Mark Twain's Boyhood Home

This panel depicts the boyhood home of Mark Twain. In 1839, approximately four years after Twain’s birth, the Clemens family moved 35 miles east of Florida, Missouri to the town of Hannibal. Twain’s father built this two-story frame house at 206 Hill Street in 1844 . At that time, Hannibal was a growing port city along the banks of the muddy Mississippi and was a frequent stop for steam boats arriving at both day and night from St. Louis and New Orleans.


The stained glass panel highlighted here once hung in the east window of Kent Library when it was originally installed in 1939. In 1968, the panes were placed into walnut frames and displayed on the mezzanine level of the renovated library until 2007 when they were removed for safety during library remodeling.



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