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Article Transcript:

 Food Baskets at Christmas
Names of Needy Families Sought

Body:  Representatives of numerous civic organizations, all of whom share with others in making the Community Christmas Club, met Tuesday night at the Chamber of Commerce Building to draft plans for the distribution of baskets to Cape Girardeau's needy families this holiday season by carrying out the announced slogan, "Share Christmas Joy."

The new system of distribution of baskets and the manner in which organizations are to aid this year were outlined by Rev. Walt E. Hill, pastor of the Third Street Methodist Church, who, for the third successive year, is heading the organization.

Dec. 16 was set as the absolute deadline by which names of worthy families are to be communicated to the club at its headquarters, the Chamber of Commerce Building.  All Girardeans who know of families deserving of a basket are asked to put the name and address, number in the family and the ages of the children on a postcard and send it to the club as soon as possible.

All to Be Reached.

Then, following the plan, these names will be checked against the file of names of those who have received baskets before and names of others which have been turned over to the Community Christmas Club by other organizations. New ones will be added to the list.

Parent-Teacher units, the American Legion, the Salvation Army, all organizations in town who distribute their onwn baskets, will turn over the names of those to whom the baskets will be given to the club to prevent duplication.  All other organizations are asked.... Continued on page 3.)

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