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Dearmont Hall Scrapbooks
1956-2004 [1967-1989]
Extent: 2.0 linear feet
Accession Number: 2010.002
Abstract: Scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and newsletters. Materials cover dorm life and events on campus with a focus on Dearmont residents. Also includes a scrapbook and materials related to Albert Hall, the residence hall that Dearmont replaced.
Processed by: Brittany Contratto, February 2010
Repository: Special Collections and Archives, Southeast Missouri State University
Phone: (573) 651-2245; Fax: (573) 651-2666; Email: semoarchives@semo.edu
Provenance: Gift from Dearmont Resident Assistants
Citation: Dearmont Hall Scrapbooks, Special Collections and Archives, Southeast Missouri State University
Restrictions: Certain scrapbooks are fragile, please handle with care. Fragile scrapbooks will be identified in the item descriptions listed below.
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Historical Note
The university began construction on Albert Hall in September of 1904. After completion on March 7, 1905, Albert Hall served as an all male dormitory. In 1923 and 1924 Southeast remodeled and refurnished Albert Hall and it was converted to an all women’s dormitory.
Dearmont Hall was built in 1958 to replace the aging Albert Hall that stood on the site. Originally an all female residence hall, it now has both male and female housing by floors, as well as housing Campus Security. Dearmont Hall has its own private enclosed courtyard, and at one time had its own dining hall. The kitchen facilities are now used by the Hospitality Management program as a training lab.
Scope and Content Note
Scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper clippings, and newsletters. Materials cover dorm life and events on campus with a focus on Dearmont residents. Also includes a scrapbook and materials related to Albert Hall, the residence hall that Dearmont replaced.  
Item Descriptions
Box 3344
Item 001 Albert Hall Scrapbook
Contains newspaper articles about Dearmont residents such as the Dean’s List and a 1959 pamphlet, “The Cornerstone Laying Ceremony.” (Fragile)
1956-1957;  1957-1958
Item 002 Dearmont Scrapbook: “Days at Dearmont”
Contains newspaper clippings and photographs of year-round events such as move-in day, Halloween, Homecoming, and Christmas.
1967-1968; 1968-1969
Item 003 Dearmont Quad Scrapbook: “Everything’s Coming Up”
Contains photographs of events, such as parties, Christmas, and bucketball games. Also includes 2 negatives.
Item 004 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Primarily photographs of holidays and various aspects of dorm life. Also includes thank-you cards and news bulletins such as the loose pamphlet, Dolly’s Diary. (Fragile)
Box 3345  
Item 001 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Contains photographs of events such as move-in day, parties, picnics, holidays, and homecoming. Also includes newspaper clippings, a loose newsletter called Dolly’s Diary, and a section called “Remember these 72-73 Happenings.” (Fragile)
1971-1972; 1972-1973 
Item 002 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Contains pictures of dorm life, holidays, and a talent show. (Fragile with loose photographs)
Item 003 Dearmont Yearbook:
Small loose leaf booklet containing pictures of residents with their names. Also includes some pictures of dorm life, including a newspaper article.
Item 004 Dearmont Quad:
Contains a schedule of the fall and spring semester, photographs of dorm life, picnics, homecoming, holidays, and Derby Day, news clippings and commencement papers
Box 3346
Item 001 Dearmont’s Scrapbook:
Contains materials on homecoming, holidays, and dorm life. Includes materials on hall council and news clippings.
Item 002 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Pictures of dorm life, picnics, and holidays, as well as news clippings.
Item 003 Dearmont Scrapbook: “Photographs and Memories” Pictures of dorm life, homecoming, Christmas, sports and talent show. (Fragile with torn pages) 1979-1980
Box 3347 
Item 001 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Photographs of dorm and floor life, homecoming candidates, sports, parties and holidays, and Dearmont newsletters. (Fragile with loose pages)
Item 002 Dearmont Scrapbook: Pictures of dorm life and dances. (Fragile with loose pages) 1981-1982, 1982-1983, 1983-1984
Item 003 Dearmont Scrapbook:
Contains a list of resident assistants and house council, photographs of homecoming, holidays, spring formal, dorm life, mom’s weekend, parties. and a large picture of the group “Chuggie’s Chunks.”
Box 3348 
Item 001Dearmont A-3 Scrapbook:
Photographs of Quad A-3 from dorm life and Christmas time.
Item 002 Dearmont Hall Scrapbook:
Photographs of dorm life and Spring Formal information. (Located in folder)
circa 1983
Item 003 Dearmont Quadrangle:
Pictures of dorm life, few newspaper clippings, and a newspaper.
Item 004 Dearmont Hall:
Photographs dorm life, newspaper clippings, and a Dearmont newspaper.
Item 005 Dearmont Hall Scrapbook:
Pictures of homecoming, spring formal, residents of the month and sports. There is also a Dearmont newsletter, some newspaper articles and pictures in the back from the 1950s.
Box 3349  
Item 001 Dearmont Hall:
Pictures of dorm life, dances, homecoming, volleyball tournament and Christmas time.
Item 002 Dearmont Photograph Album:
Photographs of students planting flowers and plants around Dearmont and pictures from a pool party.
circa 2004
Folder 01 Group Photographs 1972, undated
Folder 02 List of residents 1960-1978
Folder 03 Albert Hall Chronology and news clipping undated
Folder 04 Dearmont’s Diary newsletter undated
Folder 05 Slides 1968, undated
Folder 06 Small Photograph Albums 1970
Folder 07 Photographs of Dorm Life (001-063), Holidays (064-085), Homecoming (086-096), and Dearmont Workers (097-100) 1967,1975, undated
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