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Series I:  Correspondence, Personal Memorabilia, and Miscellaneous Items 

Subseries 1: Correspondence and Personal Memorabilia 
Consists of correspondence to and from Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Friend, social invitations, seasonal cards, and newspaper clippings, 1895-1974.

Subseries 2: School Ephemera
Includes composition books, essays, and report cards, 1907-1928

Subseries 3: Miscellaneous Items
Consists of various church documents, Post Office records, and artifacts. These materials include a leather identification wallet, enclosed in it a certificate of membership in Knights and Ladies of Security and a registration certificate, a memo pad, and a Retired U.S.C.S.E. [United States Civil Service Employee] Association button, c. 1880-1993.

Subseries 4: Genealogical Resources
Contains genealogies for the four allied families.  Genealogy folders include Family Group Sheets, personal typed memories of some of these families, and photocopies of several marriage certificates.  Also includes one commercial book on The World Book of Bollingers. Genealogical records date from circa 1718-1986.

Series II: Legal Documents 
Contains legal documents, abstracts, and correspondence from Friend Family, 1822-1991.
Series III: Financial Documents and Account Books 

Subseries 1: Financial Documents
Consists primarily of papers relating to the bank accounts of Francis Marion Friend (hereinafter referenced as F. M. Friend), Leota Friend, and Virginia Friend. Also includes business and insurance records on the Friend Farm in Oran, various business and legal transactions, and city and county tax receipts, 1873-1965.

Subseries 2: Financial Documents from Fraternal Organizations 
 Consists of F. M. and Amelia Friends receipts, life insurance policies, and applications from the Ancient Order of United Workers (A.O.U.W.), the Modern Woodmen of America, and the Order for Supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias, 1889-1913.

Subseries 3: Personal and Commercial Account Books
Consists of twelve record books including a Thresherman's Account Book, recording transactions between F. M. Friend and many people in Scott County, Missouri.  Also included is a pocket notebook in which F. M. Friend documented farm calculations, 1892-1962.

Series IV:  Photographs
Consists of 456 photographs primarily of the Friend extended families, c. 1858-2000. 

Subseries 1: Bollinger Family Photographs
Subseries 2: Friend Family
Subseries 3:  Heise Family
Subseries 4:  Heldermon Family
Subseries 5:  Multiple Families
Subseries 6: Miscellaneous
Subseries 7: Tintypes
Subseries 8:  Negatives

 Series V:   Scrapbook, Yearbooks, and Photographic Albums
One scrapbook made up of the pages of The Louden Machinery Company Catalog of Fairfield, Iowa.  Yearbooks include a 1921 Oranite (Oran Public School) and a 1923 Southeast Missouri State Teachers College Sagamore.  Also included are three individual photographic albums, primarily of the Friend and Bollinger families, and an original Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, 1888-1923. 
 Series VI:  Postcards 
Presley Friends collection of 351 postcards addressed primarily to Presley with a few unwritten, clean cards, c. 1903-1911. 
Series VII:  Artifacts 
Contains one black Ansco (Brownie type) roll film camera; a bellows extension camera; two strait-edge razors; two pair of reading glasses; a brass plated I.D.L. modern postal scale.  Also includes a hook and circle Pocket Balance with inscription legal use in trade and a wire rug beater. No dates.
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