder 6 Miscellaneous bills & insurance policy. Undated
Folder 7 Harris Motor Company repair orders bill, 1947.   1947
Folder 8 Southeast Missouri Telephone Company bill, 1948. 1948
Folder 9 Oran State Bank statement of condition; Farmers & Merchants Bank statement of condition, undated undated
Loose 1938 Sagamore. 1938
Loose 1945 Personal Diary. 1945
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Series III Political and Legal Ephemera  
Box 1940 Subseries 1:  Political Documents  
Folder 10 Minutes of the Democratic Judicial Committee for the Twenty-Eighth Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Sep 7, 1948. 1948 Sep 7
Folder 11 Senate journals, 1952-1954. The inaugural ceremonies for the State of Missouri, Jan 12, 1953. Senate Criminal Law Revision Committee, Jan 1955. Circa 1950s
Folder 12 St. Louis Globe-Democrat Award program booklet, Apr 6, 1960. Inaugural ceremonies for the State of Missouri, Jan 9, 1961. John F. Kennedy inauguration invitation, Jan 20, 1961. Council of State Governments booklet, 1965. Senate Manual: Seventy-fourth General Assembly of Missouri, 1967. Circa 1960s
Folder 13 Senate Manual: Seventy-Seventh General Assembly of Missouri, 1973-1974. Rededication ceremony program in which AMS, Jr. delivered the dedication speech, Apr 25, 1977. 1973-1974, 1977 Apr 25
Box 1941   
Folder 1 Paper about the history and architectural design of the Missouri State Capitol, c. 1980. The Missouri State Capitol book regarding historical information about the Capitols architectural design, c. 1980. circa 1980
Folder 2 27th Senatorial district sample ballots, undated undated
Folder 3 Two Senator Spradling signs and one Spradling for State Senate bumper sticker, undated undated
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Box 1941 Subseries 2:  Foreign Trade Mission    
Folder 4 Booklets regarding the Missouri Trade Mission, Holland, and a currency conversion table. Undated
Folder 5 Invitations to a Missouri Trade Mission meeting in London and to a reception in Rotterdam. Undated
Folder 6 Daily schedules for the Foreign Trade Mission in Europe including London, Rotterdam and Bonn, Rome and Paris. Undated
Folder 7 Correspondence, May 1, 1964. Between Senator and Mrs. AMS, Jr. and their children regarding their day in London during the Foreign Trade Mission. 1964 May 1
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Box 1941   Subseries 3: Legal Documents    
Folder 8 Issued rules for practice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and of the 27th Judicial Circuit 1946 Jul 29
Folder 9 Case reviews including automobiles, bills and notes, and Statute of Frauds undated
Folder 10 Case reviews including change of venue, chattel mortgages, and exemptions undated
Folder 11 Case reviews including the Fair Labor Standard Act, Humanitarian Doctrine, and permitting and denying a recovery undated
Folder 12 Case reviews including homestead insurance, jury instructions, and inheritance tax undated
Folder 13 Case reviews including insurance-subrogation, joint tenancy, and municipal corporations undated
Folder 14 Case reviews including signals, Statute of Limitation, and National Labor relations Board Act undated
Folder 15 Case reviews including wills and witnesses undated
Folder 16 Case review regarding divorce undated
Folder 17 Case reviews including imputed negligence and actions undated
Loose Binder with A. M. Spradling Cape Girardeau, Mo. on front. undated
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Series IV Photographs    
Box 1941 Subseries 1: Political and Public Appearances  
Folder 18 Missouri Pharmacist Banquet. (5), b/w, 4 x 5 undated
Folder 19 The groundbreaking of an unidentified project and AMS, Jr. with various officials. (25), 24 b/w; 1 color, 1-6 x 9; 1-7 x 10; 23-8 x 10 1961-1975
Box 1942   
Folder 1 AMS, Jr. at the W.T. Grant Co. Ceremony and AMS, Jr. with various officials. (23), 20 b/w; 3 color, 2-5 x 7; 19-8 x 10; 2-11 x 14 1955, 1963, undated
Folder 2 AMS, Jr.'s campaign and AMS, Jr. with various officials.  (14) b/w, 1-2.5 x 3.5; 3-3.25 x 4; 2-3.5 x 5; 2-4 x 5; 6-5 x 7 1961, undated
Folder 3 Unidentified banquet. (16 Negatives ), b/w, 4 x 5 1966 Jan
Folder 4 AMS, Jr.'s 25-year retirement party.  (51), color, 3.5 x 5 undated
Folder 5 AMS, Jr.'s 25-year retirement party. (23), color, 3.5 x 5 undated
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Box 1942 Subseries 2:  Foreign Trade Missions  
Folder 6 Pnsite, group scenes, and photographs from Trade Mission conferences. (17), 9 b/w; 8 color, 4-3 x 3; 3-5 x 5; 1-7 x 9; 8-8 x 10 1964 May
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Box 1942 Subseries 3:  Cityscape    
Folder 7 Various views of the Town Plaza, W.T. Grant Town Plaza, Kroger Town Plaza, and Woolworths Town Plaza.  (25), 21 b/w; 4 color, 4-3.25 x 3.25; 21-8 x 10 1957, 1960, undated
Folder 8 Various buildings and streets in Cape Girardeau.  (14), 13 b/w; 1color, 1-11 x 14; 13-8 x 10, 1957, 1959 1957, 1959, undated
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Box 1942   Subseries 4:   Personal and Miscellaneous    
Folder 9 The Spradling house and various members of the Spradling family. Also includes a tintype of a young male. (21) 17 b/w; 4 color, 2-2.25 x 3.25; 2-3 x 3; 1-3.5 x 4.75; 1-3.5 x 5; 11-3 x 4; 4-5 x 7 1968, undated
Folder 10 Includes Jo Ann and Bill Emerson with AMS, Jr., various members of the Spradling family, and AMS, Jr.'s school photographs. (13) 8 b/w; 5 color, 2-3.5 x 5; 1-3.5 x 5.25; 1-4.5 x 6.5; 1-5 x 8; 1-7 x 9; 7-8 x 10 undated
Folder 11 Includes various members of the Spradling family, Senator Spradling portrait, and AMS, Jr.'s college photograph(7), 6 b/w; 1 color, 2-6 x 9; 1-6.5 x 11; 1-7 x 10; 1-8.5 x 10; 2-11 x 14. undated
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Series V Local History  
Box 1943    
Folder 1 Plot of Spradlings Subdivision, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, document dedicating property to the public 1949 Feb 10
Folder 2 Golden anniversary picture, story of Cape Girardeau and Its Newspaper undated
Folder 3 Biography of historic Cape Girardeau County, project of the Bicentennial Commission of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Articles collected and arranged by Jess E. Thilenius, 1976. 1976
Folder 4 Reflections on Life and Law during Three Score and Five Years-Jul 3, 1916-Jul 3, 1981, by Rush H. Limbaugh. Undated
Folder 5 Bollinger Mill State Historic Site 1981 dedication program. 1981
Folder 6 Transcripts of an interview with AMS, Jr. at his law office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, by Will Sarvis 1996 Mar 14
Folder 7 Transcripts of an interview with AMS, Jr. at his law office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, by Will Sarvis 1996 Oct 29
Folder 8 Correspondence, Jul 1, 1997. Letter from Will Sarvis to Senator Spradling regarding the completed finding aid for his collection at the University of Missouri, Columbia. 1997 Jul 1
Folder 9 Transcripts of public history interview with Senator Spradling by Will Sarvis undated
Folder 10 Three biographies of Senator Spradling from unknown authors undated
Folder 11 Wildwood, history of the home of Southeast Missouri State University President Dr. Bill Stacy undated
Folder 12 Memories of Cape Girardeau and Old Man River, by Lee L. Albert, undated   undated
Folder 13 Cape Girardeau County Map (5 copies), Geological Map of Cape Girardeau County by B.F. Shumard, undated
Folder 14 History of Burfordville, Missouri, booklet [copy] undated
Folder 15 Souvenir book of Executive Mansion, Jefferson City, Missouri  undated
Folder 16 A Rose for Cape Girardeau, a Readers Digest reprint with photograph of the Spradling family home undated
Folder 17 Southeast Missouri State University board member profile sheet undated
Folder 18 Summaries of area murders and trials undated
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Series VI Booklets and Clippings    
Box 1943   
Folder 19 The Young Democratic Clubs of America flyer and informational pamphlet  1946
Folder 20 The Hospital Record (a program) from Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. Also booklets from The Cape County Journal (AMS, Jr. to receive an award) and Missouri Good Roads 1958 Jun - 1959 Jun
Folder 21 Various journals and magazines, including Missouri Business and Missouri Pharmacist, with articles concerning Senator Spradling 1961 Feb - 1962 Mar
Box 1944    
Folder 1 Various journals and magazines, including Missouri Business and Missouri Pharmacist, with articles concerning Senator Spradling 1962 Apr - 1968 Dec
Folder 2 Primarily reports and newsletters with articles regarding various awards presented to Senator Spradling 1971 May -1979
Folder 3 2 Farmers & Merchants Bank of Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Annual Stockholders Reports 1981, 1982 Jun 25
Folder 4 Project Homecoming brochure, c.1990. World Atlas-complements of Cunard Sea Goddes  circa 1990
Box 1945 
Item 001 Scrapbook, containing clippings on AMS Sr.’s appointment as a special commissioner to investigate the disbarment of Verne R.C. Lacy, AMS Sr.’s golf hobby, and AMS Sr.’s death. Circa 1940-1945
Box 1944 
Folder 5 AMS, Jr.'s trip to China including postcards, a travel brochure, and recipe cards undated
Folder 6 Obituaries for Emerson, Luther, and AMS, Sr. and clipping regarding AMS, Jr.'s return to Cape Girardeau. 1945 Feb-Sep
Folder 7 Newspaper articles primarily concerning Missouri's surplus funds and the Idle Funds Bill 1951-1959
Folder 8 Newspaper articles primarily regarding AMS, Jr.'s biography, appointments to commissions, awards, and the Missouri Trade Mission 1960-1969
Folder 9 Newspaper articles primarily regarding AMS, Jr.'s awards, appointments to commissions, and various Circuit Court duties 1971-1977
Folder 10 Primarily newspaper articles concerning the Presidential and congressional campaigns 1980-1986
Folder 11 Biographical newspaper article spanning AMS, Jr.'s legal and political careers 1994 Aug 23
Folder 12 Newspaper articles including Spradling honored by Missouri State Senate with distinguished service awards and Southeast honors Spradling as Alumni 2001 Mar - 2002 Sep
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Series VII Oversized Materials  
MMC 4.9   
Folder 1
Item 1 Resolution to the Missouri Bar undated
Items 2-4 State Senator Certificate 1956, 1960, 1968
Item 5 Interstate Commerce Commission Certificate undated
Items 6-7 Executive Department Order Certificates 1959, 1961
Items 8-12 Senate Resolutions 1963, 1965, 1965, 1969, 1971
Item 13 Reprimand 1972 Mar 13
Item 14 Senate Journal Roll Call & Copy of Resolution of Reprimand (item 13) 1972
Items 15-18 Resolutions 1972, 1975, 1978, 1984
Item 19 Certificate to the appointment of the state militia
Box 1945  
Item 002 AMS Jr., Boss of the Year Award, presented by the Legal Secretaries Association 1991
Item 003 Mounted Magnetic iron ore from the “Pea Ridge” mine, presented to AMS Jr. from the St. Joseph Land and Bethlehem Steel Companies. undated
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