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Series Descriptions
Series I:  Correspondence, 1934-1940
The first five folders include general correspondence, arranged chronologically; the last three contain correspondence with three individuals. Some copies of Snow's outgoing letters are included.
Series II: Thad Snow's Writings, 1921-1948
Includes short stories, letters to the editor, speeches, reports, articles, and book reviews. Some of the material was published in the newspaper or included in his book From Missouri. Various drafts may be included. His writings have been arranged into nine categories:

Subseries 1:  Family Reminiscences and Farm Life

Subseries 2: Farm Policies
Including analysis of farming in Southeast Missouri, flood control, government agricultural program, farming and business, farming and labor, sharecropper roadside strike, LaForge Project, and farmers and World War II.

Subseries 3: Fiscal Policies
Including relief, OPA regulations, economic planning, currency, tariffs and profits

Subseries 4: Roads
Including the Curry Road Amendment and Highway Department politics and personnel

Subseries 5: Foreign Policy
Including Snow's opposition to World War II, the atomic bomb, postwar policies.

Subseries 6: Famous People
Including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Leon Trotsky, Maxim Litvinov, Harry Truman, Herbert V. Evatt, Dorothy Thompson.

Subseries 7: Reflections
Includes pieces on change, fame, human habits, semantics, revolution.

Subseries 8: Book Reviews

Subseries 9: Notes and unfinished business

Series III:  Memorabilia and Photographs
Series IV: Scrapbooks
The two original scrapbooks were unbound--many of the news clippings were transferred to acid free paper. This series contains copies of Snow's newspaper articles and letters to the editor (1926-1954), in the Charleston and St. Louis newspapers as well as in political periodicals. Snow was a frequent contributor to the "Letters to the People" column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from 1933 until his death. Copies of articles about Snow and reactions to his letters to the editor are also included. Topics include farming and economics, labor unions, the 1937 Flood, the 1937 Emerson Electric Strike, the 1939 Roadside Strike, World War II, government planning, politics and foreign affairs.
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