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Cape Girardeau and Ste. Genevieve Scrapbook, 1936-1940. 1 item. 2007.131.
Newspaper articles concerning events in Cape Girardeau and postcards of Ste. Genevieve.
Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri Scrapbook, 1932-1933. 1 item. 2007.174.
Collection of photos and articles written by Kenneth Evans primarily concerning economics in Southeast Missouri and Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Bridge Scrapbook, 1926-1942. 1 item.  2007.170
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the construction, dedication and operation of the bridge.  Also includes program from dedication ceremony, maps and other ephemera.  Arranged chronologically.
Cape Girardeau County, [MO] Scrapbook, The History of the Government of, 1946. 1 item.  2007.135.
Article written by Lila Maxine Pine relating the history of Cape Girardeau County. Topics include early history, the County court, the budget, and personnel.
Cape Girardeau Educators Scrapbook, 1963-1970. 1 item. 2007.188.
Articles and photographs relating to Cape Girardeau public school teachers and college faculty/staff retirements, deaths, and tributes. Also includes general articles regarding special events in Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Festivals, Etc. Scrapbook, 1934. 1 item.  2007.134.
Articles regarding a two-day celebration in Cape Girardeau and two photographs of the parade.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, 1927-1933. 1 item. 2007.120.
Articles, photographs, and booklets relating to general history of Cape Girardeau including churches, residences, transportation, commercial buildings, and city organizations.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, 1935-1946.  1 item. 2007.175.
Articles and photographs relating to Cape Girardeau history, events, people, and organizations.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, 1942-1951. 1 item. 2007.184.
Articles and photographs of national news (politics, events, global issues, etc.) and of Cape Girardeau (events, buildings, people, and organizations).
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, 1968.  1 item.  2007.183.
Articles, photographs, and poems concerning Cape Girardeau and Missouri. Topics include events, buildings, people, and organizations.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, Historic Facts About Early, 1946. 1 item. 2007.137.
Series of articles written by Garland Brickey relating the history of Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, Historic Markers of, 1946-1949.  1 item. 2007.181.
Articles relating to historic markers in Cape Girardeau. Includes program of the dedication of the memorial entrance to Old Lorimier Cemetery.
Cape (Girardeau) Scrapbook, Stories of, circa 1932, circa 1934. 2 items. 2007.132.
Stories of Cape articles and Missouri history newspaper articles.
Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, The Story of, Undated. 1 item. 2007.133.
Articles written by Rev. C. H. Morton relating stories of Cape Girardeau's history.
(Cape Girardeau) Sesquicentennial Scrapbook, 1956. 1 item. 2007.189.
Articles and photographs regarding the sesquicentennial celebration of Cape Girardeau. Includes stories regarding events, public figures, history, and parades.
Courthouse Park: Cape Girardeau, MO Scrapbook, 1940-1950. 1 item. 2007.172
Newspaper clippings pertaining to the plans for a new Courthouse Park and post office building, demolition of the old courthouse, and the controversy surrounding the proposed changes.
Current Events Scrapbook, 1883-1938. 1 item. 2007.130.
Newspaper articles concerning events in Cape Girardeau and the Nation.
Current Events Scrapbook, 1957-1968. 1 item. 2007.182.
Articles and photographs of Cape Girardeau (events, schools, organizations, etc.) and news concerning national events (Truman's presidency, John F. Kennedy's assassination, Nixon's election, etc.).
Current Events Scrapbook, 1960-1969. 1 item. 2007.191
Articles and photos relating to general events and news in Cape Girardeau and the United States.
Library Scrapbook: Cape Girardeau Public Library Notes Scrapbook, 1921-1934. 1 item. 2007.111.
Articles relating to the Cape Public Library, Missouri Book Week memorabilia, photographs, and library event memorabilia.
Library Scrapbook:  History of the Cape Girardeau Public Library, 1916-1942. 1 item. 2007.136.
Articles regarding the history of Cape Girardeau's library initial plans, construction, growth, events, and staff. Also includes a booklet about Capes Carnegie Library (the original public library).
Leading Business and Professional Men of Cape Girardeau Scrapbook, 1926.  1 Item. 2008.049
Scrapbook of news clippings about prominent men and businesses in 1920s Cape Girardeau, Mo.
S.E. Missouri Traditions; Its History Scrapbook Volumes 1-2, 1935. 2 items.  2007.139
Articles regarding religious organizations, education, leaders of the past, landmarks in Cape Girardeau, events, and southeast Missouri sites of interest.
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