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Historical Sketches About Southeast Missouri, 1935. 1 item.  2007.138.
Series of articles written by Robert Sidney Douglass. Topics include religious organizations, education, leaders of the past, landmarks in Cape Girardeau, events, and southeast Missouri sites of interest.
Little Stories of Missouri History Scrapbook, undated. 1 item. 2007.178.
Article with seven short stories relating to Missouri's history.
Missouri History Scrapbook, c. 1930. 1 item. 2007.123.
Newspaper articles regarding the general history of Missouri
Missouri History Scrapbook, c. 1949. 1 item. 2007.124.
Newspaper articles regarding the general history of Missouri.
Missouri History (by weeks) Scrapbooks, 1927-1949. 3 items.  2007.164
News clippings concerning events of significance in the history of Missouri since the 18th century.  Theme is Missouri History This Week for earlier two volumes.  Later volume contains articles prepared by Floyd C. Shoemaker, Secretary of the State Historical Society of Missouri. 
Missouri History: Soul-Stirring Sagas of Old Mizzou Scrapbook, c. 1940. 1 item. 2007.187.
Articles of Missouri state history written by Harry Norman. Includes stories of counties, cities, and people.
Missouri Libraries Scrapbook, 1924-1943.  1 item.  1998.062.
Newspaper clippings regarding the opening of new public libraries across the state, particularly the Bootheel. 
Missouri Libraries Scrapbook, 1940. 1 item. 2007. 118.
Articles and photographs regarding libraries in Missouri.
(Missouri) Newspaper Travelog Scrapbook, 1925. 1 item. 1925.
Articles and photos relating stories from every Missouri County.
Missouri Scrapbook, 1930-1939. 1 item. 2007.126.
General articles and photographs concerning Missouri's history including churches, agriculture, social organizations, and transportation.
Missouri Scrapbook, 1931-1940.  1 item. 2007.177.
Articles and photographs relating to Missouri history. Topics include events, people, organizations, and politics.
Missouri Scrapbook, Little Journeys in, circa 1930.  1 item. 2007.196
Articles and photographs concerning towns, counties, and people of Missouri.
Missouri Scrapbook:  A Photographic Travelog Scrapbook, 1931-1932. 1 item. 2007.121.
Photographs and newspaper articles regarding Missouri history.
Missouri Scrapbook:  Politics and Government Scrapbook, c.1960. 1 item.  2007.128.
Articles relating to St. Louis County politics and government including city council and court decisions, police reports, and various plans for the city.
Missouri State Parks Scrapbook, 1928-1934.  1 item. 2007.125.
Articles and photographs regarding Missouri parks including Big Springs, Deer Run, and Sam A. Baker State Parks.
Romance of Missouri Scrapbook, Undated. 1 item.  2007.122.
Articles relating the history of Missouri's institutions-stories of their founding, people, and places of interest, and stories of St. Louis.
S.E. Missouri Traditions; Its History Scrapbooks, 1935. 2 items.  2007.139
Articles regarding religious organizations, education, leaders of the past, landmarks in Cape Girardeau, events, and southeast Missouri sites of interest.
Stately Buildings and Picturesque Scenes of the University of Missouri,  1930-1936. 1 item.   2007.127.
Articles and photographs concerning the University Missouri, Columbia, and a few articles regarding Rolla's college.
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