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Cape Girardeau Materials Missouri
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Series I Cape Girardeau Materials
Box 1925 Subseries 1: General Information  
Folder 1 “A Rose for Cape Girardeau” song sheet 1963
Folder 2 Cape Girardeau Business Advertisements 1871-1872, 1904
Folder 3 Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce Annual Report 1949
Folder 4 Cape Girardeau Facts Sheet Undated
Folder 5 Cape Girardeau Facts Booklets undated, circa 1926
Folder 6 Cape Girardeau Guides and Maps undated
Folder 7 Cape Girardeau Steamboat Model History undated
Folder 8 Cape Girardeau Telephone Co. Telephone Directory 1911
Folder 9 City of Cape Girardeau Financial Statement 1909
Folder 10 “Escape to Cape Girardeau [Mo]” Brochure; “Things to See in Old Cape Girardeau” undated, 1981 Apr
Folder 11 From Plan of Cape Girardeau Historical Information Sheet 1854
Folder 12 History of Cape Girardeau Sesquicentennial Documentation 1956 Apr 14
Folder 13 Kraft Baking Company History 1982
Folder 14 Lorimer Spanish Land Grant Survey undated
Folder 15 “Removal of the Cherokee Indians” Booklet circa 1960s
Folder 16 “This is Cape Girardeau” booklet; Cape Girardeau, MO pocket wallet facts 1961, undated
Folder 17 “What Negro Families have Contributed to Cape Girardeau” Booklet 1971 Sep 13
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Subseries 2: Locations
Box 1925 Sub-subseries a: Cemeteries
Folder 18 Dannemueller Cemetery Documentation undated
Folder 19 Daugherty Cemetery Documentation 1976
Folder 20 Delphi Cemetery Documentation undated
Folder 21 Gibboney-Brown Cemetery Documentation 1976
Folder 22 Grammar Cemetery Documentation undated
Folder 23 Ivy Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions undated
Folder 24 Juden Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions undated
Folder 25 Lessley Cemetery Documentation 1978
Folder 26 Neely’s Landing Documentation undated
Folder 27 Old Appleton Cemetery Documentation undated
Folder 28 Old Lorimier Cemetery Documentation 1947-1953
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Box 1925 Sub-subseries b:   Churches
Folder 29 Centenary Methodist Church Programs (7) 1935-1975
Folder 30 Christ Church Historical Sketch circa 1976
Folder 31 First Apple Creek Presbyterian Church History Leaflet 1933
Folder 32 First Christian Church Dedication Week Program 1955 May
Folder 33 First Presbyterian Church Programs (3) 1965, 1966
Folder 34 Grace Methodist Episcopal Church Dedication Program 1939
Folder 35 Hanover Lutheran Anniversary Programs (4), Lutheran Home for the Aged Pamphlet 1937-1987
Folder 36 Old McKendree Chapel Annual Rally Program, Commemorative Service Programs (2) 1954, 1959, 1960
Folder 37 Old St. Vincent’s Church Bulletin 1967 Feb 5
Folder 38 Old St. Vincent’s Church National Register of Historic Places Nomination Documentation 1980-1982
Folder 39 Old St. Vincent’s Church Pamphlet undated
Folder 40 trinity Lutheran Church Anniversary Booklets 1929, 1954
Folder 41 trinity Lutheran Church Directories, Programs, Miscellaneous Documents 1917-circa 1970s
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Box 1925 Sub-subseries c: Drawings/Sketches  
Folder 42 The Cape Girardeau (later the River Queen) Steamboat Drawing 1955 Apr 9
Folder 43 Civil War Fort A, Cape Girardeau Engraving Copy undated
Folder 44 Downtown Cape Girardeau Sketch undated
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Box 1925 Sub-subseries d: Houses  
Folder 45 Gerhardt-Flint Hill House History and Information undated
Folder 46 Glenn House Brochures 1971-1975
Folder 47 Glenn House Christmas Programs 1975-1978
Folder 48 Glenn House Documentation undated
Folder 49 Kage-Estes House Floor Plans and Drawings undated
Box 1926  
Folder 1 Longview House National Register Documentation 1980 Apr 1
Folder 2 Longview House Pamphlet 1974 May 14
Folder 3 President’s House-Southeast Missouri State University 1975 Oct 15
Folder 4 Reynold’s House National Register Documentation 1982
Folder 5 Ruessler-Schneider-Canova House History 1980 Dec 11
Folder 6 Schlueter House Documentation undated
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Box 1926 Sub-subseries e: Schools 
Folder 7 Adult Evening School Brochure circa 1956
Folder 8-10 Cape Central High School Commencement Programs 1918-1978
Folder 11 Cape Central High School Handbook circa 1970
Folder 12 Cape Girardeau Public Schools, Board of Education Pamphlet 1950
Folder 13 Cape Girardeau Public Schools Board Members List 1911-1970
Folder 14 Cape Girardeau Public Schools School Survey 1971, 1975
Folder 15 College High School National Honors Society Minute Book 1936-1950
Folder 16 College High School “Pow-Wow” 1932-1944
Folder 17 College High School Student Handbook and Directory circa 1960
Folder 18 College High School “Tomahawk” Publication 1943 Feb
Folder 19 Home Making School Program 1927 May
Folder 20 Normal School “Joint Entertainment of the Literary Societies” Program 1886 May 28
Folder 21 Southeast Missouri State College Diamond Jubilee Program 1948
Folder 22 Southeast Missouri State College, Kindergarten Pamphlet for the Junior Project of the Garden Club undated
Folder 23 Southeast Missouri State College Student Directories 1946-1947, 1947-1948
Folder 24 Southeast Missouri State Teacher’s College Brochure undated
Folder 25 Southeast Missouri State University Mural Presentation and Homecoming Programs1973 Sep, 1996 Oct
Folder 26 Southeast Missouri State University Budget Changes from 1977-1990 undated
Folder 27 St. Vincent’s College History undated
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Box 1926 Sub-subseries f: Sites  
Folder 28 College Farm Documentation undated
Box 1932 
Folder 1 Rose Display Garden 1958-1980
Folder 2 Springdale Bird Sanctuary undated
Folder 3 Ten Mile Garden 1949
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Box 1932 Subseries 3: Organizations  
Folder 4 All America City Award Banquet Program 1968 Apr 9
Folder 5 Annual Fair Programs (2) 1898, 1907
Folder 6 Boy Scouts of America Dinner Program undated
Folder 7 Cape Girardeau Rotary Club Anniversary Programs (3) 1944, 1954
Folder 8 Country Club Membership List 1974 Apr
Folder 9 Farmers and Merchants Bank 25th Anniversary Booklet circa 1930
Folder 10-12Heritage Ball Programs and Invitations 1969-1978
Folder 13 Historical Society Annual Banquet Program circa 1974
Folder 14 Louis J. Schultz Recognition Dinner Program 1962 May 16
Folder 15-16Organizations in Cape Girardeau Directory 1978, 1980
Folder 17 Princess Otahki Monument Dedication Ceremony Programs (2) 1962 May 27
Folder 18 Reformationfest 1913 Oct
Folder 19 Rotary Club History 1966
Folder 20 St. Francis Auxiliary 25th Anniversary Program 1984 Apr 6
Folder 21 SEMO Teachers Association Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Program 1950 Oct
Folder 22 Southeast Missouri District Fair Programs (7) 1940-1969
Folder 23 Southeast Missourian 25th Anniversary Programs (2) circa 1929
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Subseries 4: People  
Box 1932 Sub-subseries a: General  
Folder 24 Fultz, Charles Correspondence and Letters 1940-1941
Folder 25 Funeral Cards for Various People 1949-1967
Folder 26 Petrek, William Memo (Regarding) 1967 Jun 14
Box 1931    
Folder 1 Stacy, Jess 1977, undated
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Box 1931 Sub-subseries b: Writings  
Folder 2 Thilenius Family Information 1942-1979
Folder 3 Kraft, Don-“Der Amerikanisch traum” undated
Folder 4 Gaines, Harry-“South Spanish Street: I Remember it Well” 1969
Folder 5 Morton, Charles Hay-Poems circa 1939
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Series II Missouri Materials 
Box 1930 Subseries 1: Southeast Region
Folder 13 Belmont [Mo]-“The Soldier in Our Civil War” Reproduction 1861 Nov 7
Box 1931  
Folder 10 Jackson [Mo]-Silver Anniversary, Homecomers program 1949 Sep
Folder 11 Jackson [Mo]-Riverside Regional Library Open House Program 1956 May
Folder 12 Jackson [Mo]-trail of Tears State Park Bookletundated
Folder 13 Marble Hill [Mo]-Cooper Shop Book1886
MMC 4.7
Folder 10 New Madrid [Mo]-Battle of Island #10 Sketches 1862
Box 1931    
Folder 14 Perry County [Mo]-Lutheran Immigration Booklet1919
Folder 15 Perry County [Mo]-Saxon Hills Heritage 1975 Jul 24
Folder 16 Perryville [Mo]-St. Mary’s of the Barrens Church, Library, and Museums Guide 1975
Folder 17 Poplar Bluff [Mo]-Southeast Missouri Drummers Association Yearbook and Souvenir Program 1937
Folder 18 Puxico [Mo]-Mingo Refuge Auto Tour Guide 1978 May
Folder 19 Regional Maps 1979 Oct
Folder 20 Regional Museum Directories 1978
Folder 21 Southeast Missouri Counties-Missouri War Chest circa 1940s
Folder 22 Southeast Missouri travel Guide undated
Folder 23 Southeast Region-Attorney’s Certificate of Land Patent 1926 Dec 22
Folder 24 Union Mills [Mo]-Order Book 1887-1888
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Box 1931 Subseries 2: Greater Missouri/ Illinois Region 
Folder 6 General Warranty Deed between Charles E. and Mary Loring in St. Louis County [Mo] 1876
Folder 7 Missouri travel Brochures circa 1960s
Folder 8 Checklist of Publications relating to Missouri Counties 1979-1980
Folder 9 Forte de Chartres, Illinois-Brochures and Map undated
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Series III Photographic Materials  
Box 1924 Subseries 1:  Photographs of Buildings  
Sub-Subseries a:  Business/ Government Buildings  
Folder 1 Bauer Bros. Bakery undated
Folder 2 Board of Education Office 1968
Folder 3 Common Pleas Courthouse undated
Folder 4 First National Bank (Interior) 1905
Folder 5 Himmelberger-Harrison Office Building undated
Folder 6 Kraft Bakery 1887
Folder 7 St. Francis Hospital undated
Folder 8 Sturdivant Bank undated
Folder 9 Tarlton’s Drugstore undated
Box 1930
Folder 6Unidentified Rail Yardundated
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Box 1924 Sub-Subseries b:  Houses  
Folder 10 430 Marie St., Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 11 Albert House (508 Themis), Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1979 Oct
Folder 12 Ellis-Ranney-Wather House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 13-15Glenn House (Interior and Exterior), Cape Girardeau [Mo] circa 1900,
1981, undated
MMC 4.8  
Folder 1 Glenn House (Interior) Cape Girardeau, [Mo] 1987,undated
MMC 4.7  
Folder 13 Glenn House, (Interior) Cape Girardeau, [Mo] (portrait by Leuders Studio) undated
Box 1924 
Folder 16 214 N. Lorimier, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 17 Klostermann House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 18 Minton House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 19-20Unknown Houses undated
Folder 21 Wildwood (Home of the president of Southeast Missouri State University), Cape Girardeau [Mo]undated
Box 1930
Folder 7 Unknown Farm by Woods Studio 1902
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Box 1924 Sub-Subseries c:  Schools
Folder 22-24Cape Central High School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1915, 1968
Folder 25 Cape Junior High School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 26Franklin School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 27Hawthorne Elementary, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 28Jefferson Elementary, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 29-30Jefferson School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 31-32Lorimier School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968, undated
Folder 33May Greene School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 34Notre Dame High School-Workshop, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 35-36St. Vincent’s Seminary, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 37-38St. Vincent’s Young Ladies Academy, Cape Girardeau [Mo] circa 1900, undated
Folder 39trinity Lutheran, Church and School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Folder 40Vocational School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1968
Folder 41-42Washington School, Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1915, 1968
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Box 1924 Subseries 2:  Photographs of Cemeteries  
Folder 43Lorimier Cemetery, Cape Girardeau [Mo]undated
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MMC 2.3 Subseries 3:  Photographs of People 
Folder 15 Cape Girardeau Business College Picnic 1918 Jun 26
Box 1930
Folder 10The Celebration of the G. A. R. (Grand Army of the Republic) Post No. 1 Cape Girardeau, MO. 1866 Sep 22
Box 1924  
Folder 44 Nell Krueger and Virginia Willer of Franklin School 1952
Folder 45 Mrs. Paul Bukstein, Mr. Thomas Meyer and Miss Laura St. Ann Keller 1969 Jan 14
Folder 46 Unknown people 1969 May 13, undated
Folder 47 Donna Eddleman, Kay Pensel and Charles Snyderundated
Folder 48 May Greene undated
Folder 49 Helen Mueller and pupil undated
Folder 50 Alma Schrader undated
Folder 51 Louis J. Schultz undated
Folder 52 Teachers Bridge Club-Naomi Pott, Alice Carroll, Olga Wood, Edna Haman, Frances Bohnsack, Irma Huters, Virginia Willers, Alma Schrader, Lucille Naeter undated
Folder 53 Unknown library staff (Cape Central High School) undated
Folder 54 Unknown People (Cape Central High School Bulletin Board) undated
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Box 1930 Subseries 4:  Photographs of Boats
Folders 2-3 “Mishawaka” from Missouri Barge Line Co. Undated
Folder 4 “The Golden Eagle” Riverboat on the Mississippi at Cape Girardeau, Mo. Undated
Folder 5 “The Golden Eagle” Riverboat out of St. Louis (Sketch by Roscoe Misselhorn) 1946 Jun 4
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Box 1922 Subseries 5: Slides of Sites  
B13 Slides 14-20-Glenn House, Cape Girardeau [Mo]undated
B17 Slides 12-17–Glenn House, Cape Girardeau [Mo]undated
B24Slides 1-21– Glenn House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B26 Slides 8,15,16,18,21–Glenn House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B27 Slides 16-21–Glenn House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B2 Slides 1-20–Glenn House, interior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B10 Slides 1-7–Glenn House, interior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
C4 Slides 1-19–Glenn House, interior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
C5 Slides 2-14–Glenn House interior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B8 Slides 1-20–Glenn House, interior, black and white, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B30Slides 1-20-Glenn House, interior, before restoration, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
C1Slides 1-19-Glenn House, interior and exterior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
C2Slides 1-20-Glenn House, interior and exterior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B12 Slides 14-20-Glenn House, exterior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
C3Slides 1-16-Glenn House, exterior, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B6 Slides 16-20-Glenn House, Carriage House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B7 Slides 1-10-Glenn House, Carriage House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B9 Slides 1-10-Glenn House, Carriage House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B10 Slides 17-20-Glenn House, Carriage House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B1 Slides 1-20-Glenn House, Christmas, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B3 Slides 1-20-Glenn House, Christmas Ornaments, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B4 Slides 1-6-Glenn House, Christmas Decorations, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B9 Slides 11-20-Glenn House, Christmas Cards, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B13 Slides 1-13-Reynolds House, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B7 Slides 11-20-Unidentified house, black and white undated
B17 Slides 1-11-Unidentified house undated
B23 Slides 1-18-Unidentified house undated
Box 1923  
A4 Slide 6-Academic Hall, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B10 Slide 9-Barge loaded with cars, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B26 Slides 1-7, 9-12, 19-20-Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B28 Slides 1-21-Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B14 Slides 1-20-Cape Girardeau [Mo], photographs taken from Hirsch Tower undated
A5 Slide 15-Cape Rock Park, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B25 Slides 1-20-Flowers and Landscapes, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B29 Slides 1-20-Gardens, Riverfront, Picnic, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B5 Slides 5-20-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B6 Slides 2-15-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B11 Slides 1-20-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B16 Slides 1-20-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B18 Slides 1-20-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B19 Slides 1-20-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B20 Slides 1-14-Historic Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B21 Slides 1-20-Historical markers in Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B22 Slides 1-3-Historical markers in Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B10 Slide 8-Lorimier Cemetery, Dedication of Memorial Entrance, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
B27 Slides 1-15-Mississippi River undated
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Box 1923 Subseries 6:  Slides of Miscellaneous Images  
B12 Slides 1-13-Artifacts and Pottery undated
A6 Slide 4-Drawing of Louis Lorimier undated
B22 Slides 11-20-Light Fixtures undated
B10 Slides 10-16-Program, "Our Paper" undated
B15 Slides 1-20-Southeast Missouri Magazine, April 1904; Various images of documents and advertisements from Cape Girardeau establishments undated
A2 Slide 1-Steamboat undated
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Box 1933 Subseries 7: Glass Plate Negatives  
Folder 1 Scans of Glass Plate Negatives  
Plate 1train station in downtown Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Plate 2Union soldier statue at Cape Girardeau Common Pleas Courthouse, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Plate 3Old Roberts, Johnson and Rand Shoe Factory, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
Plate 4Steam train in floodwaters, Cape Girardeau [Mo] undated
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Series IV Publications  
Box 1930  
Folder 14 Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper Reproduction undated
Folder 12 Harper’s Weekly Reproduction 1861 Dec 7
Folder 11 Harper’s Weekly Reproduction 1862 Apr 5
Folder 15 Harper’s Weekly Reproduction 1862 Apr 12
Folder 16 Harper’s Weekly Reproduction 1862 Apr 26
Folder 17 Harper’s Weekly   Reproduction1862 May 3
Box 1935    
Folder 1 River City Revue  1969-May 1977
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Series V Clippings   
Box 3001 Subseries 1:  Abstracts   
Folder 1Abstracts undated
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Box 3001 Subseries 2:  Accidents, Catastrophes, Disasters  
Folder 2-4Accidents, Catastrophes, Disasters 1914-1981
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Box 3001 Subseries 3:  Agriculture  
Folder 5-7Agriculture 1935-1991
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Box 3001 Subseries 4:  Animals  
Folder 8Animals 1974
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Box 3001 Subseries 5:  Annexations  
Folder 9-11Annexations 1957-1991
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Box 3002 Subseries 6:  Architecture  
Folder 1Barns 1984 Jun 20
Folder 2Bells, Clocks 1937-1986
Folder 3Bells, Clocks, Stained Glass 1965-1984
Folder 4Bridges 1966-1986
Folder 5Buildings 1965-1989
Folder 6Styles 1929-1986
Folder 7Terms, Architects, Styles 1969-1982, undated
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Box 3002 Subseries 7:  Archaeology  
Folder 8Illinois 1961-1976
Folder 9-11Missouri 1955-1990
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Box 3003 Subseries 8:  Art, Music and Theater  
Folder 1-2Art, Music, Theater 1934-1988
Folder 3-5Artists 1960-1983
Folder 6Cape Girardeau/ Community Concert Association 1978
Folder 7Cape Girardeau/ Municipal Band 1948
Folder 8Exhibits 1950-1971
Folder 9Individuals and Groups 1922-1979
Box 3004    
Folder 1Organizations 1932-1979
Folder 2Sketches by M. Vogelsang undated
Folder 3Songs 1968
Folder 4Theater-Dance 1954-1978
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Box 3004 Subseries 9:  Awards and Honors  
Folder 5-6Awards and Honors 1929-1988
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Box 3004 Subseries 10: Buildings  
  Sub-Subseries a:  Houses  
Folder 7General 1972-1990, undated
Folder 8General Groups 1948-1979
Folder 9Houses 1962-1986
Folder 10Log Houses 1969-1986
Folder 11St. Louis Houses 1972-1973
Folder 12Ashley-Boone 1937-1977
Folder 13Byrd-Carroll 1965-1977
Folder 14Chouteau-Elmwood 1956-1979
Box 3005    
Folder 1Field-Gale 1925-1979
Folder 2Gearhardt-Glenn 1939-1987
Folder 3Glenn 1971-1985
Folder 4Grant-Hermitage 1948-1987
Folder 5 Himmelberger-Huthmacher 1958-1976
Folder 6Jenkins and Walz-Lorimier 1937-1983
Folder 7Magnolia Manor-Miller 1967-1978
Folder 8Minton-Oliver 1953-1976
Folder 9Oliver-Putz 1953-1988
Box 3006    
Folder 1Reagan (President)-Tarlton 1956-1998
Folder 2 Upchurch-Wappepello 1956-1985
Folder 3Thilenius-truman 1969-1984
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Box 3006 Sub-subseries b:Histories  
Folder 4Histories, Drawings undated
Box 3006 Sub-Subseries c:  Public Buildings  
Folder 5Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce 1974-1975
Folder 6-7Churches 1966-1981
Folder 8-9Commercial/ Strip Malls1949-1988
Folder 10 Condemned and Demolished 1956-1980
Folder 11Courthouses 1961-1981
Folder 12Courthouses-Cape County Court1970 Apr
Folder 13Factories 1960-1989
Folder 14First Federal Building 1964 Feb 5
Folder 15Government 1917-1981
Folder 16Hospitals and Retirement Homes, etc. 1965-1979
Box 3007    
Folder 1Hotels, Apartments 1958-1985
Folder 2Houck Stadium, Houck Field House, and the Show Me Center 1987-1990
Folder 3Jackson [Mo] 1981 Jul 29
Folder 4Kraft Building undated
Folder 5Miscellaneous 1945-1987
Folder 6Opera House 1987-1991
Folder 7Public Housing 1977 Nov 6
Folder 8Schools 1930-1981
Folder 9Schools- St. Vincent’s undated
Folder 10Show Me Center 1978-1987
Folder 11Southeast Landmarks-Razed 1951-1979
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Box 3007 Subseries 11: Business and Industry  
Folder 12Advertisements 1940-1983
Folder 13Animals 1976-1982
Folder 14Antiques, Collectibles, and Specialty Shops 1971-1988
Folder 15Arts and Entertainment 1954-1986
Folder 16Auctions 1976-1986
Folder 17Bakeries 1925-1977
Folder 18Blacksmithing 1956-1985
Folder 19Buckner Ragsdale Store 1928-1979
Folder 20Building Supplies/ Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. (HWI) 1970-1972
Box 3008    
Folder 1Building Supplies/ Riverside Lumber 1971-1989
Folder 2Building Supplies/ Southeast Missouri Lumber Company 1935-1973
Folder 3Business Districts 1971
Folder 4Cape and Campbell Mattress Cos. 1925-1981
Folder 5Carp’s Discount Store 1968
Folder 6Child’s IGA Foodliner 1963-1979
Folder 7Clay Products/ Kasten Clay Products 1964-1989
Folder 8Cleaners and Laundries 1956-1965
Folder 9Communications 1977-1985
Folder 10Dairies and Creameries 1936-1977
Folder 11Del-Farms Supermarket 1977-1979
Folder 12Drug Stores 1939-1988
Folder 13Feed Stores 1963-1980
Folder 14-19Financial Institutions/ Banking History 1902-1990
Box 3009    
Folder 1Financial Institutions/ General Articles 1960-1973
Folder 2Financial Institutions/ Savings and Loans 1964-1990
Folder 3-4Food and Beverage Companies 1945-1988
Folder 5Food Stores 1955-1989
Folder 6Foundry and Machine Shop 1966-1985
Folder 7Funeral Homes 1934-1978
Folder 8Furniture Stores 1912-1987
Folder 9Fur trading 1955-1980
Folder 10General Overview 1940-1979
Folder 11General Development 1954-1989
Folder 12Guth Brothers Block Company 1957-1961
Folder 13Hardware/ Central Hardware 1988-1989
Folder 14Health Care Facilities 1975-1988
Folder 15Hecht’s Stores 1960-1980
Folder 16Hotels and Motels 1928-1986
Box 3010    
Folder 1Insurance 1961-1977
Folder 2Jewelry Stores 1985-1989
Folder 3Kroger Ford Foundation 1968-1973
Folder 4Lead Mining 1912-1974
Folder 5Lee-Rowan Company 1963-1968
Folder 6Lenco, Inc. 1985-1988
Folder 7Lueders Photography 1980
Folder 8M&W Packaging 1989
Folder 9Malls 1983-1985
Folder 10Manufacturers 1950-1989
Folder 11Marquette Cement 1956-1988
Folder 12Masonry 1936-1988
Folder 13McMullin Cotton Gin 1972 Nov 18
Folder 14Meats, Processing and Packaging 1925-1984
Folder 15Mercantile 1956-1980
Box 3011    
Folder 1Mercantile/ Clothing 1963-1991
Folder 2Merchant’s/ Department Store/ Buchheits 1978 Oct
Folder 3-6Mills/ Bollinger Mill 1946-1985
Folder 7Miscellaneous 1954-1992
Folder 9Montgomery Ward 1933-1972
Folder 10Motels undated
Folder 11Newth/Ludlow Corporation 1962-1981
Folder 12Noranda Manufacturing LTd 1967-1979
Folder 13Ocean Plastics 1977-1981
Folder 14Office Supply 1960-1992
Folder 15Old Opera House 1961-1968
Folder 16Orchards 1946-1985
Box 3012    
Folder 1J.C. Penney’s 1955-1984
Folder 2Photography/ Printing 1965-1991
Folder 3-4Proctor and Gamble Co. 1967-1989
Folder 5Potashnick Construction Co., R.B. 1946-1992
Folder 6Poultry 1961-1966
Folder 7Pure Ice Company 1964, 1981 Sep 3
Folder 8-9Real Estate 1959-1985
Folder 10-11Restaurants and Eating Places 1944-1989
Folder 12Rust and Martin 1965-1983
Folder 13Schaper IGA Foodliner, Jackson, Mo 1970-1977
Folder 14 Schnucks/Walgreens 1976-1986
Folder 15Sears Roebuck & Co. 1962-1989
Folder 16Southeast MO., Miscellaneous 1965-1989
Folder 17Superior Electric Product Company 1961968
Folder 18Telephone 1956-1964
Folder 19Television 1983 Sep 13
Folder 20Town Plaza Shopping Center 1952-1985
Folder 21-22Utilities and Natural Gas 1914-1989
Box 3013    
Folder 1Variety Stores (Dime) 1950-1978
Folder 2Westborough Mall 1973-1980
Folder 3West Park Mall 1979-1988
Folder 4West Park Village 1979 Jun 3
Folder 5-6Wood Products and Manufacturing 1957-1980
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Box 3013 Subseries 12: Celebrations  
Folder 7Anniversaries/ Battle of New Orleans, Jackson, Mo 1979 Jan 9
Folder 8Anniversaries/ Southeast Missour 1974 Dec 31
Folder 9Birthdays 1925 Sep 11,
1966 Aug 20
Folder 10Cape Girardeau Centennial 1972 Feb 3
Folder 11Cape Girardeau National Business Week 1961 Oct 5
Folder 12Cape Girardeau Sesquicentennial 1956-1957
Folder 13Cape Girardeau Space Program 1962 Feb 21,
1971 Feb 5
Folder 14Celebrations 1971-1988
Folder 15Civil War Centennial 1961 May 14
Folder 16Jackson [Mo] Homecomers 1967-1981
Folder 17Missouri/ Old Appleton 1976 Apr 20
Folder 18Missouri Sesquicentennial 1970-1971
Folder 19Southeast Missouri State University Centennial 1973
Folder 20Southeast Missouri State University Diamond Jubilee 1948
Folder 21Southeast Missouri State University Homecoming 1968, 1988
Folder 22United States Bicentennial/ Cape Girardeau 1974-1976
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Box 3013 Subseries 13: Cemeteries  
Folder 23Applecreek Cemetery 1977 May 27
Folder 24Bellefontaine and Calvary 1970 Nov 22
Folder 25Bollinger County/ Memorial Park Cemetery 1980 Apr 17
Folder 26Burfordville 1966 Sep 22
Box 3014    
Folder 1Cape Girardeau County 1972-1978
Folder 2Cape Girardeau/ Memorial Park Cemetery 1952-1973
Folder 3Cape Girardeau [Mo] 1925-1970
Folder 4Cemeteries 1964-1991
Folder 5Evangelical Cemetery/ Dutchtown 1970-1984
Folder 9Fairview Cemetery 1976 Sep 28
Folder 10Fruitland/ Tombstones 1971 Jul 7
Folder 11Gladish Cemetery undated
Folder 12Glenwood Cemetery/ Colowa, Illinois 1973 Jan 13
Folder 13Gravel Hill Cemetery 1967 Aug 30
Folder 14Hobbs Chapel Cemetery 1977 Aug 29
Folder 15Hopewell Cemetery 1971 Jun 9
Folder 16Hunter Cemetery/ Sikeston 1975 Aug 21
Folder 17Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery 1964-1974
Folder 18Jefferson County/ Grave Robbery 1975 Jan 29
Folder 19Keller Cemetery/ Keller, Illinois 1975 Apr 22
Folder 20Link-Gladish Cemetery/ Millersville 1977 Jun 1
Folder 21Lorimier Cemetery 1952-1983
Folder 22Maplewood Cemetery/ Mayfield, Kentucky undated
Folder 23McClain Chapel Cemetery/ Iona Baptist Church 1977
Folder 24McGee Chapel Cemetery 1980 May 29
Folder 25Miller Cemetery 1974 Dec 5
Folder 26Mount Hope Cemetery/ Hiawatha, Kansas 1969 -1970
Folder 27Nunn Miller Cemetery 1975
Folder 28Old Bertling 1975 Jan 5
Folder 29Old Bethel 1969-1970
Folder 30Old Commerce 1976 Oct 18
Folder 31Old McKendree 1977-1981
Folder 32Perry County/ Wilkinson Mill/ Charles Ingram 1936 Dec 16
Folder 33Pleasant Hill 1973-1977
Folder 34Ste. Genevieve 1970-1972
Folder 35St. Mary’s Cemetery/ Cape Girardeau 1959 Feb 24
Folder 36Southeast Missour 1977 May 27
Folder 37Thompson Cemetery 1977 May 25
Folder 38trinity Methodist Cemetery 1978 Jul 26
Folder 49Union County Illinois 1975-1976
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Box 3014 Subseries 14: Chronology  
Folder 401619-1903 Cape Girardeau1948-1949
Folder 411764-1964 St. Louis1964
Folder 42-671793-1982 Cape Girardeau1954-1982
Box 3015    
Folder 11983 Cape Girardeau 1983 Dec 29
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Box 3015 Subseries 15: Churches and Religion  
Folder 2St. James AME Church of Cape Girardeau 1975-1984
Folder 3Agnosticism undated
Folder 4Cape Girardeau County1975 Sep 10
Folder 5Baptist Convention [Mo]1969 Oct 28
Folder 6Baptist Student Center at Southeast Missouri State University 1948-1974
Folder 7Bethany Baptist of Cape Girardeau1957-1982
Folder 8Bethel/ Old 1988 Dec 1
Folder 9Bethlehem General Baptist of Crump1977
Folder 10Caney Fork (Oak Ridge)1979 Nov 16
Folder 11Cape Girardeau County1971 Feb
Folder 12First Baptist (Cape Girardeau)1925-1980
Folder 13First Baptist (Charleston)1978 May 17
Folder 14First Baptist of Jackson1974 Apr 24
Folder 15First General Baptist of Cape Girardeau 1957-1977
Folder 16Freewill Baptist of Cape Girardeau1976 Jul 23
Folder 17Illmo Baptist Church of Scott City1985 Apr 26
Folder 18Iowa Baptist Church1984 Jul 27
Folder 19Lighthouse Bible Baptist of Cape Girardeau 1975-1979
Folder 20Little Whitewater Baptist of Patton1978
Folder 21Lynnwood Baptist of Cape Girardeau1962-1977
Folder 22Millersville Baptist Church1967-1972
Folder 23Miscellaneous/ Churches outside Missouri 1968-1978
Folder 24Missouri 1964-1966
Folder 25Morley Baptist Church1964 Jun 12
Folder 26Mt. Zion Baptist at Scopus1987 Jun 28
Folder 27New Bethel 1983 Apr 15
Folder 28New Testament Baptist1964 Jun 12
Folder 29Old Bethel 1965-1978
Folder 30Oak Ridge Baptist Church1964 Jun 1
Folder 31Randles General Baptist Church1972-1978
Folder 32Red Star Baptist of Cape Girardeau1955-1972
Folder 33St. Matthew Missionary Baptist of Cape Girardeau 1975 Feb 2
Folder 34Second Baptist 1976
Folder 35Shiloh Baptist Church, Polaski County1966 Sep 19
Folder 36Southside Baptist of Cape Girardeau1967
Folder 37Cape Girardeau Tabernacle1949-1970
Folder 38Budgets, Church 1975 Feb 23
Folder 39Cape Girardeau 1977 Jun 10
Folder 40Church Growth 1950-1969
Folder 41General Interests 1975-1981
Folder 42Assumption/ St. Boniface of Perryville1963 Oct 15
Folder 43General Interest 1962-1977
Folder 44Immaculate Conception of Jackson 1962-1982
Folder 45Immaculate Conception of Kaskaskia 1962 Dec 2
Folder 46Knights of Columbus1972-1979
Folder 47St. Ambrose of Chaffee1964
Folder 48St. Augustine of Kelso1964-1980
Folder 49St. Denis of Benton1944 Nov
Folder 50St. Edward’s of Dutchtown1965 Aug 21
Folder 51St. Eustachius of Portageville1964 Jul 3
Folder 52St. John of Leopold1977 Jul 15
Folder 53St. Joseph of Apple Creek1973-1980
Folder 54St. Joseph of Scott City1978 Dec 7
Folder 55St. Lawrence of New Hamburg1965-1978
Folder 56St. Louis 1960-1974
Folder 57St. Mary’s of the Barrens of Perryville 1965-1970
Box 3016    
Folder 1St. Mary’s of Cape Girardeau1925-1982
Folder 2St. Maurus of Biehle1971 Jun 12
Folder 3-4St. Vincent’s of Cape Girardeau1976-1982
Folder 5Church of Christ of Jackson1986 Sep 5
Folder 6First Christian Church of Cape Girardeau 1925-1990
Folder 7First Christian Church of Chaffee1979 Dec 6
Folder 8New Testament Christian Church of Cape Girardeau 1975-1978
Folder 9Cape Girardeau 1977-1981
Folder 10First Church of Christian Science of Cape Girardeau 1967-1979
Folder 11The Church of Christ of Cape Girardeau 1982 Dec 17
Folder 12Church Directories for Southeast Missouri 1956-1969
Folder 13Church Directories for Cape Girardeau 1973-1982
Folder 14-15Church Facilities1971 Aug 11; 1973 Nov 8
Folder 16Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1976-1981
Folder 17Cape Girardeau 1956-1978
Folder 18St. Louis undated
Folder 19Southeast Missouri1963 Feb 15
Folder 20Ecumenical Center 1977 Sep 2
Folder 21United Christian Cooperative Parish1967 Dec 4
Folder 22Christ Episcopal Church of Cape Girardeau 1925-1982
Folder 23Episcopal undated
Folder 24Christ Evangelical of Cape Girardeau 1925 Sep 12
Folder 25German Evangelical of Dutchtown 1970-1984
Folder 26 “Fish”(Telephone Referral Center) 1980 Apr 17
Folder 27Greek Orthodox undated
Folder 28Cape Girardeau Kingdom Hall1986 Jun 8
Folder 29Jackson 1983 Aug 19
Folder 30Judaism 1964-1980
Folder 31Cape Girardeau 1938-1978
Folder 32Chaffee, MO 1957 Aug 29
Folder 33Kolam Reform Congregation of Chesterfield [Mo] undated
Folder 34St. Louis 1969-1972
Folder 35Lutheran 1961-1983
Folder 36Chapel of Hope in Cape Girardeau 1967-1973
Folder 37Christ Lutheran of Gordonville 1959-1977
Folder 38Concordia of Frohna1968-1974
Folder 39Eisleben of Illmo 1963-1981
Folder 1General Interest 1964-1982
Folder 2Good Shepherd of Cape Girardeau 1967-1977
Folder 3Grace of Uniontown 1971-1975
Folder 4Hanover of Cape Girardeau 1961-1986
Folder 5Immanuel of Altenburg 1957-1964
Folder 6Immanuel of New Wells 1972-1978
Folder 7Immanuel of Tilsit 1966-1978
Folder 8Kornthal of Jonesboro 1928-1980
Folder 9Peace of Friedenberg 1981 Mar 18
Folder 10St. Andrew of Cape Girardeau 1957-1981
Folder 11St. John’s Evangelical of Tamms 1981 Mar 13
Folder 12St. Mark of Cape Girardeau 1965-1979
Folder 13St. Paul of Wittenberg 1970 Nov
Folder 14St. Paul of Jackson 1925-1987
Folder 15St. Peter of Jackson/ Busan, Korea1976 Jul 2
Folder 16trinity of Altenburg 1957-1980
Folder 17trinity of Cape Girardeau 1958-1981
Folder 18trinity of Cape Girardeau 1925-1981
Folder 19trinity of St. Louis circa 1960s
Folder 20Salem at Farrar 1959 Apr 30
Folder 21Scriptural Evangelical of Cape Girardeau 1987 Dec 24
Folder 22trinity of Egypt Mills 1955-1980
Folder 23trinity of Friedheim 1973-1978
Folder 24Zion of Gordonville 1964-1978
Folder 25Marantha Chapel, Cape Girardeau 1975 Apr 3
Folder 26Mennonite 1972 Mar 13
Folder 27-28Methodist 1958-1989
Folder 29Advance Methodist Church, Advance [Mo] 1968 Jun 20
Box 3018    
Folder 1Centenary of Cape Girardeau 1925-1978
Folder 2Grace Methodist of Cape Girardeau 1925-1979
Folder 3Hobbs Chapel (Egypt Mills Road) 1965 Sep 3
Folder 4-5Maple Avenue of Cape Girardeau 1925-1981
Folder 6Marble Hill United Methodist in Marble Hill [Mo] 1978 Nov 8
Folder 7Marquand 1967 Oct 11
Folder 8-9McKendree (New and Old) 1933-1978
Folder 10Methodist Women’s Society 1940 Oct 2
Folder 11Old Salem Methodist Church1968 Jul 10
Folder 12Parma Methodist Church in Parma [Mo] 1964 -1969
Folder 13Passover Church of Whitewater undated
Folder 14Quinn Chapel, A.M.E., Carondelet [Mo] 1974 Dec 9
Folder 15St. James A.M.E. of Cape 1974-1984
Folder 16Third Methodist of Cape Girardeau 1925 Sep 11
Folder 17Assembly of God/ Baptists Ministers 1954-1981
Folder 18Catholic Ministers 1960-1977
Folder 19Christian/ Church of Christ Ministers 1954-1981
Folder 20 Episcopal-Lutheran Ministers 1948-1981
Folder 21 Methodist-Nazarene Ministers 1948-1981
Folder 22Ministerial Alliance/ Cape Girardeau Ministers 1963-1981
Folder 23 Pentecostal-Seventh Day Adventists Ministers 1954-1979
Folder 24Missouri Churches 1963
Folder 25Church Theft 1973 Sep 28
Folder 26Understanding, Inc., The Ozarks1965 Jul 10
Folder 27Presbyterian 1925-1978
Box 3019    
Folder 1Presbyterian 1940-1982
Folder 2Presbyterian 1962-1982
Folder 3Brazeau Presbyterian 1968 Oct 17
Folder 4First Presbyterian of Cape Girardeau 1965 May 30
Folder 5-6Salvation Army 1925-1981
Folder 7Notre Dame High School, Cape Girardeau 1976 Nov 28
Folder 8Southeast Missouri/ History 1961 Jan 18
Folder 9Unification Plan for Protestant Churches 1970 Apr 6
Folder 10Evangelical United Church of Christ in Cape Girardeau 1929-1982
Folder 11Emanuel of Jackson 1967-1982
Folder 12St. John’s of Jackson 1964-1985
Folder 13-14Other denominations and faiths 1957-1983
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  Subseries 16: Cities and Towns  
Box 3019 Sub-Subseries a:  Missouri  
Folder 15Early History of Settlements 1959-1977
Folder 16Advance-Blodgett 1953-1985
Folder 17 Bloomfield-Burfordville 1961-1985
Folder 18Cape Girardeau 1925-1978
Box 3020    
Folder 1-10Cape Girardeau/General 1928-198672
Folder 11Cape Girardeau/ Government/ Police 1987 Aug 31
Folder 12Cape Girardeau/ History 1974 Dec, undated
Folder 13Cape Girardeau/ History/ John Solomon Cobb/ Negro Education 1951-1971
Folder 14Cape Girardeau/ Housing/ “Smelterville” 1967-1974
Folder 15Cape Girardeau and Jackson 1969
Folder 16-19Cape Girardeau/ Organization and Government 1944-1988
Box 3021    
Folder 1-2Cape Girardeau/ Sesquicentennial 1956 Aug-Sep
Folder 3Cape Girardeau/ Spanish Street 1969-1970
Folder 4Cape Girardeau/ Welfare 1969-1971
Folder 5 Carondelet-Commerce 1954-1979
Folder 6 Critesville-Diehlstadt 1954-1989
Folder 7Doniphan-Egypt Mills 1966-1975
Folder 8Farmington-Frohna 1954-1972
Folder 9 Fruitland-Gordonville 1966-1991
Folder 10Grand Tower-Indian villages 1961-1979
Box 3022    
Folder 1-2Jackson 1954-1987
Folder 3Jefferson City-Kimmswick 1969-1986
Folder 4Kirkwood-Leemon 1965-1975
Folder 5Leopold-Marquand 1954-1991
Folder 6 Millersville-Neelys Landing 1967-1985
Folder 7Neosho-New Wells 1954-1990
Folder 8Oakridge-Oriole 1954-1985
Box 3023    
Folder 1 Parkville-Perryville 1963-1981
Folder 2Pocahontas 1965-1983
Folder 3Pocahontas-Randles 1954-1972
Folder 4St. Charles-Ste. Genevieve 1935-1986
Folder 5St. James-St. Louis 1963-1986
Folder 6St. Louis 1937-1972
Folder 7St. Louis-Sedgewickville 1960-1980
Folder 8 Sharpsboro-Stoutsville 1947-1976
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Box 3024 Sub-Subseries b:  Illinois  
Folder 1Alexander County-Cobden1957-1989
Folder 2Dongola-Jonesboro 1957-1977
Folder 3Kaskaskia-McClure 1954-1975
Folder 4Mound City-Thebes 1957-1985
Folder 5Tilsit-Wittenberg 1957-1979
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Box 3024 Sub-Subseries c:  Outside Missouri and Illinois 
Folder 6Eureka Springs, Arkansas1969-1972
Folder 7New Harmony, Indiana1971, Nov 6
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Box 3024 Subseries 17: Controversies and Drives  
Folder 8Controversies and Drives1964-1989
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Box 3024 Subseries 18: Cookery 1964-1989
Folder 9-10Cape Girardeau 1956-1982
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Box 3025 Subseries 19: Counties  
Folder 1Counties 1957-1981
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Box 3025 Subseries 20: Courts and Courthouses  
Folder 2-4Cape Girardeau Common Pleas Court 1948-1990
Folder 5Cape Girardeau Courthouse Park1951-1978
Folder 6-7Exchange of Courthouse Property with Federal Government 1947-1973
Folder 8Federal District Court1966-1977
Folder 9Jackson Circuit Court1936-1966
Folder 10Jackson County Courthouse1954-1980
Folder 11Joint Responsibility Issue 1941-1978
Folder 12Miscellaneous 1950-1982
Folder 13Regional Missouri Courthouses1961-1980
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Box 3025 Subseries 21: Economic Conditions  
Folder 14“Depression Memories”1975-1989
Folder 15Economic Conditions1925-1983
Box 3026    
Folder 1Economic Conditions1962-1989
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Box 3026 Subseries 22: Ethnic Groups  
Folder 2General Coverage and Naturalizations 1955-1980
Folder 3African-Americans 1956-1984
Folder 4Germans 1964-1988
Folder 5Other 1962-1980
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Box 3026 Subseries 23: Fairs and Festivals  
Folder 6Fairs and Festivals1960-1988
Folder 7Riverfest 1984 1984 Jun 14
Folder 8Southeast District 1940-1984
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Box 3026 Subseries 24: Fires and Fire Departments  
Folder 9-10Fires and Fire Departments1949-1989
Box 3027    
Folder 1-2Fires and Fire Departments1916-1980
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Box 3027 Subseries 25: Flags  
Folder 3Flags 1958-1990
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Box 3027 Subseries 26: Health and Hospitals  
Folder 4Activities/ “Units of Service”1954-1983
Folder 5Area Hospitals 1925-1979
Folder 6Auxiliaries 1968-1978
Folder 7Cooperative Areas of Care1955-1980
Folder 8Health and Hospitals1925-1980
Folder 9Hospitals and Nursing Homes1943-1980
Box 3028    
Folder 1Mental Health 1966-1977
Folder 2Miscellaneous 1982-1984
Folder 3-4Programs and People1963-1981
Folder 5Public Health Services1961-1980
Folder 6-7Southeast Missouri Hospital1954-1983
Folder 8-9St. Francis 1965-1983
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Box 3028 Subseries 27: Heritage Ball  
Folder 10Heritage Ball 1969-1970
Box 3029    
Folder 1-4Heritage Ball 1970-1982
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Box 3029 Subseries 28: Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau, Inc  
Folder 5Fund Drive/ Advisory Commission 1971-1972
Folder 6Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau 1937-1982
Folder 7-8Heritage Review 1971-1972
Folder 9History of Organization1967-1987
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Box 3029 Subseries 29: Holidays  
Folder 10-11Christmas 1961-1986
Box 3030    
Folder 1Miscellaneous 1939-1987
Folder 2Thanksgiving 1966-1978
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Box 3030 Subseries 30: Labor  
Folder 3Labor 1954-1991
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Box 3030 Subseries 31: Libraries  
Folder 4Area 1961-1982
Folder 5Cape Girardeau 1925-1986
Folder 6Kent Library 1943-1986
Folder 7Libraries 1948-1982
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Box 3030 Subseries 32: Lodges  
Folder 8Lodges 1925-1984
Folder 9The Amaranth undated
Folder 10Eastern Star circa 1970
Folder 11Elks 1925 Sep 11
Folder 12Knights Templar 1972 May 18
Folder 13Masons 1964-1975
Folder 14Order of Rebekah/ Odd Fellows1925-1970
Folder 15Shrine 1977
Folder 16Woodmen of the Worldundated
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Box 3030 Subseries 33: Maps and Surveys  
Folder 17Maps and Surveys 1929-1980
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Box 3030 Subseries 34: Markers, Monuments, Museums 
Folder 18-19Markers, Monuments, Museums 1929-1986
Folder 1-7Markers, Monuments, Museums 1936-1989
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Box 3031 Subseries 35: Missouri  
Folder 8History 1961-1989
Box 3032    
Folder 1History 1938-1989
Folder 2Legislature 1948-1971
Folder 3-4Sesquicentennial Celebration1970-1971
Folder 5Southeast Missouri 1946-1972
Folder 6Southeast Missouri and the Little River Drainage District 1935-1970
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Box 3032 Subseries 36: Native Americans  
Folder 7-8Native Americans 1948-1980
Box 3032 Subseries 37: Nature  
Folder 10-11Nature 1936-1983
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Box 3033 Subseries 38: Newspaper and Other Media  
Folder 1Cable Television 1976-1984
Folder 2-8Newspapers and Other Media1929-1989
Folder 9-11Southeast Missourian1938, 1956
Box 3034   
Folder 1-2Telephones 1946-1980
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Box 3034 Subseries 39: Nostalgia, Folkways, Customs  
Folder 3-9Nostalgia, Folkways, Customs1943-1984
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Box 3034 Subseries 40: Organizations  
Folder 10General Organizations1938-1988
Box 3035    
Folder 1-6General Organizations1925-1988
Folder 7Chamber of Commerce1954-1979
Folder 8Downtown Merchants Association1963-1983
Folder 9Missouri State Teachers Association1956 Aug 28
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Box 3035 Subseries 41: Parks and Gardens  
Folder 10City and Area Parks1935-1989
Box 3036    
Folder 1City and Area Parks1973-1989
Folder 2City of Roses/Clubs/Tours1938-1976
Folder 3-4Gardens 1939-1980
Folder 5-7Missouri Parks 1940-1986
Folder 8Out of State Parks and Lakes1962-1989
Folder 1-3trail of Tears 1955-1989
Folder 4-6trees 1927-1979
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Box 3037 Subseries 42: People  
Folder 7Obituaries 1918-1991
Folder 8Cape Girardeau Personal Narratives 1947-1974
Folder 9-10Anniversary Edition/ Southeast Missourian 1925 Sep 11
Folder 11Genealogy/ Family trees1936-1989
Folder 12Abbott-Ancell 1955-1992
Box 3038  
Folder 1Anderson-Azuma 1938-1992
Folder 2Bacon-Barrows 1937-1988
Folder 3Barber-Batten 1937-1991
Folder 4 Baudendistel-Baxter 1940-1988
Folder 5Beal-Benjamin 1939-1992
Folder 6Bennett-Beyer 1945-1990
Folder 7Bickings-Blattner 1925-1991
Box 3039    
Folder 1Blaylock-Blumer 1958-1991
Folder 2Boarman-Bollinger 1925-1989
Folder 3Boles-Bour 1938-1993
Folder 4Boutin-Bradley 1942-1991
Folder 5Bradshaw-Brennan 1940-1991
Folder 6 Brennecke-Brotherton 1951-1990
Folder 7Brown-Brune 1938-1992
Folder 8Brunke-Bullinger 1944-1990
Box 3040    
Folder 1Bullock-Byron 1953-1992
Folder 2Cain-Carmack 1956-1991
Folder 3Carnahan-Chapman 1942-1990
Folder 4Chappell-Clark 1943-1992
Folder 5Clay-Cochrane 1946-1989
Folder 6Cocker-Cook 1940-1992
Folder 7Cooley-Cozean 1945-1990
Folder 8Crabtree-Crites 1946-1991
Box 3041    
Folder 1Crocker-Cutsinger 1942-1991
Folder 2Dabbs-Day 1948-1992
Folder 3Deal-Delisle 1925-1992
Folder 4 Dembowiak-Dickerson 1930-1990
Folder 5Dickey-Dixon 1947-1992
Folder 6Doak-Doyle 1940-1992
Folder 7Drace-Dyra 1946-1991
Folder 8Eagle-Eichhorn 1945-1992
Box 3042    
Folder 1Eide-Engler 1945-1992
Folder 2English-Exler 1943-1992
Folder 3Fadler-Feverston 1939-1992
Folder 4Fiala-Fletcher 1940-1992
Folder 5Flori-Foster 1940-1992
Folder 6Foulk-Fronaberger 1939-1991
Folder 7Frye-Futrell 1944-1990
Box 3043  
Folder 1Gable-Gerdes 1940-1993
Folder 2Gerecke-Gill 1940-1991
Folder 3Gillard-Goodwin 1942-1992
Folder 4Gordon-Greer 1941-1993
Folder 5Gremaud-Guyott 1942-1992
Folder 6Haas-Hahs 1944-1992
Box 3044    
Folder 1Haldaman-Harbison 1939-1993
Folder 2Hardesty-Harshaw 1940-1990
Folder 3Hart-Hartung 1940-1992
Folder 4Harty-Heady 1939-1994
Folder 5Hearn-Hearnes 1971-1987
Folder 6Heath-Helderman 1940-1992
Folder 7Hellmeyer-Heye 1942-1995
Folder 8Hibbs-Hirschwitz 1934-1991
Box 3045    
Folder 1Hitchcock-Holland 1943-1992
Folder 2Holley-Hopper 1940-1990
Folder 3Hopson-Houck 1929-1986
Folder 4Houck 1969
Folder 5Houck 1969
Folder 6Houk-Hoy 1929-1986
Folder 7Hubbard-Hulehan 1939-1992
Folder 8Hull-Hwang 1943-1989
Folder 9Ikerman-Jaynes 1939-1991
Folder 10Jedlicka-Jolly 1941-1992
Box 3046    
Folder 1Jones-Jungers 1954-1992
Folder 2Kaempf-Kasten 1939-1993
Folder 3Kastleman-Kelpe 1940-1992
Folder 4Kelso-Ketterer 1937-1992
Folder 5 Keusenkothen-Kinder 1940-1992
Folder 6King-Kistner 1941-1989
Folder 7Kitchen-Knutson 1948-1989
Folder 8Koch-Koyne 1935-1992
Folder 9Kraske-Kuegele 1946-1989
Box 3047   
Folder 1Kuehle-Kuykendall 1940-1989
Folder 2Lacey-Langley 1922-1989
Folder 3Langlois-Layton 1933-1989
Folder 4Lear-Lenhart 1938-1992
Folder 5Leonard-Leyhe 1952-1989
Folder 6 Lichtenegger-Limbaugh 1940-1993
Folder 7Linecum-Lipscomb 1940-1992
Folder 8Litherland-Logel 1956-1986
Folder 9Lohmann-Love 1912-1992
Box 3048    
Folder 1Low-Lyskowski 1955-1989
Folder 2Maag-Mallett 1941-1991
Folder 3Mallory-Mason 1945-1992
Folder 4Massa-Mays 1940-1991
Folder 5McAdam-McDowell 1936-1992
Folder 6McElrath-McMunn 1941-1989
Folder 7McNair-McWilliams 1937-1991
Folder 8Meador-Melzer 1941-1992
Folder 9Meyer-Mifelt 1925-1992
Box 3049   
Folder 1Miller-Mize 1938-1991
Folder 2 Moallankamp-Montgomery 1938-1993
Folder 3Mooney-Mowery 1936-1992
Folder 4Moxey-Myers 1946-1989
Folder 5Nabe-Newman 1918-1991
Folder 6Neumeyer-Nussbaum 1939-1994
Folder 7Oakley-Oldfield 1943-1993
Folder 8Oliver 1944-1992
Folder 9O’Leary-Ozee 1925-1989
Box 3050   
Folder 1Paar-Patterson 1947-1992
Folder 2Patton-Penrod 1944-1991
Folder 3Pensel-Phillips 1940-1992
Folder 4Pickard-Plumb 1941-1990
Folder 5Pobst-Poston 1938-1992
Folder 6Pott-Priest 1942-1991
Folder 7Prill-Quick 1947-1992
Folder 8Rabbitt-Raub 1941-1990
Folder 9Rawlins-Rehg 1929-1991
Box 3051   
Folder 1Rehkopf-Reynolds 1905-1992
Folder 2Rhea-Riley 1944-1992
Folder 3Riley-Robinson 1948-1991
Folder 4Rockwell-Rozier 1943-1991
Folder 5Rubel-Ryan 1919-1992
Folder 6Sachse-Saner 1939-1992
Folder 7Sanford-Schatz 1942-1991
Folder 8Schearf-Schlueter 1943-1989
Box 3052    
Folder 1Schmidt-Schraeder 1945-1991
Folder 2Schrammel-Schutz 1943-1991
Folder 3Schwab-Scully 1943-1990
Folder 4Seabaugh 1955-1991
Folder 5Searcey-Seymore 1946-1989
Folder 6 Shackelford-Sherrion 1945-1992
Folder 7Shetley-Sikes 1938-1992
Folder 8Simley-Smith 1942-1992
Folder 9Smith-Spann 1946-1990
Box 3053    
Folder 1 Sparkman-Spitzmiller 1942-1992
Folder 2Spradlin-Spradling 1943-1989
Folder 3 Sprengel-Starzinger 1960-1992
Folder 4Staten-Steele 1947-1993
Folder 5Steffens-Stinson 1925-1991
Folder 6Stiver-Stroders 1929-1992
Folder 7 Stroymeyer-Sullivan 1929-1990
Folder 8Summers-Szollosi 1926-1992
Folder 9Tabbert-Thomas 1925-1992
Box 3054    
Folder 1Thompson-Toombs 1943-1992
Folder 2Tovar-truman 1962-1990
Folder 3truman-Tyler 1973-1990
Folder 4Ubinger-Utterback 1947-1988
Folder 5Valleroy-Voges 1942-1992
Folder 6Wachter-Waymire 1938-1992
Folder 7Weaks-Wells 1946-1991
Folder 8Wells-Wilcox 1937-1991
Box 3055    
Folder 1Wilder-Wilson 1938-1992
Folder 2Wiltgen-Wood 1919-1992
Folder 3Woodard-Wyatt 1939-1989
Folder 4Yallaly-Zwosta 1947-1989
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Box 3055 Subseries 43: Police Department  
Folder 5-9Crimes 1948-1980
Box 3056    
Folder 1-2Crimes 1972-1982
Folder 3Escapees and Snipers1967-1979
Folder 4-5Jails 1960-1982
Folder 6-7Police Department1960-1981
Folder 8Policemen 1902-1980
  (Return to Top)  
Box 3056 Subseries 44: Politics  
Folder 9Politics 1948-1991
Folder 1-2Population and Census1925-1983
Box 3057 Subseries 45: Post Office and Postal Service 
Folder 3-4Post Office and Postal Service1925-1982
  (Return to Top)   
Box 3057 Subseries 46: Recollections  
Folder 5-6Recollections 1954-1982
  (Return to Top)   
Box 3057 Subseries 47: Recreation and Entertainment  
Folder 7-11Recreation and Entertainment1925-1992
  (Return to Top)  
Box 3058 Subseries 48: Reunions  
Folder 1-6Reunions 1938-1990
  (Return to Top)     
Box 3058 Subseries 49: Scenes, Streets and Views  
Folder 7-8Scenes, Streets, Views1948-1986
  (Return to Top)  
Box 3058 Subseries 50: Schools  
Folder 9Academies 1968-1975
Folder 10Bollinger County 1975-1978
Folder 11Cape Girardeau City History1925-1985
Folder 12Cape Girardeau County1949-1988
Box 3059    
Folder 1Cape Girardeau County1954-1981
Folder 2Cape Girardeau Public School Board 1954-1975
Folder 3Liberty and Kinder Settlement1966 Oct 26
Folder 4Mississippi County 1965 Nov 27
Folder 5Parkview Handicapped School1980 Oct 14
Folder 6Private-Parochial 1925-1989
Folder 7-8Schools, Students, Teachers 1875-1991
Folder 9Southeast Missouri State University1925-1985
  (Return to Top)  
Box 3059 Subseries 51: Series  
Folder 10“A Cup and a Chat”1972-1979
Folder 11“Along the Roads” 1965-1969
Folder 12“Around Town” 1978-1986
Folder 13“Be Our Guest” 1985-1991
Box 3060    
Folder 1Bicentennial circa 1976
Folder 2“Calendar” 1991 Feb 6
Folder 3K.J.H Cochran/ Churches1967 May 24
Folder 4K.J.H. Cochran/ Civil War1966-1975
Folder 5 K.J.H. Cochran/ Fairs1969 Sep 3
Folder 6 K.J.H. Cochran/ “Historic Homes and their trees 1969-1970
Folder 7K.J.H. Cochran/ Houses1966-1969
Folder 8K.J.H Cochran/ Miscellaneous Clippings 1969-1988
Folder 9K.J.H Cochran/ “The River City of Cape and its Environs” 1970-1989
Folder 10K.J.H Cochran/ Schools1969
Folder 11K.J.H Cochran/ Towns1966-1967
Folder 12“Courantly” 1980 Jul 25
Folder 13Farmers and Merchants Bank1979
Folder 14“For What It’s Worth”1980
Folder 15“Gallery of Great Americans”1966 Dec 25
Folder 16“The Hen’s Nest” 1992 May 6
Folder 17“Hoop Scoop” 1989 Mar 8
Folder 18“Know Your City” 1969
Folder 19“Lend Me Your Ear” (Aileen Lorberg) 1984-1985
Folder 20“Mark My Words” 1980 Aug 26
Folder 21-24“Memoirs of Col. Cole”1966-1975
Folder 25Miscellaneous 1987 Sep 6
Folder 26“Missouri Heritage” (Lew Larkin) 1967-1971
Folder 27“Missourian Miscellany”1963-1974
Folder 28“My Little Corner of the World”1980-1981
Folder 29“My Opinion” 1971-1981
Box 3061  
Folder 1“Nip and Tuck” 1979-1980
Folder 2“Off the Beaten Path”1980 Jul 18
Folder 3“The Open Door” 1969
Folder 4“Out of the Past” circa 1974-1992
Folder 5“The Past and the Future”1954-1980
Folder 6“People” 1971-1980
Folder 7“Reminiscences of Louis Houck”undated
Folder 8“Rustlings” 1984, 1990
Folder 9“School Days” 1977-1979
Folder 10“Southeast Missouri District”1935 Nov
Folder 11“Speakout” 1990 Sep 23
Folder 12“Teacher’s Corner”1974-1989
Folder 13“Then and Now” 1972
Folder 14“This I Remember” 1967-1979
Folder 15“To Whom It May Concern”1980
Folder 16“traditions in History”/ R.S. Douglas 1935, 1951, undated
Folder 17“travel Log” 1988-1989
Folder 18Who Teaches Your Children?”1973-1984
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Box 3061 Subseries 52: Sites  
Folder 19Sites (Areas, Place Names)1955-1988
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Box 3061 Subseries 53: Sports (Professional and University) 
Folder 20Baseball 1934-1988
Folder 21Basketball 1948-1980
Folder 22Basketball 1987-1988
Box 3062  
Folder 1Basketball (Women’s)1978-1988
Folder 2Cheerleading/ Pep Squads 1978-1988
Folder 3Football 1948-1988
Folder 4Football 1948-1988
Folder 5Football 1987-1988
Folder 6General/ Miscellaneous1948-1988
Folder 7Golf 1930-1988
Folder 8Gymnastics 1987-1988
Folder 9Soccer 1987-1988
Folder 10Softball 1988
Folder 11Tennis 1948-1988
Folder 12track and Field 1948-1988
Folder 13Volleyball 1987-1988
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Box 3062 Subseries 54: Statistics  
Folder 14Statistics 1971-1972
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Box 3062 Subseries 55: Stories  
Folder 15-16Stories (Cape Girardeau)1951-1971
Folder 17Stories (Hobbies) 1950-1974
Folder 18-19Stories and Legends1925-1979, undated
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Box 3063 Subseries 56: Telephones  
Folder 1Telephones 1983-1984
Box 3063 Subseries 57: Tourism and Tours  
Folder 2Tourism 1985-1989
Folder 3Tours (Educational)1967-1975
Folder 4Tours (Heritage) 1956-1989
Folder 5Tours 1958-1981
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  Subseries 58: transportation  
Box 3063 Sub-Subseries a:  Air  
Folder 6-8Air/ Aircraft 1941-1986
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Box 3063 Sub-Subseries b:  Automobiles, Taxicabs, Street Cars  
Folder 9Automobiles, Taxicabs, Street Cars 1925-1988
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Box 3064 Sub-Subseries c:  Railroads  
Folder 1-5Railroads 1925-1986
Folder 5Railroad Stations and Depots1949-1989
Folder 6Wrecks 1984 Oct 11
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Box 3064 Sub-subseries d:  River  
Folder 7-12Boats, Barges, and Ferries1925-1988
Box 3065    
Folder 1Boats/ Models of 1954-1978
Folder 2Boats/ Showboats 1956-1984
Folder 3Boats/ Towboats 1944-1980
Folder 4-7Bridges 1925-1988
Folder 7Business/ Boating 1957-1979
Folder 8Controls 1957-1981
Folder 9-11Floods 1943-1982
Box 3066    
Folder 1Harbors 1957-1981
Folder 2Places 1925-1986
Folder 3Ports 1961-1988
Folder 4Problems 1963-1988
Folder 5River 1964-1971
Folder 6“Tales” 1947-1986
Folder 7Views 1966-1980
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Box 3066 Sub-Subseries e:  Streets  
Folder 8-10Streets and Highways1955-1983
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Box 3067    
Folder 1-6Streets and Highways1925-1985
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Box 3067 Sub-Subseries f:  Transit Service  
Folder 7transit Service 1981 Sep 3
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Box 3067 Sub-Subseries g: Trucking  
Folder 8trucking 1954-1989
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Box 3067 Subseries 59: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)  
Folder 9Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) 1967-1979
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Box 3067 Subseries 60: Visitors and Newcomers  
Folder 10Visitors and Newcomers1936-1992
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Box 3067 Subseries 61: War  
Folder 11-13Civil War 1925-1979
Box 3068    
Folder 1-3Civil War 1943-1985
Folder 4Civil War/ Battle of Cape Girardeau 1952-1980
Folder 5Civil War/ Forts 1937-1980
Folder 6Civil War/ Series 1961-1964
Folder 7Civil War/ “Southeast Missourian” Series 1961-1962
Folder 8Korea 1950-1979
Folder 9Vietnam 1964-1989
Folder 10-11Wars and Conflicts1938-1988
Folder 12World War I 1963-1968
Box 3069  
Folder 1World War I 1954-1975
Folder 2-5World War II 1925-1988
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Box 3069 Subseries 62: Weather  
Folder 6Blizzard of 1979 1979-1984
Folder 7Storms 1949-1979
Folder 8Weather 1936-1979
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Box 3069 Subseries 63: Women’s Issues  
Folder 9Women’s Issues 1958-1974
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Box 3069 Subseries 64: Writers and Writings  
Folder 10Authors 1960-1984
Box 3070    
Folder 1-2Authors 1960-1980
Folder 3-5Writers and Writings1949-1988
Folder 6-7Miscellaneous 1948-1984, undated
Folder 8Stories 1871-1980
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Box 3070 Subseries 65: Youth and Aged  
Folder 9Youth and Aged 1963-1988
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Series VI Scrapbooks  
Box 1927 Subseries 1:  Local History  
Item 1"S.E. Missouri traditions Its History" series undated
Item 2Reverend Billy Sunday scrapbook1926-1976
Item 3“Cape Girardeau and Surrounding Areas” scrapbook 1934-1935
Item 4"Stories of Cape Girardeau"1932
Item 5VHS tape about the Glenn House produced by Angela Morowitz undated
Box 1929    
Item 1 Southeast Missourian clippings dealing with various topics1955
Item 2Cape Girardeau Garden Club Scrapbook by Mrs. N. F. Chostner 1936-?
Item 3Newspaper clippings on Southeast Missouri State University 1970-1973
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Box 1928 Subseries 2:  Rivers and Steamboats
Item 1Clippings from all along the Midwestern Rivers, mostly regarding boatsundated
Item 2Clippings from Southeast Missourian; primarily dealing with floods and high water along the Mississippi River; series of articles on Louis Houck; obituary of Mary Hunter Giboney Houck; a number of political cartoons from World War II era1943-1944
Item 3"My Mississippi River Scrapbook," by Captain Clarence N. Fulz, Master and Pilot1917-1982
Item 4Photographic clippings of steamboats on various rivers undated
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Series VII Maps
MMC 2.3 Subseries 1:  Cape Girardeau  
Folder 13Cape Girardeau County Soil map 1910
Folder 11 Cape Girardeau County Highway Map 1972
Folder 12 Cape Girardeau County Highway Maps (2 copies) 1974
MMC 4.6  
Folder 12 Cape Girardeau County Historic Sites Map 1975 Oct
Folder 11 Cape Girardeau County Route Numbering System Map 1981 May
MMC 4.6 Subseries 2:  Regional County Maps 
Folder 13 Bollinger County Highway Map 1968
Folder 14 Iron County Highway Map 1971
Folder 15 Jefferson County Highway Map 1970
Folder 16 Madison County Highway Map 1972
Folder 17 Mississippi County Highway Map 1971
Folder 18 New Madrid County Highway Maps 1959, 1969
Folder 19 Perry County Highway Map 1970
Folder 20 Scott County Highway Maps 1950, 1960
MMC 4.7  
Folder 1 Ste. Genevieve County Highway Map 1971
Folder 2 St. Francois County Highway Map 1971
Folder 3 Stoddard County Highway Map 1971
Folder 4 Wayne County Highway Map 1972
Box 1930 Subseries 3:  Other Maps  
Folder 1Plan of Belmont [Mo.] from survey made by Capt. Arms by order of Brig. Gen. Trudeau, Commanding Heavy Artillery 1862 Jan 2
MMC 4.7  
Folder 9 Map of Southern Missouri from Harper's History of the Great Rebellion page 294 1864
MMC 2.3  
Folder 14 Alluvial Valley of the Mississippi River Map, cut into sections 1887
Folder 16 Southeast Missouri Real Estate Map circa 1910
Abv MMC  
Folder 3 Geological and Political Map of Missouri 1953
MMC 4.7  
Folder 1 Town of Commerce Plat Map 1956
Folder 5 Bird's Point [Mo] Map (maps source is surveys taken in 1861) undated
Folder 3 Map of the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers (hand drawn copy, original dated 1881) undated
Folder 8 Map of Missouri, hand-drawn undated
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