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Series Descriptions
Series I: Cape Girardeau Materials

Subseries 1: General Information
Includes city of Cape Girardeau directories, advertisements, city guides and maps, fact books, and historical documentation. Subseries is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Subseries 2: Locations
Includes cemetery documentation; church directories, programs, pamphlets, and bulletins; drawings and sketches of local sites; house plans, histories, brochures, and National Register documentation; school brochures, handbooks, pamphlets, commencement programs, and other materials; documentation and other information regarding local sites. Subseries is arranged into sub-subseries by subject, as listed below.   Sub-subseries are arranged alphabetically according to location.

Sub-subseries a: Cemeteries
Sub-subseries b: Churches
Sub-subseries c: Drawings/Sketches
Sub-subseries d: Houses
Sub-subseries e: Schools
Sub-subseries f: Sites

Subseries 3: Organizations
Contains items regarding Cape Girardeau organizations, including banquet and ceremony invitations and programs. Arranged alphabetically according to organization/event.

Subseries 4: People
Includes funeral cards, correspondence and other personal materials, as well as stories and poems written by local residents. Arranged alphabetically by person.

Sub-subseries a: General
Sub-subseries b: Writings

Series II: Missouri Materials

Subseries 1: Southeast Region
Materials relating to the southeast Missouri region, including regional directories and travel guides, and Civil War documentation concerning New Madrid [Mo]. Arranged alphabetically by city/county.

Subseries 2: Greater Missouri/Illinois Region
Contains materials relating to local regions outside southeast Missouri, including a checklist of publications relating to Missouri counties, brochures and a map of Forte de Chartres, Illinois, a general warranty deed between Charles and Mary Loring in St. Louis County, and Missouri travel brochures. Arranged by date.

Series III: Photographic Materials
Photographs are arranged into subseries by subject, and then further arranges into sub-subseries if necessary.

Subseries 1: Photographs of Buildings

Sub-subseries a: Business/ Government Buildings
Sub-subseries b: Houses
Sub-subseries c: Schools

Subseries 2: Photographs of Cemeteries
Contains an undated photograph of Lorimier Cemetery.

Subseries 3: Photographs of People
Contains photographs, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s. Most of people in the photographs are Cape Girardeau public school employees. Arranged by date.

Subseries 4: Photographs of Boats
Images of several watercraft, including riverboats and barges.

Subseries 5: Slides of Sites
Consists of slides of houses, including both interior and exterior slides of the Glenn House. Also contains images of Academic Hall at Southeast Missouri State University, the city of Cape Girardeau (both modern and historic), historical markers, Lorimier Cemetery, scenic sites, and slides of the Mississippi River. Arranged alphabetically according to slide.

Subseries 6: Slides of Miscellaneous Images
Contains slides of artifacts and pottery, a drawing of Louis Lorimier, light fixtures, images of the program entitled “Our Paper”, the Southeast Missouri magazine from 1904, various documents and advertisements from Cape Girardeau establishments, and a slide of a steamboat. Arranged alphabetically according to slide.

Subseries 7: Glass Plate Negatives
Contains negatives of Cape Girardeau scenes, including the Cape Girardeau train station, a Union soldier statue at the Cape Girardeau Common Pleas Courthouse, the Old Roberts, Johnson and Rand shoe factory, and a steam train in floodwaters. Also includes scans of the negatives. Arranged alphabetically according to negative.

Series IV: Publications
Consists of published material regarding the Cape Girardeau area, including reproductions of the Frank Leslie’s Illustrated and Harper’s Weekly and the River City Revue. Arranged by date.
Series V: Clippings
Contains many clippings from various newspapers regarding a variety of subjects, from “abstracts” to “youth and aged”. Clippings are arranged in Subseries and Sub-subseries alphabetically by topic.

Subseries 1: Abstracts
Subseries 2: Accidents, Catastrophes, Disasters
Subseries 3: Agriculture
Subseries 4: Animals
Subseries 5: Annexations
Subseries 6: Architecture
Subseries 7: Archaeology
Subseries 8: Art, Music and Theater
Subseries 9: Awards and Honors
Subseries 10: Buildings

Sub-subseries a: Houses
 Arranged alphabetically by the names of the houses. Most articles regard homes in the Cape Girardeau area that are named after the original owners.
Sub-subseries b: Histories
Sub-subseries c: Public Buildings

Subseries 11: Business and Industry
Subseries 12: Celebrations
Subseries 13: Cemeteries
Subseries 14: Chronology
Subseries 15: Churches and Religion
Clippings on religions and churches arranged alphabetically by denomination.

Subseries 16: Cities and Towns

Sub-subseries a: Missouri
Sub-subseries b: Illinois
Sub-subseries c: Outside Missouri/Illinois

Subseries 17: Controversies and Drives
Subseries 18: Cookery
Subseries 19: Counties
Subseries 20: Courts and Courthouses
Subseries 21: Economic Conditions
Subseries 23: Fairs and Festivals
Subseries 24: Fires and Fire Departments
Subseries 25: Flags
Subseries 26: Health and Hospitals
Subseries 27: Heritage Ball
Subseries 28: Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Inc.
Subseries 29: Holidays
Subseries 30: Labor
Subseries 31: Libraries
Subseries 32: Lodges
Subseries 33: Maps and Surveys
Subseries 34: Markers, Monuments, Museums
Subseries 35: Missouri
Subseries 36: Native Americans
Subseries 37: Nature
Subseries 38: Newspaper and Other Media
Subseries 39: Nostalgia, Folkways, Customs
Subseries 40: Organizations
Subseries 41: Parks and Gardens
Subseries 42: People
Subseries 43: Police Department
Subseries 44: Politics
Subseries 45: Post Office and Postal Service
Subseries 46: Recollections
Subseries 47: Recreation and Entertainment
Subseries 48: Reunions
Subseries 49: Scenes, Streets, and Views
Subseries 50: Schools
Subseries 51: Series
Newspaper article series by various writers, usually providing commentaries regarding a particular subject.

Subseries 52: Sites
Subseries 53: Sports (Professional and University)
Subseries 54: Statistics
Subseries 55: Stories
Subseries 56: Telephones
Subseries 57: Tourism and Tours
Subseries 58: Transportation

Sub-subseries a: Air
Sub-subseries b: Automobiles, Taxicabs, Streetcars
Sub-subseries c: Railroads
Sub-subseries d: Rivers
Sub-subseries e: Streets
Sub-subseries f: Transit Service
Sub-subseries g: Trucking

Subseries 59: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
Subseries 60: Visitors and Newcomers
Subseries 61: War
Subseries 62: Weather
Subseries 63: Women's Issues
Subseries 64: Writers and Writings
Subseries 65: Youth and Aged

Series VI: Scrapbooks

Subseries 1: Local History
Contains scrapbooks dealing with the history of Southeast Missouri. Includes series scrapbooks, newspaper clippings from the Southeast Missourian and other newspapers, the Cape Girardeau Garden Club scrapbook, and a VHS tape about the Glenn House.
Subseries 2: Rivers and Steamboats
Contains clippings from the Southeast Missourian and other newspapers regarding rivers, boats and steamboats, floods and high waters. Also contains a series of articles about Louis Houck, an obituary notice for Mary Hunter Giboney Houck, political cartoons from World War II, and a scrapbook created by Captain Clarence N. Fulz.

Series VII: Maps

Subseries 1: Cape Girardeau Maps
Contains maps of Cape Girardeau City and County, including street and historic site maps, a map of the Springdale Bird Sanctuary, plat and soil maps of Cape Girardeau County, and County highway and historic site maps. Arranged by date.
Subseries 2: Regional County Maps
Consists of county highway maps of regions in southeast Missouri. Arranged alphabetically by county.
Subseries 3: Other Maps
Maps not included in the Cape Girardeau and regional maps. Includes maps of Bird’s Point [Mo], Island No. 10 and New Madrid, southern Missouri, maps of the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers, the Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River, a southeast Missouri real estate map, maps of Missouri and southeast Missouri, and a town of commerce plat map. Arranged by date.

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