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Article Transcription:

Large Scholarship Drive Planned by M.F.W.C.

Body:  Among the New Year's resolutions of the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs is the plan to increase its scholarship fund which at present is maintaining five student from Latin America on full scholarship in Missouri.  Apropos of project Mrs. Morrell de Reign, president of the M.F. W. C. will discuss "Foreign Scholarships" at the departmental meetings for the Eight District, Thursday, scheduled to begin at 10:5 a.m. in Hotel De Soto.

Mrs. Walter T. Mills, chairman of foreign and territorial clubs and foreign scholarships, will be in charge of the morning program.  Also listed as guest speaker is Miss Maria Shepherd from Peru, a Missouri foreign student attending Cape Girardeau State College.  Mrs. Herbert M. Ramell, chairman of international relations, will present the afternoon program, which will open at 1:15 o'clock after a luncheon recess.

Another banner project adopted for 1947 by the M.F.W.C. has been identified as "buymanship" classes, a short training course for purchasing agents of America's households.  The idea evolved from a realization that the average woman is untrained in purposeful buying and is consequently no match for trained salesmen striving to sell her items she doesn't need, can't afford, or which have no place in her household.

An adult education program, it will not be based on consumer relations conferences nor cooking classes, but on actual training as though Mrs. Homemaker were on salary and must be good to hold her job.  The M.F.W.C. has proposed the work on the theory that shortages, coupled with the demands of her family, have all but ruined the knowledge woman gained by the trial-and error method.

In addition, hobby rooms and craft shops will be added to the many youth centers which have been opened by the organization and which have functioned for more than a year.  Recognition of outstanding personalities among the younger group through awards and addition scholarships will be emphasized.

In the course of the New Year each club in the federation will attempt to persuade its Board of Education to put into the curriculum credit classes in expert driving of motor vehicles.  Regional health institutes, planned with the State Public Health Department, will be held.  The M.F.W.C. will also finish buying the bookmobile for the State Library, to be used in counties where there are no library facilities.

On Feb. 1, 1947, the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the federation will officially close, but the triennial convention of May 1948, closing this period, has already been scheduled to reflect a few of the features of the anniversary celebrations.

Source:   Quest Club Scrapbooks, 1974-1985. 

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