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Ste. Genevieve Archives [Microfilm]
Extent: 78 reels
Accession Number: 2007.076.
Abstract: French colonial and territorial records of the District of Ste. Genevieve, and Ste. Genevieve County records and court records. Approximately one-third of the documents are dated 1756-1804; the rest dated 1805-1930.
Provenance: Collected and filmed by the district of Ste. Genevieve and later Ste. Genevieve County, then sold to Southeast Missouri State University in 1980
Citation: Ste. Genevieve Archives, Special Collections and Archives, Southeast Missouri State University
Restrictions: Available on microfilm only.
Location of Originals: Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri maintains the original records.
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Historical Note
Ste. Genevieve is the oldest permanent settlement in Missouri founded in the late 1740s about two miles south of its present location on the banks of the Mississippi River. In 1763 the French ceded the land east of the Mississippi to Great Britain in the Treaty of Paris. Creoles from Canada and east of the Mississippi flocked to Ste. Genevieve after George III issued the Royal Proclamation of 1763. After settling on the west bank the French and Creole settlers were to discover that France had also secretly turned over the west bank to Spain to form Louisiana (New Spain) via the secret Treaty of Fontainebleau (1762) although the community retained the French language and character. Following a flood in 1785, the town moved from its initial location immediately next to the Mississippi about a half-mile inland and two miles north.
Scope and Content Note
French colonial and territorial records of the District of Ste. Genevieve, and Ste. Genevieve County records and court records. Approximately one-third of the documents are dated 1756-1804; the rest are dated 1805-1930. An itemized inventory accompanies the microfilm on the first two “introductory reels”. Original documents are in the possession of the Ste. Genevieve County Court.

Penciled notations and numbers found on the docketed side of some documents had been placed there prior to processing for microfilming.

Documents are arranged by type as follows: account books; accounts, notes, and receipts; agreements and contracts; bonds, notes, and obligations; deeds and indentures; land concessions; land transactions, including exchanges, leases, mortgages, public sales, surveys and plans, and miscellaneous; estate papers; wills; litigation; and marriage certificates and contracts. The majority of the documents arranged by type are dated 1757-1804 and written in French.

A miscellaneous section is arranged by topic: boats; Indians; inquests; letters; mines; personality, including bills of sale, exchanges, and gifts; Revolutionary War soldiers; roads; Paul de St. Pierre papers; and slaves. The majority of these documents are dated before 1805 and written in French.

A Ste. Genevieve-official documents section is arranged alphabetically: appointments, commissions, and bonds of officials; boundary fences; Corporation of Ste. Genevieve; Church of Ste. Genevieve; Louisiana transfer notices; oaths of allegiance; ordinances, rules, and miscellaneous; miscellaneous petitions; and powers of attorney.

Bound manuscripts consisting of registers, dockets, fee books, minutes, and indexes are filed chronologically, 1766-1842, before the court and county records section.

The court and county records section is filed chronologically, 1805-1930. Within each year the records are arranged under the following headings: accounts, notes, and receipts; appointments, commissions, oaths of office, and bonds of officials; bills against the county; bills of cost and fee bills; county offices (by name of office); courts (by name of court); justice of the peace; inquests; and miscellaneous. Litigation materials are filed by the last date on the document under the appropriate court and then alphabetically by name of plaintiff. County court and probate records of estate administrations are filed alphabetically by the name of the deceased in the estate papers section.

[original illegible] ...county records section are sections arranged by topic: census records; citizenship documents; elections, including poll books.; licenses and merchants’ bonds; roads; schools; stray books, certificates, and notices; and tax lists and related tax materials. The last section of documents in the collection contains undated materials, including bills against the county, bills of cost and fee bills, county and circuit court items, correspondence with county officials, lists of grand juries, lists of jurors, verdicts, a jail report, litigation, summonses and subpoenas [writs], miscellaneous legal items, petitions, and miscellaneous.

The first two reels of the collection, labeled “Introductory reels,” contain the descriptive shelf cards and an itemized inventory of the collection prepared by the State Historical Society of Missouri. These inventories are the only available aid to the contents of the microfilm. Each reel is organized by folder numbers, which are listed in the container list below.
Container List
Box MF001
Reel 01Introductory Reel #1 (W.H.M.C. Q939777)
Reel 02I Introductory Reel #2 (W.H.M.C. Q939778)
Reel 03 IReel #1: Folders 0001- 0013 (W.H.M.C. Q939701)
Reel 04Reel #2: Folders 0014- 0028 (W.H.M.C. Q939702)
Reel 05Reel #3: Folders 0029- 0044 (W.H.M.C. Q939703)
Reel 06Reel #4: Folders 0045- 0060 (W.H.M.C. Q939704)
Box MF002 
Reel 01Reel #5: Folders 0061- 0072 (W.H.M.C. Q939705)
Reel 02Reel #6: Folders 0073- 0090 (W.H.M.C. Q939706)
Reel 03Reel #7: Folders 0091- 0107 (W.H.M.C. Q939707)
Reel 04Reel #8: Folders 0108- 0123 (W.H.M.C. Q939708)
Reel 05Reel #9: Folders 0124- 0140 (W.H.M.C. Q939709)
Reel 06Reel #10: Folders 0141- 0160 (W.H.M.C. Q939710)
Box MF003 
Reel 01Reel #11: Folders 0161- 0177 (W.H.M.C. Q939711)
Reel 02Reel #12: Folders 0178- 0191 (W.H.M.C. Q939712)
Reel 03Reel #13: Folders 0192- 0211 (W.H.M.C. Q939713)
Reel 04Reel #14: Folders 0212- 0230 (W.H.M.C. Q939714)
Reel 05Reel #15: Folders 0231- 0245 (W.H.M.C. Q939715)
Reel 06Reel #16: Folders 0246- 0262 (W.H.M.C. Q939716)
Box MF004 
Reel 01Reel #17: Folders 0263- 0282 (W.H.M.C. Q939717)
Reel 02Reel #18: Folders 0283- 0301 (W.H.M.C. Q939718)
Reel 03Reel #19: Folders 0302- 0311 (W.H.M.C. Q939719)
Reel 04Reel #20: Folders 0312- 0327 (W.H.M.C. Q939720)
Reel 05Reel #21: Folders 0328- 0342 (W.H.M.C. Q939721)
Reel 06Reel #22: Folders 0343- 0359 (W.H.M.C. Q939722)
Box MF005 
Reel 01Reel #23: Folders 0360- 0375 (W.H.M.C. Q939723)
Reel 02Reel #24: Folders 0376- 0396 (W.H.M.C. Q939724)
Reel 03Reel #25: Folders 0397- 0414 (W.H.M.C. Q939725)
Reel 04Reel #26: Folders 0415- 0440 (W.H.M.C. Q939726)
Reel 05Reel #27: Folders 0441- 0467 (W.H.M.C. Q939727)
Reel 06Reel #28: Folders 0468- 0487 (W.H.M.C. Q939728)
Box MF006 
Reel 01Reel #29: Folders 0488- 0504 (W.H.M.C. Q939729)
Reel 02Reel #30: Folders 0505- 0524 (W.H.M.C. Q939730)
Reel 03Reel #31: Folders 0525- 0538 (W.H.M.C. Q939731)
Reel 04Reel #32: Folders 0539- 0554 (W.H.M.C. Q939732)
Reel 05Reel #33: Folders 0555- 0570 (W.H.M.C. Q939733)
Reel 06Reel #34: Folders 0571- 0580 (W.H.M.C. Q939734)
Box MF007 
Reel 01Reel #35: Folders 0581- 0594 (W.H.M.C. Q939735)
Reel 02Reel #36: Folders 0595- 0610 (W.H.M.C. Q939736)
Reel 03Reel #37: Folders 0611- 0628 (W.H.M.C. Q939737)
Reel 04Reel #38: Folders 0629- 0639 (W.H.M.C. Q939738)
Reel 05Reel #39: Folders 0640- 0660 (W.H.M.C. Q939739)
Reel 06Reel #40: Folders 0661- 0680 (W.H.M.C. Q939740)
Box MF008 
Reel 01Reel #41: Folders 0681- 0696 (W.H.M.C. Q939741)
Reel 02Reel #42: Folders 0697- 0711 (W.H.M.C. Q939742)
Reel 03Reel #43: Folders 0712- 0727 (W.H.M.C. Q939743)
Reel 04Reel #44: Folders 0728- 0741 (W.H.M.C. Q939744)
Reel 05Reel #45: Folders 0742- 0760 (W.H.M.C. Q939745)
Reel 06Reel #46: Folders 0761- 0779 (W.H.M.C. Q939746)
Box MF009 
Reel 01Reel #47: Folders 0780- 0797 (W.H.M.C. Q939747)
Reel 02Reel #48: Folders 0798- 0826 (W.H.M.C. Q939748)
Reel 03Reel #49: Folders 0827- 0857 (W.H.M.C. Q939749)
Reel 04Reel #50: Folders 0858- 0889 (W.H.M.C. Q939750)
Reel 05Reel #51: Folders 0890- 0911 (W.H.M.C. Q939751)
Reel 06Reel #52: Folders 0912- 0929 (W.H.M.C. Q939752)
Box MF010 
Reel 01Reel #53: Folders 0930- 0947 (W.H.M.C. Q939753)
Reel 02Reel #54: Folders 0948- 0962 (W.H.M.C. Q939754)
Reel 03Reel #55: Folders 0963- 0982 (W.H.M.C. Q939755)
Reel 04Reel #56: Folders 0983- 0996 (W.H.M.C. Q939756)
Reel 05Reel #57: Folders 0997- 1015 (W.H.M.C. Q939757)
Reel 06Reel #58: Folders 1016- 1030 (W.H.M.C. Q939758)
Box MF011 
Reel 01Reel #59: Folders 1031- 1058 (W.H.M.C. Q939759)
Reel 02Reel #60: Folders 1059- 1094 (W.H.M.C. Q939760)
Reel 03Reel #61: Folders 1095- 1123 (W.H.M.C. Q939761)
Reel 04Reel #62: Folders 1124- 1146 (W.H.M.C. Q939762)
Reel 05Reel #63: Folders 1147- 1181 (W.H.M.C. Q939763)
Reel 06Reel #64: Folders 1182- 1205 (W.H.M.C. Q939764)
Box MF012 
Reel 01Reel #65: Folders 1206- 1227 (W.H.M.C. Q939765)
Reel 02Reel #66: Folders 1228- 1253 (W.H.M.C. Q939766)
Reel 03Reel #67: Folders 1254- 1274 (W.H.M.C. Q939767)
Reel 04Reel #68: Folders 1275- 1295 (W.H.M.C. Q939768)
Reel 05Reel #69: Folders 1296- 1328 (W.H.M.C. Q939769)
Reel 06Reel #70: Folders 1329- 1343 (W.H.M.C. Q939770)
Box MF013 
Reel 01Reel #71: Folders 1344- 1362 (W.H.M.C. Q939771)
Reel 02Reel #72: Folders 1363- 1389 (W.H.M.C. Q939772)
Reel 03Reel #73: Folders 1390- 1419 (W.H.M.C. Q939773)
Reel 04Reel #74: Folders 1420-1439 (W.H.M.C. Q939774)
Reel 05Reel #75: Folders 1440-1459 (W.H.M.C. Q939775)
Reel 06Reel #76: Folders 1460-1474 (W.H.M.C. Q939776)
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