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Article Transcript:

Title:  To Raise Fund for Scouting
Chase Quotes Figures Which Show How Growth of District Is to Benefit from Program.

Body:  On the threshold of the greatest era ever known in the history of Southeast Missouri-- what with money provided for the addition of two new executives, a scout camp in first class shape, and interest at its highest peak in years.

Cape Girardeau will be called upon next Thursday to raise its portion of the district quota which will help carry the program through the next year.

The campaign will be but the single day--Thursday--and will open early that morning with a kickoff breakfast at which member of various service clubs in the city will participate.  Clubs to take part are Rotary, Optimist, Lions, Junior Chamber of Commerce, and the Business and Professional Women's Club.

Each of these units will appoint a major who will, in turn, appoint five captains from each club. The captain will then have five workers assigned to him. These groups, working in an effort to outdo each other, will be given cards bearing the names of various persons upon whom they are to call. In this way it is believed that the entire city can be covered. That evening a dinner is to be held at which a report will be made of the drive's success.

Scout Executive Frank M. Chase said this morning that nearly one thousand dollars has been raised from large business concerns in the city and that this figure will be greatly increased during the next week preceeding the date of the breakfast.

Mr. Chase said that he expects the total Cape Girardeau share to the council fund will amount to $3500 of which around $1500 will be turned in during the all-day drive Thursday.

In regard to the local scouting program, the executive said that a recent check-up showed that the 475 boys of the city are being reached by the scouting program. These are divided into 11 troops and three cub packs.

The survey taken showed that 17 per cent of the boys are in the under privileged class and that 12 per cent are in the high income brackets, leaving a total of 71 per cent in the middle division. In other words, he said, there are 88 per cent of the boys from families who cannot afford to carry the burden of scouting beyond the small amount needed to keep their boy occupied with the program.

The Frank Phillips Foundation program which recently allotted the Southeast Missouri area council $7500 to take care of the addition of two new executives, will not continue over 18 months. At the end of that time the district council will be faced with the task of providing funds for the maintenance of these two men.

The present council budget is $7500 per year. At the expiration of the $7500 gift by Mr. Phillips, the council will need raise $5000 extra per year to take care the salaries and traveling expenses of the two sub-executives. In other words, the council budget will be raised to $12500.

However, this is offset by the greatest contribution to the youth that the district has ever seen. While...

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Source:  Mulkey Collection, Patty, 1857-1996.
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