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  Appendix I: Speeches     Appendix II:  Publications 

  Appendix I: Rose’s speeches
Box 3126    
Folder 008    
Item 001 Are Grades Important? circa 1930s
Item 002 What is Religion Circa 1939
Item 003 “What is Advertising?” 1944?
Item 004 “Frankly Unprepared” 1944?
Item 005 “Would You Like to Have a Jew Live Next Door To You?” circa 1950s
Item 006 Commencement Speech for Van Buren and Advance High Schools circa 1950s
Item 007 “Little White Cards” undated
Item 008 Commencement speech to SEMO (Pros & Cons of Going to College) undated
Item 009 Speech paying tribute to those who worked to change debating (2) circa 1950s
Item 010 Speech about role of office of the Dean circa 1950s
Item 011 Speech on propaganda circa 1950s
Item 012 Commencement speech Bloomfield High School 1959 May 25
Item 013 Parent’s Day 1966
Item 014 Central State Speech Association Meeting Speech (2) 1967
Folder 009    
Item 001 Quo Vadimus (2 copies) undated
Item 002 Speech to Lions’ Club undated
Item 003 “Habits” undated
Item 004 Speech to freshman inductees of Kappa Delta Pi professional fraternity (2) undated
Item 005 Speech to people being inducted into Wakapa and Cardinal Key undated
Item 006 Speech to Speech Department faculty undated
Item 007 “How to Study in College” undated
Item 008 “What is Christianity?” undated
Item 009 “Debaters are Made, Not Born” undated
Item 010 Speech to Student Council undated
Item 011 Speech on teacher education undated
Item 012 Hoy Day undated
Item 013 How to Get the Most out of College undated
Item 014 Thanksgiving undated
Item 015 Rewards undated
Item 016 College Organizations Undated
Box 3126 Appendix II: Publications by Rose  
Folder 007    
Item 001 “Two and two make what?” (The Quarterly Journal of Speech, Vol. XXX) 1944
Item 002 “The Principal and the Selection of a Speech Teacher” (The Bulletin of the National Association of Secondary-School Principals) Vol.38 No. 199 1954 Jan
Item 003 “Stagger Scheduling for Greater Room Use” (College & University Business, Vol. 44, No. 4.) 1968 Apr
Item 004 “A Historical Review of Debate Question Selection” (The Forensic, Series 55, No. 1, October, 1969) as reproduced in History of Phi Kappa Delta by Larry Norton 1969 Oct  
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