This pane depicts the  printers’ mark of Gerard Leeu. Leeu owned the most notable Antwerp printing office during the fifteenth century. He was a printer with a genuine love of the art of book printing. Leeu’s work is distinguished mostly by exemplary execution and artistic illustration. In Leeu’s printers’ mark, in addition to his own personal device, he uses the coat of arms of Gouda, the town in which he worked. His mark also embodies the coat of arms of the Castle of Antwerp: a battlement and a turreted gate with two smaller gates at either side.  The two large flags seen in the mark are those of the German Empire and the Archduke Maximillian of Austria.


The stained glass panel highlighted here once hung in the windows of Kent Library when it was originally installed in 1939. In 1968, the panes were placed into walnut frames and displayed on the mezzanine level of the renovated library until 2007 when they were removed for safety during library remodeling.



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