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Abstract: Publications created for public distribution by the College of Liberal Arts (COLA), its academic departments and the centers it administers.


Processed by: Samuel Loos, January 2013


Repository:  Special Collections and Archives, Southeast Missouri State University

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Provenance: College of Liberal Arts, Southeast Missouri State University.


Citation: College of Liberal Arts Records, Special Collections and Archives, Southeast Missouri State University


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Organizational Sketch


The organization of departments into colleges began with the 1976-1977 academic year. The departments under the current COLA were divided between the College of Humanities and the College of Social Sciences. The COLA was created in the fall of 1988 from the combination of certain departments from those two Colleges. Some departments were added to the newly created College of Health and Human Services. Also within the COLA is the Earl and Margie Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts, which includes the Department of Art, the Department of Music, and the Department of Theatre and Dance. Most of the courses offered by those departments, as well as their offices, are located at the River Campus. The COLA runs an Advising Center and its departments manage various centers and organizations. The Department of Communication Studies manages the Speakerís Resource Center, and the Department of Music runs the Music Academy. The Department of English administers the Center for Faulkner Studies, established in 1989 after the acquisition of the Brodsky Collection of Faulkner materials. The Department of History houses the Center for Regional History and Cultural Heritage, founded in 1979, which seeks to document, preserve, and present aspects of the regionís heritage. 


Scope and Content Note


Publications intended for general distribution created by the COLA, its departments and programs it administers. Includes publications such as event information, informational brochures or booklets, and newsletters. Also includes some journal and newsletters created by external institutions, but received by various departments. The Departments of Music and Theatre include publications from performances such as programs and advertisements. Over the years, departments have changed names, merged or even changed colleges (e.g. the former Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work are now in separate departments in different colleges). Arranged alphabetically.


Rules or Conventions: Finding Aid prepared using DACS


Box 1125



Folder 001

Center for Faulkner Studies


Folder 002

Center for Regional History


Folder 003

College of Liberal Arts

1989-1990, Undated

Folder 004

Department of Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work


Folder 005

Department of Art


Folder 006

Department of Communication Studies

1996, Undated

Folder 007

Department of English, Events


Folder 008

Department of English, Publications


Folder 009

Department of English, NAFSA


Folder 010

Department of English, Program Information


Folder 011

Department of Global Studies and Languages


Folder 012

Department of History, Newsletters


Folder 013

Department of History, Program Information

1991, Undated

Folder 014

Department of Mass Media

1991-1995, Undated

Folder 015

Department of Music, Musical Instruction

1991-1997, Undated

Folder 016

Department of Music, Performances, Faculty and Students

1989-1998, Undated

Folder 017

Department of Music, Performances, Guest





Box 1126



Folder 001

Department of Music, Program Information


Folder 002

Department of Political Science, Philosophy and Religion

1986-1998, Undated

Folder 003

Department of Psychology


Folder 004

Department of Speech Communication and Theatre


Folder 005

Department of Theatre and Dance

1991-1993, Undated

Folder 006

Department of Theatre and Dance, Performances, Student