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Joseph A. Serena Correspondence Virginia Hearne Serena Financial Records Miscellaneous

Series I Joseph A. Serena Correspondence  
Box 1764  
Folder 1 Contains a variety of letters concerning church matters and the management of agricultural holdings.  undated
Folder 2 Letters pertaining to Serena’s pastorate at the Central Church of Christ in Syracuse, New York, including a Bible School revival campaign led by Eva Lement.    1906 Sep–1908 Sep
Folder 3  Letters regarding the Eva Lement revival together with correspondence concerning raiding funds for Keuka College in Keuka Park, New York.    1908 Oct–Dec
Folder 4 Continuation of letters relating to funds for Keuka College. Also contains correspondence with the National Christian Bible School Association.   1909 Jan-Oct
Folder 5 Letters primarily regarding Serena’s financial affairs and his personal health.  1915 Nov -1922 Dec
Folder 6 Letters concerning Serena’s financial affairs and the management of his agricultural holdings.  1923 Jan- 1928 Dec
Folder 7 Letters between Serena and D. E. Vaughn concerning the management of the farm near Lamar, Missouri.  1929 Jan-Dec
Folder 8 Letters regarding Serena’s family finances and health and his work as a college administrator in West Virginia and as a minister to churches in California and Oklahoma.  1930 Feb-1939 Dec
Folder 9 Letters to the Serena’s concerning a variety of topics including church and educational matters. 1940 Jan -1943 May
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Series II  Virginia Hearne Serena  
Box 1016   
Folder 1 Personal correspondence of Virginia Hearne Serena on a variety of topics, including family and health concerns.  undated 
Folder 2 Personal correspondence, including letters from Virginia’s mother and telegrams relating to Mrs. Hearne’s illness and death in 1920. 1910 Jan -1927 Nov
Folder 3 Letters to and from Virginia Serena on a variety of topics, including family health matters and church affairs.  1928 Feb-1940 Dec
Folder 4 Poems together with notes on English literature.  undated 
Folder 5 Genealogical notes and charts, including William C. Hearner’s family tree.  undated 
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Series III  Financial Records   
Box 1016  
Folder 6 Miscellaneous financial documents, including papers relating to the Serena farm at Lamar, Missouri.  undated 
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Series IV   Miscellaneous  
Box 1016    
Folder 7 Personal documents, invitations, and greeting cards.  undated 
Folder 8 Monticello Seminary Bulletin, Godfrey, Illinois. 1 copy.  1934 March
Folder 9 One pencil tablet of travel notes about Missouri undated 
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