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Series I Series II Series III Series IV
Correspondence, 1934-1949 Thad Snow's Writings, 1921-1948 Memorabilia and Photographs Scrapbooks
Series I Correspondence, 1934-1949  
Folder 1 Correspondence 1934-1938
  Topics and individuals include:  
  William R. Amberson, conducted study of effect of Agricultural Adjustment Administration on sharecroppers  
  Anderson, Farm Security Administration  
  The Bald-Headed Sharecropper (Owen Whitfield)  
  The Bankhead-Jones Bill  
  Ralph Coghlan, Post-Dispatch editor  
  Cotton Control – quotas  
  Farm Security Administration (FSA)  
  Joe Harlan, Post-Dispatch  
  Edward Petrikovitsch, secretary, German Liberty Union  
  Towner Phelan, assistant vice-president, St. Louis Union Trust  
  Charles G. Ross, Post-Dispatch  
  Southern Tenant Farmers' Union  
  Harry S. Truman, senator  
  Orville Zimmerman, representative, l0th District of Missouri  
Folder 2 Correspondence 1939-1940
  Topics and individuals include:  
  Cotton Control - Labor Policy  
  Cotton Laborers Bill  
  I.W. Duggan, Department of Agriculture  
  Leon Trotsky, Russian revolutionary  
  Henry Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture  
Folder 3 Correspondence 1941pppp
  Topics and individuals include:  
  American Federation of Labor  
  C.B. Baldwin, representative of the FSA  
  Phil Beck, regional administrator for FSA  
  FSA - Land Purchase and Personnel in Southeast, Missouri  
  Laforge Project  
  Franklin D. Roosevelt, President, United States of America  
  Southern Tenant Farmers' Union  
  John Stewart, Southeast, Missouri area director, FSA  
  Wade Tucker, director of Organizers' Association of Farm Laborers, Sharecroppers and Tenants of Southeast, Missouri  
Folder 4 Correspondence 1942-1944
  Topics and individuals include:  
  Ralph Bladgen, managing editor, St. Louis Star-Times  
  Stuart Chase  
  Topics and individuals include:  
  Ralph Coghlan, Post-Dispatch  
  Irving Dilliard, Post-Dispatch  
  R.L. Duffus, New York Times  
  FSA - Land Purchase and Personnel in Southeast, Missouri  
  Fitzpatrick, cartoonist, Post-Dispatch  
  Ferd Gottlieb, Post-Dispatch  
  Jehovah's Witnesses  
  LaForge Project  
  Jean Lightfoot, Post-Dispatch  
  Morris H. Rubin, editor, The Progressive  
  John Stewart, area director, FSA  
  Orville Zimmerman, representative, Missouri 10th District  
Folder 5 Correspondence 1945-1949
  Topics and individuals include:  
  Army Corps of Engineers  
  L.T. Berthe, consulting engineer  
  Colonel H.C. Gee, chief of engineers, Army Corps of Engineers  
  Flood Control  
  L.H. Foote, colonel, district engineer  
  Paul C. Jones, representative  
  New Madrid Floodway, draining, Birds' Point  
  Orville Zimmerman, representative, Missouri 10th District.  
  Irving Dillard  
Folder 6 Correspondence with Sam Bledsoe, official in the Southern Division Adjustment of Agricultural Administration 1939-1946
  Subjects include:  
  The Atomic Bomb  
  C.B. Baldwin, FSA  
  Chester Davis  
  Farm Labor Amendment  
  Farm Security Administration  
  Parisius, Ford production administrator John Stewart, area director, FSA  
  Harry Truman, vice-president  
  Henry Wallace, Secretary of Agriculture World War II  
  Orville Zimmerman, representative, Missouri 10th District  
Folder 7 Correspondence from Martin Lechner, sec., Socialist Party of Missouri 1937-1945
  Topics include:  
  1937 Emerson Electric Sit-down Strike  
  Topics include:  
  World War II  
Folder 8 Correspondence from John T. Stewart, Southeast, Missouri area dir. FSA 1942-1945
  Topics and individuals include:  
  The Atomic Bomb  
  C.B. Baldwin, administrator, FSA  
  Phil Beck, regional director, FSA  
  Delmo Labor Homes  
  FSA - Personnel in Southeast, Missouri  
  Labor Camps  
  Laforge Project  
  Isham Puckett, farmer, evicted from LaForge Rural Rehabilitation  
  Project Harris Rodgers Security Farms  
  Wade Tucker, director of Organizers, Association Farm Laborers,  
  Sharecroppers and Tenants, Southeast, Missouri  
  Wardell Negro Camp World War II  
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Series II Thad Snow’s Writings, 1921-1948  
Folder 9 James Whitcomb Riley 1944
Folder 10 Mr. Hoover, My Mother and the Empty Match Box  
Folder 11 Old Black Cow 1937
Folder 12 The Bull and 1, several versions 1947
Folder 13 Thad Snow Tells About His Bird Dog Undated
Folder 14 Dove Hunting Undated
Folder 15 The Colporter Undated
Folder 16 Obit for "Farmer" Undated
Folder 17 Shine, or Swampeast Missouri Nocturne, or How The Chicken Thief Escaped Undated
Folder 18 The Report of Jeremiah Thomas Abernathy of New York--The Truth About Mississippi County 1921
Folder 19 Opinions of a farmer 1923
Folder 20 History of Swampeast, Missouri Undated
Folder 21 Old Man River Speaks 1937
Folder 22 Mississippi River Flood 1937
Folder 23 Statement before officials of North Central Region, New Madrid, on the Farm Program 1937
Folder 24 The Farmer's Institute and the Harvester Company, or Is This Farmer's Mind Becoming Affected? 1938
Folder 25 Ginners Undated
Folder 26 Farm Programs Undated
Folder 27 Labor Policy in Cotton Control Undated
Folder 28 Cotton Control Program Undated
Folder 29 Planters and Farm Legislation Undated
Folder 30 Farm Control after five years Undated
Folder 31 Cooperation between government and business on farm control (International Harvester Machines on Credit) 1937-1938?
Folder 32 Sharecropper Roadside Strike, several drafts 1939
Folder 33 A Tribute to a Crusader, Wade Tucker 1942
Folder 34 LaForge Project 1942
Folder 35 Speech before organized labor regarding attitudes of farmers 1943
Folder 36 Roosevelt's proposal for farm subsidies 1944
Folder 37 Proposed Farm Bureau Adjustment Act Undated
Folder 38 Planning for agriculture Undated
Folder 39 Swamp east Missouri 1944
Folder 40 Draft deferments for farmers 1944?
Folder 41 Viola and Annie (the welfare system) 1942
Folder 42 OPA Regulations and Snow's violations 1943
Folder 43 Planning, (speech to National Planning Association) 1943
Folder 44 National Planning Association, A Farmer Looks at Fiscal Policy 1945
Folder 45 Walter and Paper Money Undated
Folder 46 The Manure Fork (tariffs) Undated
Folder 47 The Profit System Undated
Folder 48 The Road Amendment 1938?
Folder 49 Curry Road Amendment 1948
Folder 50 Reflections on the highway department, road building, politics and personnel Undated
Folder 51 Thoughts on war preparedness, Lindbergh 1940
Folder 52 Reflections on war hysteria Undated
Folder 53 Reflections on war fervor Undated
Folder 54 Opposed to rearmament Undated
Folder 55 Roosevelt's war policy and the reduction in war hysteria 1940?
Folder 56 Predictions on U.S. entry into World War II, 1941
Folder 57 Thorstein Veblen and The Nature of Peace Undated
Folder 58 Tolstoy's War and Peace and Roosevelt's policies, 1941?May
Folder 59 Pearl Harbor and Free Speech 1942 April
Folder 60 World War II, U.S. objectives, and free speech, 2 drafts 1942?
Folder 61 Bird Hunting and World War II 1942?
Folder 62 What are we fighting for, letter from H.L. Jenkins and reply 1943-1944
Folder 63 In reply to Arthur Jobsor on Snow's silence during the war Undated
Folder 64 Atomic Bomb Undated
Folder 65 Henry Wallace's Madison Square Speech 1945?
Folder 66 Our Foreign Policy, several drafts 1946
Folder 67 Roosevelt, the Constitution, and the New Deal 1937
Folder 68 Leon Trotsky 1939
Folder 69 Maxim Litvinoff 1942
Folder 70 Harry Truman 1944
Folder 71 Herbert V. Evatt Undated
Folder 72 Dorothy Thompson Undated
Folder 73 Speech to the American Society of Civil Engineers Undated
Folder 74 Change and understanding Undated
Folder 75 Reflections on a Quaint Habit 1937
Folder 76 Maury's Riot, San Antonia 1939?
Folder 77 On reading a daily newspapers 1939?
Folder 78 On fame and advice to friends 1939
Folder 79 Semantics 1947
Folder 80 Review of Robert Duffus' The Innocents at Cerdo 1944
Folder 81 Review of Train's Yankee Lawyer, the Autobiography of Ephraim Tutt 1943
Folder 82 Notes and unfinished business undated
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Series III Memorabilia and Photographs  
Folder 83 Three handbills for talk by Owen Whitfield and William Tannerand Dr. Herbert Marshall and poster for the Associated Farm Laborers, Sharecroppers and Tenants of Southeast Missouri, signed Wade Tucker 1939, 1941
Folder 84 Wallet, savings pass book and grain settlement 1959
Folder 85 Snow's 1941 Fitzpatrick Cartoon of Stalin, signed 'To Thad, Uncle Joe' undated
Folder 86 Photographs (7), of Thad Snow, Emily and Frances Snow, Owen andZella Whitfield and Snow's Windmill undated
Series IV Scrapbooks  
Items 1-2 Newspaper articles and letters to the editor written by Snow undated
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