This pane depicts the mark of Valentin Fernandez. Fernandez worked to translate works of Latin into Portuguese.  He is also credited with printing the first book in Portuguese, Ludolphus’ Vita Christi (1495), a four volume work illustrated with woodcuts. The woodcuts in Vita Christi were the first pretense of illustration in Portugal. Fernandez’ device shows a crowned lion rampant with a shield hung from his neck bearing Fernandez’ monogram. Beneath the shield is a ribbon bearing the initials, I.S.V.W.H., which are thought to be the initials of Fernandez’ assistant. Beneath this ribbon is an overturned vessel out of which several drops have fallen.


The stained glass panel highlighted here once hung in the windows of Kent Library when it was originally installed in 1939. In 1968, the panes were placed into walnut frames and displayed on the mezzanine level of the renovated library until 2007 when they were removed for safety during library remodeling.



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