• Posted on: 6 June 2014
  • By: ststech

Print Books - 336,250
Circulating print volumes available in Kent Library. This number includes books in the Stacks, as well as items in Oversized (Q), Folio, and Bestsellers.
E-Books - 150,387
E-Books available instantly through the eBook Academic Collection from Ebscohost. These books can be read via a web browser or in many cases downloaded onto a tablet or e-reading device.
Print Journals/Periodicals - 794
All print periodical/journal material available on the second floor.
E-Journals/Periodicals - 65,990
Journals/Periodicals available online through Kent Library subscriptions. Please note that this number does not include titles that are also available in print at Kent Library.
Reference Materials - 7,978
All print reference items available on the third floor. These items do not circulate.
Government Documents - 97,111
All government documents available on the fourth floor in a variety of formats.
Online Government Documents - 50,191
Government documents available digitally. Many of these titles are duplicates of print materials. All of these materials are available through Kent Library's catalog.

IM Center Items
The following items are available in the Instructional Materials Center, located on the third floor of Kent Library:
Children’s Books - 12,615
Audio Books - 175
DVDs - 4,676
VHS Tapes - 3,905
CDs - 2,211 (PLEASE NOTE: the majority of these are instructional CDs.)
Digital Projectors - 7
Digital Still Cameras - 4
Video Cameras - 9
Sign Language Translator - 2