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Article Transcript:

Missouri FWC Receive Progress Awards for Cancer Program

Body:  A program on uterine cancer in the Missouri Federation of Women's clubs, begun last October, received progress recognition at the organization's biennial convention held in Excelsior Springs on May 16, 17, and 18.

Orus Wilson, director of public education for the Missouri Division, presented certificates to those clubs which had achieved 100% participation in the program and also to the clubs which had achieved over 75% participation, but had not reached the 100% mark.

Clubs which received 100% certifications are:
The Scio Club, Albany
The Independence Study Club
The XXV Study Club, Lee's Summit
The Women's Club, Columbia
The Wednesday Study Club, Mansfield
The Fidelis Club, Licking
Te West Richmond Literary Club

Clubs which received over 75% certifications are"
The Hearthstone Study Club, Lee's Summit
The Sorosis Club, Edina
The Gold Study Club, Fayette
The Lorna Kemper Club, Clinton
The Phi Omega Club, Springfield
The Culture Club, Salem
The Quest Club, Cape Girardeau
The Maldon Culture Club

On May 1, 67 clubs with a membership of 1608, reported that 42% or 670 members had received a physical check up and a Pap test.

The program will continue until the end of December of this year, during which time it is expected many more members of the affiliate clubs will obtain checkups and Pap tests.

A special award was presented to the Federation. Mrs. Gustav Goetsch of St. Louis, president, who presided at the Friday afternoon session at the convention when the awards were made, accepted it for the organization. Mrs. Frank F. Whitehead of Neosho, vice president of the Missouri Division is health chairman for Missouri for the Federation. These two women, and members of the executive committee, were strong supporters of the program which was instituted to save lives from uterine cancer.

Based on studies made by the American Cancer Society, out of the 670 women in the Federation who have had their checkups, ten cancerous and 100 pre-cancerous conditions might have bee expected, and there would be 200 other conditions requiring medical attention. The 100 pre-cancerous condition could be corrected and the ten individuals with cancer could be cured. Of course, these figures are average finding and may not be entirely applicable in this program.

Source:   Quest Club Scrapbooks, 1974-1985.

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